Friday, December 31, 2010

Pictures of the new place.

So, as you may recall, I moved over Thanksgiving. I had grand plans to make a fun little video of what the place looked like empty, and then moving in etc. That may or may not happen. In the meantime...
This is what you see

Sure, my original plan was to have you see the place looking great, but that's hard when you have a sick dog. Especially a sick dog that has recently eaten tamales. Please note the mattress pad: best idea ever. It has plastic backing, so I have two that I flip out on the chair that Sabrina calls her own.

Have I mentioned the kitchen? I thought that I was in the house with the smallest kitchen, and then I saw this place and said, Eureka! THIS is the smallest kitchen ever. Once I realized just HOW small it is. I started reading everything I could on organization and small spaces. Please note: if I gain weight, I won't actually be able to stand at the kitchen sink. Kidding. Kind of.

I painted the door to the garage
in the magnetic paint. I was supposed to paint white on top of it, but I am a slacker, so I never did the second step. But look at that! It rocks. I have my grocery store list etc. On the pantry door, (I snort as I say that, bit of a euphemism if you ask me) I have a shoe storage unit. I have labeled everything, and it is really easy to find what I am after. If I remember that stuff is there.

Beyond the black door, is a wave of chaos and cleanliness. The garage was packed to the gills, and then I got more organized, then I started to go through everything to get rid of stuff, and then I spread out to work on projects. Right now we are doing pretty well.

So, I have moved things around a bunch in an effort to figure out what should stay and what should go. The dining room, yes, I laugh as I say that, is now just two stools on the kitchen counter which isn't actually fat enough for place settings, but it works. I have a chandelier from the Dumont house that I have spray painted a fun green to go with the maroon curtains and the gold accents.

In addition, the curtains which were long enough for Dumont and for Summit are NOT long enough here. So, I have extra material and I am going to add length to them, but in the meantime, I hung them to try to keep the cold out. I think they will look great once they are finished. I found the energy efficient curtains for $12.00. Power. Buy. Bam. There is also no coat closet which is a bit of a pain. However, I found a hook bar at Target and hung it right behind the front door. I also traded my parents a side table for the chest. Now I have a place for my blankets to keep me warm and for my gloves and hats and such. Please note on the bathroom door hangs the animal print snuggy. Very soft and cozy!

Since I currently spend about 95% of my time downstairs, this is all you get for now.

Goodbye 2010

Since I haven't blogged since Dec 2, I think we can safely say...I've been busy? Nothing noteworthy has been going on? My life is a total grind? Yes, yes, yes.

I made an attempt to blog midway through the month, but it never made it past the draft phase and it is very obvious that I was in a funk.

In the meantime, a friend brought some tamales for me to eat which Sabrina decided she had to eat. So she did. Last Monday. Thursday at about 11am it started working its way out of her body. Not pretty.

Today, Friday, 1pm...they are STILL working their way through her body. I would say it serves her right, but I am suffering right along with her courtesy of the cleanup required.
She looks soooo sad.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, Craig's List how you lure me...

My BFF has had an affair with Craig's list for quite some time. She is very good at finding the deals AND selling things that need to move out of her home. In fact, last year when I moved she posted free boxes for me which disappeared immediately.

This year when I began my "I must sell things" campaign, BFF was there to help me again, posting things for me so I only had to deal with the "where to meet" portion of the deal.

Then I got independent and started posting my own stuff. It is great. I am a selling maniac.

Including these shoes -

They are cute. I thought they would go lickety split.

Today, I got this email: "Are they still available? I would pay you a $100 if I could rub and kiss your feet, also. Let me know."

That's two laser therapies for Sabrina...I'm thinking about it.

But beyond the weirdness of this particular message, I have to say. I love selling all sorts of stuff without the pain of a garage sale. It is awesome.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My BF and I were discussing how children really can messing up ones ability to plan, a day, a week, an evening. Those with children know how kids get sick, hurt themselves, whatever and suddenly your plans are scrapped.

She paused a moment and said, well, you know what I mean.

Yes, I do.

I was nodding as I watched Sabrina eat her breakfast. Let me amend that. I watched over her food as I kept calling her back to eat breakfast. If I wandered off, Buddy would eat her breakfast. I don't need him to eat a can of pumpkin in the morning. I need her to. And, I need her to FREAKING EAT. Sigh. So, I knew I was about to be late for school. I had told the girls I would be there at 7:15. And I would have been if Sabrina had been cooperating.

Then, about 15 minutes later, I looked down and realized that I had pumpkin across the bottom of my skirt. (I know what you are thinking, no, it was actual pumpkin.) Sabrina eats like a two year old and she gets food all over the stinkin' place, including as it turns out my skirt when she decides to rub against me instead of finishing her food. Sigh.

Welcome December

On NaBloPoMo the theme for December is ZEITGEIST. The instructions include: You have 31 days to try to capture the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now. Use every tool in your blog box: words, photos, music.. Wikipedia says it is a "guardian spirit" of a culture or time.

Today, on the first day of my analysis of my world I say gratitude has to be my personal over riding theme. I am so grateful for so many things right now. I'm not saying my life is roses. No sirree Joe Bob. I am, however, saying that I have a lot for which I would like to thank the Lord.

However, beyond that. I am shockingly tired. My eyelids are droopy. I'm having a hard time staying vertical. I took yesterday off and ran around like a mad fool trying to get stuff done. By 3 I was sitting on the big comfy chair with Sabrina and Buddy smooshed up against me in a daze.

I have engagements tonight and tomorrow night. I am going to go in an effort to get some semblance of a life back. Besides, if I don't go I'll get itchy looking around the house at everything I need to be doing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I can't feel my face.

And, no, I don't mean that metaphorically. I mean it is Friday night. (The last night I sleep on the floor...ever if God grants me this wish.) Because I am old. I mean really old. I know this because I have been moving for it seems like forever and every part of my body hurts. This would include the massage I got this week to get me through the week. Even after the massage I still hurt. Does that mean I would dead from the pain otherwise? I think that is possible.

Yesterday? The day of Thanksgiving, I moved all day. Back and forth, back and forth. I was thankful that I didn't deal with anyone annoying. That was really nice.

I have gotten all of the little random shit out of the house that I can (well, except for the little random shit I will be getting tomorrow.)

I have gotten everything that is in the new place in the right place. Maybe not totally unpacked and ready to go, but in the right room and ready to be ready to go.

I have put up shelves all over the place and I showed up at Bed Bath and Beyond at 6am to get the 20% off on my entire "must have to be organized" list. I never go out on Black Friday. I sure as shit never go out at the crack of dawn. But this year, this year I went out. BBB and Home Depot. That was it. But it was plenty. I've been up a very long time today.

Mimi came by and checked out the old place - I got a thumbs up for "this does not stink of a dog with uncontrollable bladder and bowels." Hooray. She checked out the new place and gave me ideas of how I can control the dog chaos.

