Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why are people so crazy?

Ok, fine, why am I so crazy? It's been a while since I've had time to blog. It's been a while since I've had something to blog that didn't make me sound like I am totally nuts. I'm ok BEING nuts, I just try not to let proof of it hit the internet too often. At any rate, I've obviously decided to go with revealing nuttiness and let the cards fall where they may...

We are in the final week before spring break. THAT alone could make me insane. This means that we are trying to finish the last 86 pages of the yearbook that MUST be submitted by Friday. (Oh, and technically I am only supposed to have 32 pages left to submit, clearly, that didn't work out for us.) The senior staff is choosing next year's senior staff and the rest of the staff. It is a lot of pressure and responsibility. And it totally freaks me out as much as I believe in the system because I am still putting my future in their hands. Oh, and we are pretty sure there is another batch of proofs out there waiting to arrive before spring break but likely to arrive so as to give us a minimum amount of time to complete said proof pages cause that's the way these things work. Auuuggghhhhh

Last week was a bit freaky deaky with an ex. I mean bizarre. I'm not even sure of how to explain it except to say I've always thought of myself as the girl that dates the guys that are ambivalent at best. So, to have a former turn a little freaky "how can you date anyone else cause I was buying you a diamond even though we talk every 5 weeks or so and let me call your mom and talk to her before going radio silent" was disturbing to say the least.

In addition, the personal relationship seems to have shifted to some new level? place? state? and since I have no long term dating experience that isn't totally screwed up, I have NO basis for determining if this is all normal, weird or what. It's making me nuts. really. nuts. At any rate, I've taken advice and decided to sit back take a deep breath or two and just enjoy the ride. Let's see how long this little zen moment lasts.

Happy Bday to Me!!

I admit it. I love my birthday. As I've said before, as much as I hate turning 40, it beats the hell out of the alternative. And for being such a beating of a bday. It actually has been very delightful. It started with my BFF arriving in town on Friday.

Back up, actually it started with 3 doctors appointments on Friday all further bringing home that I am now old and old people have lots of doctors appointments and things falling apart. Sad, really.

But AFTER that then the BFF arrived. We went to dinner with our parents and then headed down to my house. We went to see Valentines Day on Saturday, and she met Mr. Potential. That made me very happy because I most definitely wanted them to meet. In the meantime, every time I turned around she had another little gift for me. It was a non-stop bonanza of cute stuff.

Saturday night we ordered out, watched a movie and did a whole lot of nothing. Pure. Greatness. She headed out Sunday to return to her familla, and I was taken to dinner. He gave me my present which was a very nice gift card to a local spa Exhale. I have heard many fabulous things about it so I am totally excited. I like that he knows what I like : )

Monday morning, I got up put on my"It's my birthday tiara" and headed to school. I actually have two tiaras because I think it is good to have choices, and I have to admit I usually get a headache by the end of the day because the thing is a little tight on my head, but I am telling you it is virtually impossible to have a bad day with a tiara on your head. You should try it.

By 6th period, I have to admit I was vibrating with excitement to see what the kids had gotten me. I knew they had something up their sleeve. I was dying to know what.
Yup. Shoes. Very tall. Very pink. Very glittery. Oh. My. Soooo Beautiful. 5 inch heels. I actually couldn't walk in them. Craziness.
Tttthhheeennn as if that wasn't enough, my sweet big sister sent me a flower bday cake. As she pointed out, it is the perfect cake for me since actual cake makes my stomach cramp up like a bad case of food poisoning (thank you very much don't I love not having a gall bladder) this cake is very pretty but it won't pain me!
In addition, she sent the CUTEST bear ever. He now sits in my office and makes me very, very happy. I thought about taking him home, but since we all know the damn dogs will gnaw on him if I take him home, he will keep me company at school. He is sooo soft and cuddly. That is good, since weirdness at school which will have to be another post is going to have me clutching my teddy bear a lot!

So, as much as I adored the shoes, I couldn't actually walk in them. My ankle actually had NO bend from my leg because the heel was so high. The editors very sweetly took me to the store to exchange for shoes I could actually wear. A little more toned down, but I will wear them A LOT. And I will think of how sweet my kids are to get them for me! I made it home in time to take care of the dogs and then go to dinner with Mr. Potential.

