Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dress for success

I've started watching What Not To Wear again. I really love that show. It is also a really good reminder of how very important our clothing choices are. They say so much about who we are, how we feel about ourselves and how we want other people to see us.

They remind us that if we are leaving the house we should think about how we look, and how people perceive us. They always talk about how easy it is to look cute in any situation and for any size girl.

It doesn't matter if we are skinny or fat. We are all capable of dressing to impress and being comfortable at the same time. No matter what we are doing.

It also makes me think of two girls I have known that truly impressed me with how they dressed. They are both large girls, both tall and let's just say solid. Both girls made sure that they looked put together when they went out in public.

People comment regularly about how great they look. Nice outfits, etc. They didn't dress sloppily because they were over weight. They didn't wear clothes that covered them up thinking people wouldn't notice them. They spent the money to buy clothes that fit and that look nice.

They figured out what styles worked on their bodies, and they spent the money to buy those clothes.

I realize I have plenty of clothes. I definitely have a style at this point in my life, and I hope I look professional, comfortable and polished when I go out. And (I hope) I will never get to be on What Not To Wear. I'll admit there are a couple of people in my life that I would love to submit to be on the show.  I want the best for the people I love, and it hurts me to see them dress so wretchedly when I know they would feel better about themselves and more confident and get more of what they want out of others if they dressed the part of a confident, put together women.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Honesty is the best policy, true or false?

So, I've been thinking hard about honesty; honesty in personal relationships, teaching honesty in the classroom, and how honesty turns into being a truly authentic person.  And not just honesty in general, but but how to be honest when it is hard. There are a lot of situations when it is easy to be honest. Most people would describe themselves as honest. But I think most people have a very loose interpretation of honesty.

I am glad that I have a reputation for being honest and sincere. I don't even like saying benign tripe just because society says we should. There are people that when I greet, I am happy to say hello, but I am not going to ask "how are you" because it is a dishonesty question. If I don't like the person, I really don't care how they are, so asking the question is dishonest. It is designed to show interest in the other person. If you don't like the other person, then the question is dishonest, because you aren't interested. See?

I'm also thinking about the different parts of honesty. For instance, being honest with oneself. Please see exhibit A. Buddy who is working to convince himself that if he can't see me, then I can't see him, and therefore I would not be dragged out of the car. I think a lot of people choose to lie to themselves sometimes because they don't want to face who they really are. I also think people lie to themselves because they aren't emotionally prepared or willing to face themselves. It's a shame because I think there is a lot more to be gained by being honest with oneself than by lying to oneself. I decided long ago that I wanted to authentic and true to myself. Part of that means facing who I am even when I'm not pleased with the image.

Of course, honesty is very tricky in the South. Poor Desi is trying desperately to not acknowledge Buddy. Everybody knows if you don't acknowledge the unpleasantness, then it must not exist. It is very difficult to deal with this southern trait. Because if people aren't willing to even acknowledge a problem or an emotion, then how can you possibly deal with the situation and move forward? This kind of dishonesty I loath. It is so frustrating.

There are times when honesty isn't wanted. I get that. My opinions about how someone dresses or does their work might not be appreciated. So, if it isn't requested, my opinion, though honest, isn't appropriate.

On the other hand, when someone doesn't dress appropriately for work, it is that person's bosses job to discuss "appropriate work wear."

Mean honesty isn't necessary either. I probably get in trouble with this one. Not because I am trying to be mean, but because I have a tendency to be blunt. Blunt is sometimes seen as mean. I don't want to be mean. This is an area that I hope to work to improve.

Revealing information that isn't one's to reveal isn't a good honesty either. In those instances, silence probably is the better part of valor, and the right choice to make.

Honesty when ending a relationship, sadly isn't helpful either. That's been a tough lesson to learn. Rather, simple honesty is better. But there is no good ending to a relationship. There is no explanation that makes it ok. And, whatever reason is given, there is absolutely no guarantee that it is the truth (there might be a guarantee that it isn't the whole truth if nothing else.) There is nothing to be gained from that honesty, there is just hurt.

I think that when being honest is the most uncomfortable is usually when it is the most important. 

When one of my editor's spoke to me at Christmas because she was upset and concerned about how the yearbook was progressing and things that were happening, I was really impressed with her. It took guts and inner strength to confront a teacher and say her piece. And, we were better for it afterwards. I don't think we would have ended the year on a good note if she hadn't done that. She was very honest, and she needed to be.

I want to be a better person, and I want to have the best relationships possible, and if honesty will help achieve my goals, that I want honesty. Knowing that someone has chosen to not be honest, either lying or just not speaking the truth, changes things. It takes away from the realness of the relationship. There is suddenly an ocean of space that is filled with what hasn't been said or the lies that were spoken.