She also mentioned that her son has remarked that I never return his calls. Sigh. No energy for you dear, all focused on the dog and the move and survival.

Karla came by to say hi and drop off some stuffing. She saved some for me last year too. Best. Part. of. Thanksgiving. Hands down.

So, if I survive the move tomorrow... then I shall clean on Sunday. And then I will be totally done and out of the old place and good riddance to the dog hating pedophile.

In the meantime I'm going to sit here and hope the feeling returns to my cheeks. And that I don't get feeling to any other part of my body because it all hurts. A lot. Like throbbing hurt. Because I'm old and tired.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it. I'm not on happy pills anymore. I didn't have time to go to the doctor. Really. And let's be honest that dr's visit was a couple of laser therapy's for Sabrina. So now it is just me and God against the world. Good company. He might want to help me a little more during TV commercials. They make me cry. A lot. It's embarrassing.

Ok, that's all.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Effin Thanksgiving

Well, technically it is the night before Thanksgiving. Tonight I am sitting in Kirby's drinking cosmo's and happy to not be packing or unpacking. My computer is running painfully slowly which makes me want to hurt someone. I have no internet at home, so I should be grateful for what I can get.

I am sleeping on the floor for the 5th of 7 nights. My back is killing me, but do you know what? No one is yelling at the dogs or me. It is good.

Today? All in all it was a good day.

Today, I wasn't at school. We had 7 proof batches to finish yesterday. My ads managers managed to do 2. By 7pm I decided it was time to call it a night. So, we left. With the batches not done. The good part of being old and having done a job for a long time is that I know it really doesn't matter. I wasn't working, so that was cool. Sure, Monday will be a beating, but what the heck.

Today I discovered that my new next door neighbor? Besides being the most beautiful black woman I have ever met, she's a vet. She likes dogs. Thank you, Sweet Jesus.

Today? I filed a police report for my circular saw and sander. There is a chance that they are just packed and missing, but there is a better chance I left the garage door open as I did stuff and they were stolen. The policeman who took the report was a total sweetheart. He talked to me about making marijuana legal. He was fun, and I'm all for it.

Today, I took Sabrina for her 3rd laser treatment. When we left, she effing JUMPED into the car. Trust me when I tell you, it was a big deal. Please God let her keep healing. I love the fact that we are trying something new and fairly untested, and it is working. IT IS WORKING.

Tonight? I'm grateful for all the things going well in my life. And there is a lot. I'm a lucky girl.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Save Money by Spending Less- What crap

I follow Miss Britt. Miss Britt follows Man vs Debt. I went to it to see what he had to say and started contemplating my own outrageous debt. Hmm. I thought to myself. I wonder what could websites there are on good ways to save money etc.

Guess what? They all say the same thing.

There is no miracle. It's like losing effing weight. You have to burn more calories than you take in. So, other than the miracle lottery win...

Yeah, the ugly truth is that if I'm going to get my stupid bills paid I'm going to have to pay them off. And spend less money on stupid crap. Dang it. I was really hoping for something easier.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Feeling Zen

What is it about moving that fills me with expectations and a desire to improve myself. Certainly this last move did nothing for me. I never managed to find my groove, get really organized, keep up with my devotionals or really anything. It was a 12 month interim of not accomplishing jack shit.

This move? This move has me filled with hope. Sure, Sabrina is still sick, so my new downstairs will still be an infirmary, BUT it is tile, so it should be easier to keep clean.

The new place has a 3rd bedroom, so I will have an office/craft/sewing/wrapping room. It will be organized, neat and orderly.

The guest room will still have to have my dresser of skivvies and the closet will have my out of season clothes, BUT it will be a lovely guest room used at least once a year when my friend PR comes to stay with me the night before school starts.

The TWO car garage will be organized with my garden tools and work tools. The washer and dryer are in the garage so that will be an organized area too.

I am putting things on Craig's List, and if I can't sell stuff, then I'll give it away. I will not hoard my shit. I will give it away so other people can hoard.

I have to admit, I really thought when I rented this place I had found the smallest kitchen in America, but then I saw the new place, and Eureka, I had found even SMALLER kitchen. Does it get any better than this? NO. It's awesome. I will keep only what I really need, and let's be honest, I am not a big cooker.

In fact, I keep thinking that if my official move date is November 27, and 37 days later I go back to school, then I could give myself 37 days to get unpacked, organized and ready to go.

In the meantime, I, prepare to begin applause, have already figured out what I want my new year's resolutions to be. I am going to share because it is good. No, not unusual, no, won't be a surprise, but still good.

2011 the year of mind, body, environment. 20 minutes a day, for my mind, my body and my environment. Easy right? One hour.

So, mind - I think will be morning. I'll read my devotional or write meditatively on the blog or both.

body - beyond walking the dogs, I will drop them off and then run for twenty minutes minimum. I HAVE to burn calories.

Environment - I will spend 20 minutes a day keeping up with the house/yard, make the bed, file docs and take care of financials, keeping the place clean, etc.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spam much?

So, I'm online, not packing, and I decide to check the pages portion of the blog. Then I see the comments tab, and I think to myself, "Self, why are there 108 comments in this folder?" Could someone tell me why comments have been going to this spam folder (when they definitely aren't spam, and when was someone going to tell me comments weren't posting?) Geez Louise.

Expect More....Poop

I've decided this is the theme of my life right now. Please note, these are both recent droppings. Then she sat down to check out the situation. The fluff all around her? Those are pieces of the big comfy chair that I love and Buddy is destroying. I'm trying not to hate him for it. Can you tell on her tail where it has a funky bend? It is actually farther out than it used to be...Maybe that is how far along her tail has healed? She still can't feel when I touch it, but maybe the insides are healing....

Weak of NOT look

Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are about to see is horrifying. In fact, I didn't even appreciate HOW horrifying until I was looking at the pictures on the computer.
I believe I might have mentioned the management company wants to show the old homestead. I got a phone call from the centralized showing service yesterday asking to show it yesterday afternoon. I didn't laugh out loud (trust me, it took effort) but I did decline. Went I got home, I cleaned up most of the poo, then thought, I need to take pictures to document the squalor in
which I am living these days.