I got all sorts of Facebook love all day (SO MUCH FUN). And I would like to add festivities continue through the week! I'll post more later!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Real Estate Book From Hell

Some of you may remember my extensive history working on this book. I could try to make a fun link but which blog post beoching about it could I possible use?

At any rate, we finished the book, it looked beautiful and The Boys were immediately ready to start working on the next edition to occur in five years as they add in the 10 people they planned to induct during that period. The first two being inducted? Nice people, but one of them damn near has been the death of me as I try to get pictures and interviews so that I can write about her.

Today my luck turned. I FINALLY managed to speak with one of her besties who gave me great stories and great info to use as I write. I am beside myself with excitement.

If I can get this sucker done, then maybe The Boys won't be so displeased and since I have ANOTHER 2 bios to write over spring break, we would all like to move on past the current two . . . Oh, and I could the sheckles when I get paid!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day, Marriage and Dogs

No, no, unwad your panties. They aren't as connected as you think.

So, with the recent passing of Valentine's Day, I have once again been faced with the gentle reminder that I'm really not a pro dater as it were. I actually have made it past 3 dates so few times that I don't even know what appropriate dating behavior is. Like what counts as normal behavior for a guy. (For instance, the first two weeks, the toilet seat was always down. It made me happy. I found a guy that always put the toilet seat down. Total crock. Now it's down to about 50% of the time.)

In addition, making it to almost two months was so very exciting that I went a wee overboard in the gift giving department for Valentine's Day. Well, first I got a good gift, then I thought of something better. Now, luckily I kept the first one (ok, it was a gift certificate, so it worked out I could use it ; ) because although he was very appreciative, let's just say the grocery store flowers, not quite equal to what I got him. Clearly, it is not as big of deal to hit 7 weeks as it was for me. I like the flowers, they were sweet, but still a casual, nice to know you but I'm not investing too much into this cause let's face it, this is still a new relationship kind of message.

On the other hand, we went out the night before, and he made etouffe for me Sunday, which I must add was totally delicious. So, that was very sweet, right?

This then leads to my friend, PR's, comment that dating for me is like age for dogs - you have to multiply by 7 to appreciate the true length of time so to speak. Cause really, this is probably like a year to most people. I am totally impressed with myself that this has lasted this long. And, I'll admit, fairly often I think, yeah, this isn't gonna last much longer.

Today, I finally opened my mail from Saturday. Included in the mail was an absolutely adorable "save the date" for a friend's daughter's wedding. She's 19. Adorable. Boy? Adorable. Wedding party? Adorable. And yet, the cynic in me thinks, good grief, everything is stacked against them these days. How in today's world of "you have to be happy" and "don't take that girl" and get a divorce when things don't go well, are they going to manage to get married and STAY married?

I will say that they were going to have a destination wedding, but I am so glad that they aren't. I hope that all of the people that show up for that wedding remember how important the part each person plays is. We will all have an obligation to help these two very young, very in love people to stay married. Ugh. The pressure.

At any rate, back to me. As things progress with Mr. Potential, I mostly think things are going well. We have fun, we enjoy each other's company. I'm still a little worried about a lack of excitement regarding Sabrina and Buddy, but I can't totally blame him for that. ( I came home yesterday to discover the towel I put on one of the chairs to protect it from their muddy little feet was ripped into shreds. Victim of the let's destroy shit game they so love to play.)

Sigh. This dating thing is tough. That's all I'm really saying.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My head is all wacked out

I'm certain there is a more professional way to say that, but nevertheless that is what I am feeling like. Wacked out.

I am stuck in a hotel for the 4th night (OK, technically things were ok until the storm hit Saturday, but I am still supposed to be AT HOME right now, but I am not.) I'm preparing to leave tomorrow via St. Louis where there is a snow storm coming. Fan-freaking-tastic.

I can't even go into detail about how bizarre this trip has been. Two migraines the first two days here. Strange and bizarre conflict with the other chaperon. Wishing I were home the whole time to be with someone who may or may not be all that damn interested in me.

Which brings me the next reason I am wacked out. I don't like "liking" someone, especially when you aren't all that certain of the other person. It makes my insides twist, and I have to say I don't like it.

I am a freak, and I know it. I am trying to control my freakiness. Not sure it's working all that well at the moment.

There is a scream welling up inside of me. It would be helped by a drink which I can't have because I'm on a stupid school trip with children.