I think honesty helps us to move forward, deal with problems and grow as individuals. I want to be kind and polite, but I want to be those things within the context of honesty.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nevermind about liking travel

What a freaking beating. Up at the ass crack of dawn, barely coherent. Arrived at the airport at about 6am. The building was chock full of people.

WHAT???  Unbelievably long line at security. Sat in a stupor until right before it was time to board...when I realized my stomach had been sending me unhappy signals. So, I got on the plane and got in the restroom (Hey, I did NOT want to miss the stupid flight courtesy of the tummy.) There was only 1 functioning potty on the plane. I didn't help it's condition any.

Sat beside an unbelievably happy and chatty 10 year old boy. Seriously kid, the headphones and book...those are indicators of don't talk to me. On the other hand, after my second trip to the restroom, I caught a glance at what the flight attendant was reading...Yeah, that's Fifty Shades of Gray underneath that banana. (No jokes to make here). It's a miracle we got any service at all. hahahaha.

I went straight from the airport to my parents house to pick up Buddy. Yeah, he won't be going to his grandparents anymore. What a total beating. I had planned on being there about an hour...turns out that would have been about 55 minutes too long. 

Honestly, I tried to do everything I could. He was boarded for two days before they picked him up. He was supposed to be bathed first thing the last day. I left his rawhide there for him. And I told them to be sure that they walked Buddy to the car, so he didn't drag either parent to their death. Turns out, he didn't get a bath and  didn't have a rawhide. He did get walked to the car, but my dad lost his lead???? Totally gone. So, I'll be buying a new lead. 

At any rate, they had already let me know of my failure to set up his kennel at their house (my bad, I did totally forget about that.) Got to their house and they immediately started bitching about how badly he smelled, and that he didn't have a rawhide, and he barked and woke them up two mornings. Literally, I just sat there and listened to them bitch. I get it. I will not ask you to help me again. Done. 

And as I sit here and type I'm realizing that I didn't freaking clean up the yard before I left. FUCK. I'll be taking shit for that soon enough. (No pun intended.) 

So, I'm gone for most of July which should cost me a ton of money because I now need to find a place for him to be boarded for all of that. I sure as shit will not be leaving him at my parents. 

On the other hand, they've pretty much broken me of asking them for rides to the airport or really anything else that could be construed as helpful, so this is the final thing.Well played, parentals, well played.  

So, now I have a headache and a slight eye-twitch. Yeah, I'm just gonna start drinking now. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not doing anything else, might as well. haha

Why did I decide getting my real estate license right NOW was a good idea? It seems insane. Yet, I’d doing it with my sister, so we are here to back each other up. And, it’s not like my life is going to suddenly open up with me looking around with nothing to do.

And as far as the course itself goes. YOWIE. This is so impressively dry material, and by dry, I mean OH SO BORING!!

It’s making it difficult to concentrate for any length of time. On the upside, once I am at home doing this, I’ll get myself on a schedule of studying, then working on the yard, then studying, then doing something else.

It is going to take every bit of self control I have to stay focused and get these units and courses done!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Silence is Golden

So I’ve started dating again. My theory is that I really can’t start getting over the last one until I can date enough to feel like I’ve moved on. Which is all well and good, except that I don’t want to talk about it. Really, to be honest I don’t want to even think about it. At all.  I just want to do it. Historically speaking, I am a talker, which makes this a rather new and different experience for me. It’s mildly weird because I am used to talking about it, but it’s also nice. No one asks me any questions. THAT part. I really, really like.

I just don’t want to think or talk about any of it. Not the “I have a date,” not the “I’m getting ready to go on the date,” not the “this is how the date went,” or the “now I’m done with that guy, no I’m not dating him again,” and if there is a stray chance of a second or third date (hahahaha) I don’t want to think about “why I like him” or “why it might or might not work out.”

Dating is exhausting, and, quite frankly, a bit of a pain in the ass. As much as guys whine about paying for dinner…the whole process of making sure one is presentable and in a relatively good mood to make bullshit conversation for an evening…takes a lot of energy. Energy I don’t have currently.

So, I’m not talking about dating. Mostly, I’m pretending that I’m not dating. I rather like it this way. So, I’m exercising my need to think about it here, and nowhere else. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Money and Love

**I already did this one, but I made it mo' betta'

I find myself thinking about money and dating. It is such a tricky subject. Even going to dinner can be completely stressful if the guy isn't willing to just pick a place, how can I choose when it isn't my money being spent??? And the place he chooses often tells me a lot about him...and money (Let's not forget "I'll pick up a sixer, we'll watch the sun set from the bed of my truck, and eat pizza" guy.) 