So, here it is. In all its glory. Yes, I am disgusted. Upon entering, potential renters will be greeted with this view...please note the killer dogs behind the wood gate...
Normally, I wouldn't show my delicates to the world, but when I got home and started looking around at what needed to be done, I realized that my delicates were out and drying...those need to be put away. Don'tcha think?
Should they open the door behind the delicates, they get a glance at the garage, it is actually a little more organized because I took that picture last week, but it is chock full of my worldly possessions. Since technically, I'm not supposed to have a cat, my plan is to hide the litter box in the garage and the cat in the car when people come to see the place.
Back to the living room. Yup, it's a disaster.
And the big comfy chair? With no cushion because Buddy has EATEN it. . . also has pee on it because Sabrina won't stop getting on it.
The kitchen maintains the theme of horror...
What? You would like to see the patio. Oh, of course. Why, yes, that is poop on the patio. Yes, that is a dog walking in the middle of more poop. Welcome to my world.
Ok, perhaps we should go upstairs. Each night Sabrina goes to sleep with a new blanket under her. Each morning she gets up and I pick up under and take the blanket down to be washed because it is pee and poo covered. Behind her kennel you can see where ...well, I'm not even sure of how that happens, it falls out of her, that's all I can say. Gets on the wall when she shakes etc. I should have taken an after picture so you can know I really do clean up after her...often, but it is a constant job. For some reason I didn't take a picture of the rest of the room, but I like thinking about people seeing the size of the two kennels and thinking to themselves, wow, these must be really big dogs. Naa, they just need room to stretch ; )

Guest bedroom - frightful.
Back to the tour, the bathroom, it another biohazard altogether. And this one - all mine. I admit it, I'm lucky I'm showering at all. There are germs in that tub. Trust me when I tell you that. Cleaning the bathroom, so low on the list as to not even be worth mentioning. Now, really all I'm trying to do as far as the showing business go, is not have any evidence of the charge her on the move-out variety. They can know I live in squalor, I don't care. I just want to get all of my money back when I move.
My one worry has been that the mantle I had installed won't come down. I mean it might, but it is pretty solidly connected. It's the one thing I am hoping I can get away with leaving. People like mantles right?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contemplations on baby showers

This past Saturday I got to go to the baby shower of my really good friend Anonymous. She's a shy thing, and she doesn't like the limelight, so I know to a certain extent she had to be uncomfortable with all of the attention being on her, but I loved getting to be a part of celebrating with her.

I wasn't sure of whom I would know at the shower, so first, let me say that when my eyes locked on to the wife of a friend of mine, I zoned in on her like a shark with a laser on its head. Bless her heart, she then became the recipient of all of my funny comments.

For instance, can someone explain to me why we say congratulations to women that are pregnant?

Cause, sex, (from what I've heard) not that tricky, and from the number of unplanned pregnancies in this world, not sure it's deserving of a standing ovation. I will acknowledge for the people that try for a really, really long time, maybe they DO deserve congratulations in a "wow, glad it final took" kind of way.

And, congratulations on finding a way to totally lose ALL disposable income for the next 20 years or so.

Congratulations on entering a world of constant laundry, cooking, cleaning and poo? (I've entered that world as you well know and that isn't so much of a congratulations as a bless your heart, you poor dear.

Congratulations on bringing another being in the world that you are guaranteed to some how mess up but you don't get to know how, although eventually this being will let you know how you permanently scarred him?

Ok, sorry back on topic. It was a lovely baby shower. Someone gave her a wooden fish. It had sharp pointed edges. I'll admit, not the first thing I would imagine giving at a baby shower. Best part? She wasn't there, she dropped it off before going to another engagement, so the rest of us where left to wonder, whiskey tango foxtrot? We think there is a sweetly sentimental meaningful reason to this gift, but we don't know that for sure just yet. Might have wanted to leave a note. Just saying.

The mother-to-be I have to tell you looked stunning. She had on this great cream sweater. Her hair was adorable, and although she says she's as large as a house, I have seen the large pregnant women, and she is not on that list. I can't wait to see the pictures from the shower. Hint hint she writes hoping anonymous will forward the one with them together.

Gifts given? Diapers (designer jean diapers people, really?), blankets (lots of blankets), clothes (so cute, little boy clothes - even camo!), toys, car seat, that portable kid storage thing people love so much, stuffed animals, and chocolates. Pretty good haul. Almost makes me want one. haha. Kidding.

At any rate, I can't wait to babysit. Big fun. Play with the baby. Chill with the baby. Leave the baby when I'm done.

My own Top Ten

Sometimes it's good to take a gander at the ole score chart of life, so with that in mind, let's start with the top ten things going wrong in my world.

10. I have no money. This actually isn't a big deal in and of itself because I never have any money, but it is problematic as I prepare to move AGAIN, and Christmas approaches.

9. My finely tuned plan for moving came crashing down Sunday afternoon, and I haven't quite figured out what to do. Let me assure you; cleaning the house with the dogs and cat there (have I mentioned that the cat barfs all of the time? Hardly seems worth mentioning in the face of the Sabrina issues, but problematic none the less.)

8. The management company called to tell me they plan to show my home while I'm still there. You know, the one with a cat that they don't know about, and looking like a disaster zone courtesy of trying to pack and one poop filled dog. Oh, and the back yard? The patio? Covered in poop. I spray it down every day, but pretty much, I spray it down every day because it is covered in poop every day.

7. I feel like this should be a rotating open: no dating, trying to make friends with weird girl who is strange, but the only friend I seem to be able to make, I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen or doing laundry or cleaning. I am caring for a child that has no chance of ever growing up to then take care of me. This is not right.

6. Sabrina continues to be a constant source of pee drippage and poo. And she doesn't want to eat her pumpkin anymore. That could almost be its own number because pumpkin is very important for firming the poo. Please refer to 9, 8, 7 and 6.

5. I'm still not talking to most of my seniors because there are traitors in my midst. This makes school less fun. It also means I'm trying to follow "rules" more since one of the girls has gone to her father recently and he is a school board member.

4. My life without a gall bladder was starting to settle down. I haven't really been having problems until about a month ago. Apparently the dog having issues isn't enough. Now I have issues too. Super.

3. I have two people in the world that I talk to all of the time about pretty much everything except one of them refuses to be a part of any conversation that has to do with know, a huge part of my life since I live near my parents and something that will take up more and more of my life as they age. So, it sucks. I'm frustrated, sad, and annoyed.

2. I have some weird eczema on my hand and shoulder. It itches. Constantly. It is making me miserable. Stress? Old age? Cool. Oh, and by the way, the eczema is on top of the constant headaches. I have them all of the time. I am killing my liver through judicious use of alcohol and ibuprofen.

1. I'm moving over Thanksgiving. By myself. Without help from anyone. With a sick dog, a neurotic dog and an old cat. Hard to remember to be thankful with all of this on my plate.

OK, but it IS Thanksgiving so let's see if I can come up with a positive top ten things I thank God for:

10. Drugs. I know. sounds bad. But let's be honest, without the anti-anxiety meds, the migraine meds, the girl without a gall bladder meds, my life would be total hell. I am so grateful for the pharmaceutical industry and their drug making skills.

9. Caffeine. This could be part of 10 and it could be on the other list, but I am downing caffeine like nobodies business. I like to think it is helping me survive.

8. My vet. Ok, well, not my vet, but Sabrina's vet. Dr. Murray. She has been so amazing. Reassuring, checking in often, thinking of ways to change her meds to help Sabrina and me survive this. She is AWESOME.

7. My car works. Usually I would take this for granted, but I've had a brake light on for about 6 months now, and yesterday I realized I haven't changed the oil in forever. I am really grateful

6. My senior staff is great. Although some of the other seniors make me want to snarl every time I look at them. My senior staff are keeping the yearbook together for me. I am so grateful that I have them. This year would be beyond impossible without them.

5. I love my animals. Yes, there occupy most of the numbers on things going wrong right now, but last night as Sabrina, Buddy and I lay snuggled on the big comfy chair, and Sabrina slowly dripped pee on the big comfy chair, and Buddy took up more space than one 50lb dog should, I thought, "Wow. I am so lucky to have them. Even with all of this. I am so glad that I get to come home everyday to their love. They truly make me happy."

4. I found a new place to live that is just like the current one but better. Cheaper, 2 car garage, behind a park not a dog hating pediphile, 3 bedrooms not two. Yeah, this is good.

3. I get along with Blondie. After ten years of working with the meanest woman in the world and the dumbest man in the world, it is important to take a moment and appreciate how well I get along with Blondie. In fact I would also say she is part of my number 2...

2. I have a wonderful circle of friends. Sure, it is a really small circle, and most of them I don't get to see or talk to very often, but I know they are there.

1. I have the best bestie in the world. Honestly, I thank God for her every single day. I know she loves me and wants what is best for me and even on the most horrible of days, she is there making me feel better and not so alone. She rocks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Update

So, I asked Mom and Dad for a huge favor. Please, please don't go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. I need your help. Please go after Thanksgiving. Not that they help me pack, but I needed to move the menagerie north so that I could clean the house. Trust me when I tell you, it is not possible to clean with them here.

OK Mom says. We'll stay. I tell my friends how great my parents are. I have a friend telling me yesterday as I approach their house how she was telling her friend about my parents helping me out.

I am at their house last night. I made a comment about Sabrina coming up. Mom says, "We aren't going to be here, we'll be in Hawaii." WHAT? I say. I know you are kidding. That's not funny.

No, we are going to be in Hawaii... wait for it, You didn't write anything on the calendar. Is she kidding me? I am running my ass off taking care of the dogs, dealing with school, packing my house up, and when I begged her to help me and she said yes, I was supposed to drive to their house in Plano to put it on the calendar? Really?

Honestly, I totally lost my shit. Walked out of the house and balled the entire way home.

Embarrassed that I said they were helping me, and they aren't? Yes.
Worried about how in the Hell I am going to pull of this move and cleaning of the old house? Yes.
Confused that she was home when she agreed, but she didn't write it down, and she didn't remember that she had agreed, and when were they going to tell me? I realize I'm the old child in the area, but that seems problematic to me. Wouldn't this be something she would remember?

And the worst part. It's my own fault. I never should have asked them in the first place. I feel like an idiot.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sorry it's been so long

What can I say? I've been busy.

I continue to map out my packing schedule, so that I don't have to do too much at a time, and I'll be packed well before the Nov 19th move the dogs, cat and self to M & D's date.

So, 12 months after moving the last time, I am moving again. On the plus side, the more I think about the new place the more excited I am about moving. It is going to really serve my needs well for the next two years. I will have to buy a house by November 2012 so I stay under that 3 year marker for tax purposes, but at least I'll stay put for 24 months.

I have worked out where I want everything to go, and what I want to sell. I am having a love affair with Craig's list right now, although I haven't actually sold anything in a couple of weeks. I still love the idea of NOT having a garage sale, but selling the things that can go.

The new place is 3 bedroom. I am beside myself with excitement for a "craft room/office." I can't wait to get the sewing machine out, have a place for the wrapping paper etc and have space for a desk to handle bills etc.

Sabrina and Buddy continue to both be my joys and total pains in the ass.

OK, you are now caught up

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello, hello, hello

I started writing to keep friends and family up on what was going on with my move and trip 4 + years ago. As I did it, I realized that although I had tried to write journals for years, some how, writing online for my little blog posts seemed to work for me. I guess I like to write for others. Now, I am writing, but it feels like I am writing into a void. That what I am writing will never actually be seen. The upside of that, is of course, that I am less likely to get in trouble. I feel like I've been doing a whole lotta that lately.

To catch you up on the latest...

Some times I swear, life is really too much. So the BFF has been worrying about me getting my lease renewed since it has been almost a year since I moved into the current casa. So, I final sent the rental company an email asking about it. Then I called. They said that the owner was wanting to raise the rent, and they would do an "inspection" and then decide how much to raise the rent. The whole thing really annoyed me, and, as you might guess, caused me to freak out a bit. I sent an email expressing my distress and asking that an inspection occur on Monday if possible.

I still haven't heard from them. It's after noon on Friday. I'm thinking Monday...not gonna happen.

I started looking online to see what else was out there. Wednesday, I went to look at a place that looked pretty good. Actually fantastic AND is cheaper than where I am now!! (That is likely to be the only good news to emerge from my life this or even next month, so let's pause a moment and really enjoy it.) OK, moving on.

In the meantime, I got a phone call from my friend PR. (I'm so glad that I have friends.) Turns out a high ranking parent in the district told the superintendent that I wrote about a school incident in my blog. Go ahead read previous posts and see if there is any thing worthy of attention a la school. See if they managed to completely miss the point of everything I wrote. I am so pissed. So, twitter and blog are now private.

And again, I am reminded that the relationships I thought I had with the kids, aren't quite what I have thought they were.

Because yeah, I had the audacity to express my opinion to the girls about something they did. I am so freaking sad. and mad. and bitter. and sad.

It's like this big freaking sign that I need to completely distance myself from them. And that will really suck the fun out of my job. Because the value I thought I was adding to my job was trying to help them to be thoughtful, and responsible and honest. And it turns out, that I'm not actually adding any value at all.

Yes, I know I am writing in a funk. Eventually I will emerge. But right now. I am wishing I had a different job. That paid better. And didn't make me feel like a complete failure.

I am wishing that my life were totally different. I am wishing that I didn't feel like I was at the bottom of a well with little chance of seeing the light of day soon.


This blog is going private in 24 hours. If you would like to follow'll have to email ( me. Explanation to come once this blog is private.

Another lesson in humility.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Humility lessons are hateful

Interesting how the universe can conspire to teach you the lessons that God wants you to learn. I think God has been talking to me for several weeks now, but I haven't been listening very carefully. Today, he wacked me on the head. Fine. You have my attention.

Recently my sis posted about having to learn humility lessons for herself. I thought at the time, yes, those are hard. I have gotten full of myself from time to time too.