Men hate the idea that women look at a man’s income to decide if he is “worth” dating. However, I think it is biological. It’s in our DNA. When it stops being part of the equation biologically, I would imagine it’s because she makes enough money for it to no longer be a concern. At this point, she could very well make more money than the man. At which point, his DNA and need to “provide” is endangered, and he can’t handle it. Ironic, eh? So, how does he provide? Does the woman have to find a man that’s overcome that most basic part of himself?  So, she still pays attention to how much he makes to be sure he makes more than she does.

On the other hand, if we heard of a woman searching for the poorest guy she could find, we’d think she was nuts. So, does she look for a “provider?” Yes, or at least an equal. Is it the sole qualifier? No.

I love when, for instance, on an online dating site, when he writes a ridiculously low number…and then gives other information that pretty much contradicts his number. Which leads to all sorts of conclusions. 1. He’s a liar and ok with it. 2. He thinks women are stupid? And won’t notice that he wrote $25,000 as his salary and then lawyer as his occupation. (If he is making $25,000 as a lawyer he has got to be the worlds crappiest lawyer, and who wants to date that guy.) 3. That he has formed the opinion that women are all golddiggers and can’t be trusted to know his income??? None of these things say anything good about the guy.

And men are perfectly ok looking for beauty. They would never say I’m looking for an ugly one.

Such a touchy subject working around it is a dance with an emporer in new clothes. We can’t discuss it, we’ve been convinced it’s poor form to think about it, but it’s there.

I’d like to think after this long on my own I’m not concerned with money but the truth is to find a guy making less it to wonder WTF how is that possible?
And doesn’t how much a guy make give all sorts of OTHER information?  Is he hard working? Does he set goals for himself in his job? If he isn’t making any money, then what on Earth IS his career choice?

I certainly don’t feel like I make a lot of money. But if I make more than the man how does that change the dynamic of the relationship? If marriage is already incredibly hard is that really something I want to add to the mix? Not being poor alone, but poor with someone else? Ug.

And I’m not suggesting that guys enjoy lowering their SOL by marrying because they probably do lower their standard of living usually, but let’s be honest. If they play their cards right, they are getting laid regularly, and surely that benefit isn’t lost in their equations….

Money to women is like beauty to men. It’s an added benefit.

In the words of Marilyn Monroe  from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes “Marrying a rich man is like marrying a pretty girl. It’s not why you do it, but my goodness, doesn’t it help?” 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flying the friendly skies

So I’m sitting on the airplane headed to D.C. I got to the airport probably 2 hours early. Have I mentioned that I love the airport? I love taking people to the airport, picking them up from the airport, and being at the airport myself. I can’t help it. Maybe I am a bit of a romantic. All of these people coming home and going away. Sad goodbyes and happy homecomings everywhere. The beauty of the huge metal birds gracefully emerging from the clouds and dropping steadily towards the ground always send me off into the land of daydreams. (Let’s pause and be impressed that I’ve never wrecked a car near the airport. Haha)

Im a little sad prices have made flying rather cost prohibitive. I don’t get to fly as much as I would like these days.

Sure, the actual mechanics of a trip are a total beating. I’m on a plane that will land at 10pm. Trust me when I tell you I am not pleased…and the return? Well, it departs at 7am. I am too old for these bullshit flight times.

And I had to leave ridiculously early to get Buddy to Pappy’s Pet Lodge. And yes, Buddy looked heart broken as he pulled on his lead and tried to race back to me as he saw me turn towards the door. I might have a cried a little. (Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation as a heartless bitch to protect.)

And sure, I didn’t realize that I was supposed to reserve a parking space in advance. And that reservation would have allowed me to NOT PAY an extra $3 a day for parking (Yeah, I don’t have much of the Perkins family cheapness, but it shows up occasionally.)

And the courtesy bus did circle the parking lot twice for some completely baffling reason.

And yes, it was the longest stinking security checkpoint line I’ve been in EVER. And no, sadly, there were no cute boys to entertain me as I stood in said line. And yes, the TSA guy should probably drink decaf and take some yoga classes. He had a very cranking chi if you ask me.

And I forgot to try to find something terribly overpriced to eat in the airport thus leaving me without having had lunch or dinner today.

And there was a baby on board that looked precious and red cheeked as his mother walked him by and I said the prayer of every traveler with any sense "Please Lord, let the baby be in the back." 