Recently a jogger was killed on the Katy Trail by a bicyclist traveling past her. She turned to go back, and he/she was going too fast? too close? whatever and hit her. A lot of the news stories talked about how she had headphones on. All I could think was what if she didn't, but tripped, would it have been more of the bicyclist's responsibility? And then I thought about how self-righteous so many of our neighborly bicyclists are and that being self-righteous only leads to trouble. Hard to reason with the self-righteous.

Recently, you might remember I started having trouble with my dog hating neighbor again. I have been feeling pretty indignant about the whole thing. In the meantime, some stuff happened at school. I realized a parallel for me is that the morning I let the dogs out at 10:30 because Sabrina had made a mess in the kitchen; I had a choice. I could have left her in the kitchen. Sure it would have been a mess, and I would have been cleaning both dogs, but they wouldn't have been outside to bark. I knew I was being naughty (taking a chance etc), but I did it anyway. I need to accept the part I played in everything that has happened since. I can be self-righteous about the why I let them out or the how infrequently I let them out early or my rights as a citizen, but in the end, I took a chance that they would behave and there wouldn't be a problem, and, well, I crapped out (no pun intended. Oh, who am I kidding? Pun totally intended)

Recently, there were some issues with twitter and students starting anonymous accounts to post mean stuff about other people. There was a comment in a post that indicated a student was on the yearbook staff. I told my students that the yearbook person needed to come forth and speak to me about it. No one did. So much for my influence and teaching them the importance of being honest about having made mistakes.

Oh, and the school issue? A little confusing, but let me see if I can sum it up. DELETED COURTESY OF CENSORSHIP I SUPPOSE. (OK, to put back- an organization at the school wanted to participate in a "senior only" thing at school that their sponsor told them not to do. They started to do it anyway, she told them again, then again. the long and the short of it is that they disobeyed their sponsor. I think they knew they were being naughty, and they didn't think they would get in trouble. But they did, and they were PISSED about having the book thrown at them by their sponsor. And, that again the lesson of taking responsibility for oneself has been lost.

So, I'm in a funk. I am not loving my job right now. I am disappointed in myself for getting such a big head when I very clearly shouldn't, and I am trying to focus on my new behavior plan.

I made a list of Rules to Work by to remind myself of my place in this little world. It might be overkill, but I think I need to keep my mouth shut and lay low for a good long while. I'm tired of finding myself looking like an idiot in front of the principal.

1. Keep your opinions to yourself.

2. "You might be right" is a magical phrase. (Learned this one from BFF. Great way to end a conversation that is going nowhere quickly.)

3. Document, document, document. I happen to be dealing with a highly litigious portion of society. Probably a good idea to keep good records.

4. It's not your business, so don't ask questions. (Maybe if I wouldn't be such a nosy Nelly I wouldn't feel a need to then share my opinions.)

5. Tell the truth, but remember everyone lies. Got this one from House. It's true.

6. If you make a mistake, admit it. Immediately. I already do this one, but it is a good one to remember anyway.

7. Be mindful of whom you trust. Goes along with the others. I need to keep my mouth shut. Everyone doesn't have my best interests at heart. Most have their own.

8. Be calm. Make your point; then shut up. I talk too much and I know it. I don't need to beat a point in the ground or raise my voice to make a point. State what my expectation is and end the discussion.

9. Keep your head down and get your work done. It's called flying under the radar. Try it.

10. Remember there is always someone looking for an opportunity to get you in trouble. Do NOT give it to them. (Got this one just yesterday from another teacher. She said that she always tries to remember that no matter how much she thinks her kids love her, there is always one that doesn't and will tell their parents if she does something she shouldn't.)

Be grateful you h ave a job. Lots of people don't.

OK, so there they are. I'm going to put them in front of me. I don't think my job is going to be as much fun for a while, and it is really going to be hard to be the professional that could be filmed in the classroom all day, but that is my new goal. I'm on a reality show 24/7 and how will what I do look on TV. YIKES.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Let's see what Sabrina goes through in 30 days
45 Cans of Pumpkin
60 cans of dog food
5 bags of greenie pill holders
12 chicken breasts
4 bags of cranberries
and, wait for it...
315 pills

Now I have to go and clean.

How I learned I'm stressed

So, it is completely obvious that I am at full capacity a la stress level and any more than the current level turns into the tipping point of insanity.

I knew the PSAT was coming up and as always I would be administering it, but I managed to put it in the back of my mind until late Tuesday night.

I got to school yesterday morning right at 7 so that I could try to make an arrangement for someone to take my place for an hour at 10 so I could run home and take care of Sabrina.

I approach the lady in charge of testing and an AP and she tells me everyone is in use...AP suggests one of the other APs because he has to do the AV for senior presentations.

Then I can't find the other APs. I go back and ask how is EVERYONE in use if we are only giving the PSAT to 10th graders... The other grades were in groups for other types of presentation.

I call one of the "extras" in the other groups that the AP tells me could help me out. She says I don't think I can because we are doing group work or something." Stress level rising.

I find another AP who says its not that I don't want to help you but why can't one of the other APs help you? At which point... in the front of the building...with large numbers of people milling about...I started sobbing as I crossed the hall.

The new principal, thank you very much, sees me trying to get into an office so he comes to unlock the door. I call the BFF..still sobbing...hysterical sobbing. God bless her, I know she thinks I'm nuts and precariously close to jumping off a cliff. She then works to calm me down.

The front receptionist comes in. (Luckily she knows what's going on and is an absolute animal lover. She gets me tissue, a bottle of water and tlc.

Principal walks in. She tells him the deal since I start crying again. Yes, I have no doubt he thinks I am a total nut job. I told him (while sobbing, of course) that I didn't realize how much stress i'm under until something happens. I know it's not life or death but I don't understand why if everyone is in groups no one can even check in on my kids since there is another monitor in the room anyway...It seemed like such a little thing but it was a wall of "I can't help."

So, that is how I got confirmation that I am really, really stressed out.

Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been 50 days since Sabrina had her stroke.

I started giving up hope a couple of weeks ago. She is walking again which is fantastic, but she has no control over her bladder or bowels. I spend a lot of time cleaning up the messes she leaves behind.

I had begun to cry (often), trying to accept putting Sabrina down, and just in general being utterly depressed and sad.
As a side note, I don't know how people survive having small children in the house. My entire world has shrunk down to the size of my living room. The size of my plastic covered living room.

I have been going home every day during 3rd period to "express" Sabrina's bladder. She has no sensation so she doesn't know when she needs to pee, I literally have to squeeze her bladder to make her pee. There will never be photos of that maneuver, trust me.

She doesn't know when she has to poop so she just does it as she walks. Yeah, you can see the need for plastic. (Although please note that she can still manage to find a way to get her butt on the ONE SPOT that is uncovered.)

Occasionally I have let her get on the big comfy chair with me (layer of plastic, blanket, then us) ...well, until she pees on me.

She walks pretty well now. Still a little like a one year old... all wiggly and some times surprised when her butt shows up beside her head, but we can walk almost 2 miles now. THAT is really good.

Buddy is doing pretty well through all of this. He gets a little jealous, so he can't stand it when I cave and let Sabrina on the chair. Little me sandwich. (I was in my little pjs so I put a photoshop skirt on me : )
And the truth has come out...turns out, Buddy is the one eating on the red chair (that's why there is plastic around the arms.) Buddy is the one that eats blankets etc. He is the one causing all sorts of trouble. Guess he didn't think that when he was the only one allowed to run free if he was bad, he wouldn't be able to hide behind the "it wasn't me, it was her" defense.

Buddy constantly wants to play with her, and she does a little but she does still snap at him when he catches her by surprise.

At any rate, we hang out when I'm not making their special dinners or cleaning up after the messes or trying to make her potty or doing the laundry. I snuggle with her as much as possible because I'm worried and I don't know how long she will be around. I love her with all my heart, but I know that I can't keep this up forever. It is really, really hard.

And I have been taking lots and lots of pictures. Ode to Sabrina, if you will.

Two days ago, I came home 3rd to find a MESS, so I threw the dogs outside because I didn't have time to clean and headed back to school. The dog hater started calling an hour later and called 6 times in two hours. I finally had to start hanging up on her. She then sent me a nasty email using my worries about Sabrina (which I wish I hadn't blurted out) against me, you know ...if you can't take care of your dogs you should find someone else to do so. BITCH.

It just has all been throwing me into a total depression.

BUT. Last night. She stood up, and her tail was sticking STRAIGHT OUT. (No, I didn't manage to get a picture, I know, I know.) This may not sound like much, but trust is something. AND this morning she was standing still, but I could see the top part of her tail moving...AAUUGGGHHHHHH I am so excited.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My World

Ok, so we have had to make some modifications. First, the outside is pretty much the same. The backyard had turned into a total disaster, so we've been outside a lot. I weeded the snot out the garden areas. I added my outdoor art (finally) and I finally put my fountain up.
The living room is now covered in tarp, and I have plastic on half the furniture because Sabrina now likes to "shake" when she gets up. I decided it would be a good idea to protect what I could.
The laundry room has been a disaster. It has n't mattered too much because I do laundry about once every 3 weeks. Since I'm now doing laundry about twice a day, I decided things needed to be cleaned up.
I cleaned the kitchen up. And I'm trying to be organized as I keep up with feeding everybody, pills galore and cleaning. I went to the grocery store and actually bought healthy food. My plan is to cook ahead and have meals ready to go...we'll see how that works out.
Please note card from BFF. She sent grocery bags (since I go through a LOT of them now that I am cleaning up after a lot of poopy animals.), money (for the Sabrina's bills may actually kill me fund - so sweet and loving to know how worried and scared I am about them all) and a card that is titled "The SChitt family tree" and it lists the shits. Since my new world is full of it, she thought it appropriate. I laughed till I cried. Cause really the card/package was full of love, and it made me feel less scared and alone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's important to be able to laugh, right? right?

Tuesday was my first day back at my house with both dogs and Cat. It was a bit chaotic. First, Cat may not be visible often, but I tell you what the boy shows up for breakfast.

Sadly, breakfast for Cat must start with his anti-acid medicine. He hates that. And he is shitty about it. As in, it is a big ole fight to get him to take the meds. And then he gets his new and improved, special wet smelly food for old cats food.

Sabrina then gets her many pills mixed up with peanut butter before being fed her super yummy wet dog food mixed with pumpkin.

I turn to Buddy and fill his dish with the 2 cups of dry food that he's always gotten.

If I could have filmed the expression on his face as he looked at me like, "Seriously, are you kidding me? This is what I get? I stay healthy, do what you ask? Always a good dog, and I get this crap?!?!?!?!

Poor thing.

Background: the kitchen has been set up as Sabrina's new hang out. I have an area rug cut to fit, then a tarp laid out, then blankets on top. Then there is a tarp over most of the living area so that it is covered on the way out the door.

This morning Sabrina was in a very sassy mood. She was standing in the living room barking in a fierce manner to let me know she was not pleased with her present circumstances. As she barked, she bounced with ears flapping in the wind.

I finally got Sabrina and Buddy outside. I turned around to see that with each bounce she made, she pooped. I have a picture. I'll upload it soon. It was big poop. So, as I cleaned up, both Sabrina and Buddy began to let me know they didn't want to be outside anymore.

I let them in, and sure enough, she pooped outside too.

So, when I came back home at 10 to let her out and "express" her bladder (Yeah, I have to help her pee every time) I tried to use the sprayer on the house. The water wasn't coming out, and then it started to spray out the sides, and I swear I turned it off and then turned it towards me so that the water spraying out the side wouldn't hit see where this is going don't you? Yup, I finally got the sprayer loose, and it popped off and all the water that had built up pressure sprayed me. Everything was soaked; dress, shoes, skivvy's. All of it.

I love Sabrina's vet

I rushed Sabrina to the Katy Trail Vet's office on August 19th. She actually saw Dr. Lamping. He sends us on to the Referral Surgery Center. They tell me that it is either a herniated disc or a stroke (embolism in the spine) and that up front I need to be prepared to spend X number of dollars, and, oh, by the way, we're gonna need your credit card right now.

As it turns out, I was busy getting sick as a dog that night, and I continued to be deathly ill for another week. Couldn't actually afford a doctor because I was busy racking up the bills for Sabrina.

They released her the following Wednesday. Some Vet I had never met before or spoken with did the check out. She in no way prepared me to take home a totally incontinent dog.

After a couple of weeks of nothing getting better, in fact, Sabrina got a UTI and had to take antibiotics which, some of you may know, causes diarreah. Yeah, that was no fun.

So, Dr. Murray, who is the main Vet at Katy Trail has called me almost EVERY SINGLE DAY to check on her. She is the one that suggested canned pumpkin to help with the diarreah.

By the way, never heard from the referral surgery center again.

Three weeks after the stroke, Dr. Murray tells me that she has contacted a neurologist about Sabrina and that she's worried if we don't get her bladder emptied and shrunk, she'll always be incontinent even if she gets her nerve cells back. That if we put a catheter in for the weekend, we can keep her bladder totally empty and shrink it up. And yes, it will cost X and where is your credit card.

So, the next day I get Sabrina to the Specialty Vet place that has the neurologist that is even farther away than the last place. I introduce her to one of the vets, go through the history etc. I don't speak with a vet Saturday (even though I spent 2 hours with Sabrina), the vet that calls Sunday says yes, she has a catheter in. Monday, I get a call from a receptionist telling to show up between 4 and 4:14pm to check her out.