I love airports and flying.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm extremely competitive...with myself

So, two changes in my life have made me realize a characteristic I possess that I don't think I really appreciated before now. I am very competitive, but only with myself.

When I moved, I changed insurance companies. My poor agent, who is the agent of my parents, a great guy and probably has been my agent for almost 20 years, was not happy. However, Progressive Insurance had gotten my attention. I was totally entranced with the idea of getting a discount for being a good driver. So, even if it was just for six months. I had to try it.

So, I changed. I got the little dobob that goes in my car.  I popped it in. The rules are simple. Don't hit the breaks too hard. Don't drive over 50 miles an hour, and don't drive during the hours of like midnight to 5am. So, not a problem.

That first week? %^%$#$#^*( little dobob beeped at me. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. It was terrible. Every time it sensed me hitting the break and dropping speed too quickly, it beeped. And it beeped a lot. Even the BFF commented on how much I was cussing when we talked. So, I made a decision. I wouldn't talk on the phone when I was driving. Lo and behold. The thing stopped beeping at me. I could go online and actually see the report of how often it would beep, and when. I love it. I love tracking it, and seeing how much I drive, how fast and when.

Sure, when I really think about it, it is terrible. Big brother is totally watching me. But I still love it.

Also, when I got the house, I did my research and found Reliant Energy would give me the best deal. The first week I got an email telling me how much electricity I had used that week, how much that meant I would use in the month, and when my peak usage was. Hum. So, that means that I can try to reduce my usage each week. Keep track and maybe lower my bill? I love it. I'm trying to control the urge to turn off all electrical items and sit in the dark to see if I can total lower my use....but I'm not completely opposed to the idea.

So, there you have it. I'm not going to compete with you...but I am totally willing to complete with myself!!

My house, the deadzone

So I can’t remember if I have mentioned this already, but when I was searching for a new home and contemplating potential, location, size etc It never occurred to me to pick up my phone and check cellular reception quality. Turns out I really should have. This house is a deadzone.

99% of the time, no reception in the house whatsoever. I mean no cell signal, or even worse, one bar, so the phone will ring...but then the other person can't hear me, or the phone crackles or whatever else. It is the most frustrating, annoying thing on the planet. I just don't want to talk to ANYONE that much. I can go stand on the driveway, and usually I get reception there, but in 100 degree heat, not really a good time. In the early evening as the mosquitoes come out to play, not really a good time. After I've settled down and I'm ready to relax for the evening...not really a good time. 

That also means when I’m trying to hit the internet off my phone…that doesn’t usually work well either.

In addition, my internet connection for the laptops is actually a thumb drive. That can’t seem to stay connected either, which means that while I’m in the middle of something (almost definitely if it’s the middle of a long email that I have been crafting quite carefully) I’ll lose the connection. 

In case you aren’t certain,  a wave of cussing usually follows these incidents. It is totally infuriating.
ATT tells me I need to get wireless internet in the house and then add a tower of some sort. I’m opposed on the principal of the thing. I LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF A LARGE CITY. I should freaking be able to get a cellular connection. I've thought about getting a land line again, but I don't wanna. 

In the meantime, I have practically become a recluse. My phone rings, I look at it, and I think, I don’t want to go stand on the driveway, and be hot, or be bitten by bugs or just stand there. Know what I mean? So I don’t talk to people once I get home.  The fact that not being able to talk on the phone at home is hard on the heels of realizing I can't multitask for shit, so I really shouldn't talk while driving...well, it means in the summer...talking to me is almost an impossibility. 

It would probably be more upsetting if I weren’t already rather antisocial. As it is, it just continues my “not really talking to people” mentality. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Country vs Nebraska

Alright, so I've had some dates.

And in case I haven't mentioned it. Dating is a beating. A total beating.

So, went out with a guy, henceforth to be called Country. Nice guy, from Mesquite, computer programmer. Good sense of humor. Just got out of a 20plus year marriage...literally JUST.

Then two nights later I went out with another guy, Nebraska. Good sense of humor. Just got out of a 20plus year marriage...only this guy has 4 kids. (youngest is 18). Yikes.

I have a stronger reaction to Nebraska, and we really had a great conversation on our date. He's been divorced for a couple of years. That's good. Country is ...attentive. He has sent text messages, and he seems very sweet. I don't have as strong of a reaction, but he's nice looking and maybe he'll grow on me, like mold or ivy or something.

So, I'm thinking, I really like both guys. They have potential. I'll take is slowly with both and see what happens.