I show up. Stand around and wait for 30 minutes before some semi goth tech guy with huge holes in his ears and a stupid little gotee. He has never dealt with Sabrina before, so he can't answer any of my questions. I asked him if she still had a bladder infection and his answer was "She had a catheter in all weekend." I'm sorry, I don't even know what that answer means.

Yes, I was totally annoyed. In fact, at one point he tells me, "Really, you just gave her bladder a break for the weekend." If I didn't feel like a knew better I would have absolutely had a tizzy. I just paid HOW much???? To just give her bladder a break for the weekend??? Then they had me schedule a check-up in six weeks.

Dr. Murray called the next day, because she is the BEST VET EVER. She said she wanted to see Sabrina that afternoon if possible. How awesome is she? So, after seeing her she prescribed something to help with the diarreah. She also told me she had called the last place to talk to an actual vet.

Today she called to let me know that Sabrina does still have the bladder infection. So we have upped the antibiotics, upped the pumpkin, I'm now on a search for Cranberries to feed her twice a day and she has one medicine from the specialty vet.

So, for another six weeks we have the waiting game to see if there is any improvement.

Bailey's may save my life

Ok, I will step back.

The day that I "moved" into Mom and Dad's, if you recall, I was sick as a dog. So, I get all of the blankets etc that I could find, plus my clothes, plus Sabrina's kennel and Buddy and drive to their house.

I lay down with great dramatics, and say, "I must rest before picking up Sabrina."

Dad, who happened to be home, said, "Well I need to go to Sprouts before you leave."

He gets home. Does he have fruit? vegetables? meat? fish? No. He had 14 bottles of wine and a bottle of Baileys. Yes, sir. I like the way you think. This is exactly how we will get through this.

So, I head off to pick up Sabrina. As a side note, although you might imagine that when you pay THOUSANDS of dollars for pet care that you would get a higher level of service and interest... you would be wrong. Indeed the vet that "checked Sabrina out" actually didn't know anything. And, gave me even less information. Just sent me on my way.

Each evening, after dinner, Dad would get up get the Bailey's and bring us glasses. We went through the first bottle within 3 days. I looked at Dad with horror. "But, look how well we've been getting along I said. It has to be the Bailey's."

"Good point," Dad said. So, each time we got close to running out, he'd go buy more. Yeah, we went through a good bit.

As it turns out, I have Bailey's at home. That, as they say, is a very good thing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Memory Lane

Wow. So, open house was Monday night. I thought I would go through my last 5 years of posts and read about past open houses. Do you know what I found? Practically nothing I tell you. Practically nothing. Do you want to know why? Because open house is boring. I'm not boring. I am sweetly eccentric and charmingly odd, but open house itself? boring. Same crap that I say every year. Parents staring at me. Me getting slightly nervous about talking.

At any rate, Open house was Tuesday after Memorial Day. Whoop.

In the meantime, after 3 weeks at my parents house I have gotten really, shockingly used to having a Bailey's every night.

Sabrina goes to the neurologist tomorrow, and she's either going to stay for a week as they work to get her bladder issues under control or we are going to have to give up. She can't live the rest of her life in the kitchen. It's just not ok.

Buddy, Cat and I will move home Saturday. I'm still praying that she is ok. She can walk again. She knows when she has to go to the bathroom and she lets me know, so I know she is getting better. We just have to get over the final hump!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's a 5 loads of laundry day

Sabrina is now able to get up and down without help. It's not always pretty, but she can do it. We've taken walks a couple of times (around the block mostly, and she starts out pretty fast, but she usually slows down to a normal human rate (which she has never walked before) by the end of the walk.)

We went back to her regular vet on Tuesday. That was a total comedy of errors. I was looking cute with a skirt and jacket. Mom got in the car first (because taking her to the vet is now a two man job) to block off the front of the car so she would be forced to stay on the plastic tarp in case of accidents. Little did I know that as I was getting her in the car accidents had already begun. So, I hollar out to mom to get some tissues.

She runs back in the house, grabs tissues. Comes back out I clean up Sabrina and realize that I have poop down my skirt. I send mom back in with the poop and a request for jeans.

We finally got on the road with my sweet poopy girl. We could smell things getting worse in the back as we got farther down the road. Yeah, we found where she dropped it when we got to the vet's. It was a really good time.

The vet put her on Xanax to help her relax and not be all freaked out all the time (which is helping) and something for the urinary infection (which explains why she cried every time I tried to help her pee and lurched to snap at me.)

Things have actually been rolling along. Today, not so much rolling as just totally and complete day of constant pooping. If the last 3 hours are anything to go by, I don't know how Mom and Dad survived the day. I am so tired. I have done two loads of laundry since I got home and there is another load waiting to be started.

Poor Sabrina. I have washed her backside down several times. Oh, the smells are quite horrible too.

I recently made a comparison that Sabrina has become like a two year old child without a diaper on. You are trying to keep your eye out in case of pooping and peeing and God forbid if she starts playing in it, stepping in it, etc. Well, today it smells like the home of a two year old with a lot of poopy diapers laying around, if you know what I mean.

One more day of the week to survive, and then it is a three day weekend. I might relish it more if I didn't know my future holds a lot of cleaning, and pooping and peeing. sigh.

The vet has made me hopeful that we can get everything under control. I am praying with everything inside of me that we can get it worked out to the point that she can go 8 hours a day alone. Cause as grateful as I am that Mom and Dad are helping and letting me sleep on the couch, I am seriously missing my own bed, and home and stuff.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In case you were wondering

the last 7 days have been a total beating. So, it all began last Thursday. Wait. Back up. Actually, to a certain extent, it all began last Monday. Because that was the day of convocation.

Sunday night my friend PR spent the night. She lives out in Keller and since she is in charge of the big first day of return to school she frets that traffic will be all messed up and cause her to be late, so we have a slumber party. It's a tradition cause we've done it 3 times now. At any rate, we went to a cool restaurant in South Oak Cliff where some slutty girl at the bar in a tight pink dress turned away from the bar to pick up something that fell, spread her legs as she leaned down and flashed me. Happy town. Yes. I am totally and completely scarred.

After that we looked at houses in South Oak Cliff because they are cool and it's what we like to do.

First day of school was fine. New principal seems nice enough. My room still wasn't cleaned up from construction, and as it turns out, they hadn't actually finished working in my room, so I'd clean, and they'd mess up. It was a really good time the first three days.

At any rate, I had the editors coming to work while I was in meetings. It really wasn't too horrible.

Thursday I got home after school and Buddy greeted me at the door, but Sabrina was no where in sight. So I started up the stairs looking for her. I heard something in the bathroom. At first, I thought that she was hooked on something or had gotten a paw stuck, but then I realized that she was sitting straight up with her back paws sticking straight out. She was shaking but not moving. FREAK OUT.

I managed to get her downstairs and out the door. It was almost 5 when we got to the vet who basically said whatever was wrong was beyond what he could do but he called the Surgery Center of Dallas (just go ahead and imagine a BIG OLE Chi ching here.) Yes, they could have someone there by 7pm to meet us, so Sabrina and I set off up the tollroad.

The Surgery Center began the conversation saying that it was either a stroke or a herniated disk - was I prepared to spend thousands of dollars. I'm sitting in front of my dog who is looking at me scared and shaking totally cognizant with eyes begging me to make her better. So, I handed over the credit card.

As it turns out she had a stroke. They called later that night to say that there was no point of pain and the scans showed nothing ergo it was a stroke. In the meantime, my throat hurt and I didn't feel that great. By Friday I felt worse. I went to see Sabrina on Friday and sat in the kennel (full size, so room for both of us) with her for about an hour just loving on her. Lots of dogs, lots of noise.

Saturday she was able to get up (with help) and walk (with help) to a room where we sat for about 2 hours. While I was with her she peed about 4 different times all over the blanket. Not a good sign. Sunday, the vet called and said the good news was she is moving better and regaining strength but that she had lost control of her bladder and she could feel no pain in her tail.

Oh, and Saturday and Sunday I spent in bed. Sleeping. And feeling like crap. That's right, once again, I've caught the plague.

Monday morning, first day of school. All I want to do is curl in the fetal position. Not to be. So, I throw on clothes and head off. The day goes ok. Most of the kids I know. The yearbook staff should be good. I have photojournalism 7th period and Journalism 1 8th which totally sucks, but it turns out my J1 class is 10 girls ....we'll do just fine.

At any rate, Monday's phone call from the vet is to ask me if I want to do an MR, he had mentioned it the day before too, but what I basically kept hearing is that it probably won't tell us anything, but it might tell us if she has cancer???what??? but it is really academic. OK, how much is this academic MR? $2,000. Uh, that's a no ghostrider. Holy cow.

Monday after school I went straight away to visit Sabrina. We spent about an hour and half together. Bless her heart, I'm sure she isn't sleeping well among the noise of all of dogs. She slept part of the time snuggled against my leg. First the first time since Thursday, when I left she literally struggled to get away from the technician to go with me. Nearly. Killed. Me.

So, today is Wednesday. I am still having trouble breathing. My throat hurts. I'm full of phlem, and my precious dog is about to come home. Scratch that. Actually she is about to come to my parents house. Where I am. Because once again they are determined to prove when it really comes down to it, they will be there for me. Because we don't know what Sabrina needs. I know she can't stand up on her own yet, which means if she pees, she is stuck laying in it until someone comes and helps her. I know she can walk, but she is wobbly.

So, this morning I packed up every blanket and soft thing I could find so we would have plenty of blankets. I gathered up my clothes and Buddy so that we could all join Sabrina at M and D's. They will have Sabrina duty during the day, and I'll have it at night.

I don't know how long until she can get herself up without help. I don't know how long she is going to have bladder control issues. I don't what it will take to get her back to her old self. I don't know anything.

And that is why the last 7 days have been a beating.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What? Why, yes, I am screaming. Why am I screaming? Because I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, but the year hasn't even started yet. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I am not amused.

I got an email earlier this summer than began, I know you don't like complaining parents...I don't know this parent and yet she knows I don't like complaining parents?? AND then proceeded to bitch about the photography company I hired this year. Really???

OK, so this summer there is construction work being done on the building. I knew there would be stress involved because the TV studio is being totally remodeled, and I was worried that the ceiling in my classroom was going to be lowered. I checked on the room Monday only to discover that they hadn't even started doing the work to my room. So it is currently empty. The back storage rooms are full. Full of yearbooks, full of computers that are in pieces and dismantled, full of boxes of new computers not assembled yet, and full, as in no room for

the stuff and people that usually do stuff there.

Room on the other hand, empty. Empty of the computers that need to be against the walls, desks that need to be organized, computers haven't been cleaned up, server isn't ready to go, templates not on the servers, instructions not put on the walls.

I'm working with the ads editor-in-chief who has informed me that although they usually have all of their ad pages completed when school starts, they haven't done one page so far because of problems with the programs we use. WTF

Oh, and yearbook sales have started. Luckily the PTA is in charge and it is done online. That is the good news. The bad news is that I usually let the girls buy their yearbooks separately for a lower price since they do the work that puts it together. It never fails, year after year, someone buys the yearbook online and then wants a refund of the discount. That is annoying to me because reimbursements are a great big pain in the butt and a lot of work for me. So, I always say, I'm sorry but no.

Please to follow the exchange below:

Note to parent who wrote requesting a reimbursement for her overpay

Dear Mom with Question, you will need to get a refund from The Diva.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Friendly Employee


Note mom sent to me because she apparently was unwilling to wait for a response. She sent me a note at 11:54am and I had responded within 20 minutes

Diva, FYI. My daughter received your text after I had paid for her yearbook. Not sure how I receive the credit back from you. . .


Note to mom sent from my iphone. Perhaps I didn't give enough detail, or sooth her heart enough or whatever.

Hi, I am sorry, but Because it would create a huge mess, I don't do refunds either. Once it is ordered online, it is ordered.

Sorry again,

Sent from my iPhone


Mom response. Clearly unhappy helping to support the yearbook through her yearbook purchase contribution.

Diva, Sorry, your response is not acceptable to me. Last year someone sent out a form for us to fill out. Why was it not sent out this year? My daughter tried to contact you, and two other girls before I paid. Another student had also paid full price. I want to know who dropped the ball this year. Please submit the name of the person responsible for this. They should be responsible for the reimbursements. I am not the only parent that paid the full price. Thank you! Very unhappy and possibly strident mom

This is the email which will almost definitely get yours truly in trouble. The question? How long till it hits the fan, and whether I actually care. If it helps any, I've already scheduled an appt with a doctor so that I can start a prescription of something that might keep me from killing anyone in the first month of school. . . so, yes, I know I am already dangerously close to the edge. With that being said...


Dear Mom of student who is very unhappy and possibly strident,

I am sorry that you are so upset. I understand your frustration. I am the person who dropped the ball. The building has practically been shut down all summer. I have had minimal access AT BEST to the building. We should have started preparing for the school year the first of this month. There are no computers set up, the server isn't ready, templates haven't been finalized and the ads managers are having trouble with their templates. The senior staff and I will not have access until August 16th. It is overwhelming what needs to be done to start the year.

All of this to say, in the interest of fairness, I am happy to tell all of the girls that there is no discount this year.

Thank you,

The Diva


She has since sent me ANOTHER email.

Then I suggest you give out vouchers for those who paid the full price to use next year and find a way to refund any seniors.

Is she kidding me??? Can I tell you how desperately I want to respond. In a totally inappropriate fashion if you weren't certain. Probably should sit on this one.