Then tonight I had a second date with Country. We went to a movie. Early. Done by 6...he walked me to my car (not sure if he wanted to ask me to dinner, or what but I know he wanted to kiss me but didn't. Slightly awkward but not terrible. Man hasn't dated in 20 yrs haha)

Then he sent a text, very sweet, saying he wanted to kiss me, but whatever) then he left me a message, then he emailed me. In the email he confessed how much he liked me and how did I feel... wait a minute. Isn't that the crap girls pull???? It's the second date. Geez. So, I sent him a message back and said I liked him but I thought going very, very slowly would be wise in this situation.

But now, now I don't want to go out with him again. Damn it.

Freaking Nebraska had better ask me out again. That's all I'm saying.

I've cheated, and I'm ok with it.

The thing about girls with long hair is that we usually have issues. Hair = security blanket. That being the case, we may not get our hair cut often, but we are true to our hairdressers. I have many examples of haircuts gone awry. Trust me when I tell you that I may have commitment issues in dating, but not in my allegiance to my hairdresser.

However, I have reached the end of my allegiance. There. I said it. I met Todd years ago. Really I can’t even remember how long ago, but it has to be at least 6 years. He was at Orange in Deep Ellum. It was a total pain in the ass to park, but he did a fantastic job, and it was worth it.

About a year ago he moved to California. He was flying back every six weeks to cut hair. It was a total pain in the ass. He only took cash, and with a couple of days notice I would have to mange to fit a hair apt in my schedule. He was cutting hair basically in a hotel room. The last cut wasn’t great. And the price had gone up when he was at a salon, but it never went down when he was just cutting my hair from a room and not even getting it dry. Trust me when I tell you, my haircuts take 20 minutes, the blow dry takes 40.

Then he came back to Dallas. After not getting my hair cut for a really long time, I was going to do it. So I texted him. He told me he could come to me…the lighting in my abode isn’t that great, and I sure as shit was not going to sit outside in the blazing heat for a haircut. So he says he’s not at a salon. Then the next day he gives me an address. Ok. Great. Then he says cash please.

And that was when I knew I was done. I love my hair, but I don’t do diddly with it. And getting a haircut should not be this big of a pain in the derriere. Seriously. Not kidding.

In the meantime, my friend PR kept trying to get me to go to her guy, but he is very busy, and I’m more of a last minute kind of gal.

Then my friend Daisy gave me someone’s name. BAM. I had an appointment. AND it was at a place at the bottom of the lake BAM convenient. Got my haircut.I wish this photo really showed the 4 hairbrushes hanging in my hair and how poofed out it was on the one side. 

BUT by the end my friends, by the end, it looks good. She did exactly what I asked, and gave me a great haircut. Without being a pain. And she took credit cards. AND it was way less expensive. 

So, I have cheated, and I have no regrets. There. Now, if you see me anytime soon, be sure to tell me how great my hair looks ; ) 

I'm not sure you can tell by the second picture, but it looks quite delightful. 

Medication for All!

The last week of school, a couple of my seniors took me aside to speak with me. They felt that being in charge of the production of THREE full size books might send me over the edge. As such, they wanted to make their case for me getting on Vyvanse. For those not in the know, that would be the latest and greatest ADD medicine. They convinced me. So, I found a dr and made an appt.

I completed all of the paperwork and then waited as she viewed it. Then she brought me back and talked to me for a bit. I might have mentioned...

the time the school nurse stood up to talk about ADD and then said almost as an aside, "if you want to see what adult ADD looks like, look in the back at the Diva."

The time I was given the ADD test to take and return. I forgot to do it. Then I forgot to return it. Then I finally returned it, and the dr stared at it, then looked at me. Then he said, "you circled everything." I stared at him blankly. "You were supposed write a number 1-5 beside each one." oops.

Then most recently when I asked our current school nurse if she thought the doctor would believe I had ADD. She laughed and said (in a rather drole tone if you ask me), "Yes, I think so."

At any rate, the dr looked at me and said, "There's a test I can give you, but you are pretty classic ADD, so I'm just going to prescribe the medicine."

And do you know what? The meds are awesome. OH MY GOSH. I can focus. I can get stuff done. It's a freaking miracle. And let me tell you, the kids are going to be very grateful too!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Paid for 186 days of work

I'm trying to not be completely bitter about the fact that the school year ended May 25th. Since then I've been at work for part or all day 12 of the last 15 days. (I'm including today, since I'm on my way there next.) The list of projects that I'm working on is extensive.

The yearbook: I worked the first two weeks on the yearbook with next year's senior staff. Mostly they were working with John, my friend the designer. I'm there as back-up mostly. I need to be there, and they need to be there, but it still stinks to be at work day after day. The good news is that we got everything done, and next year should be a ton easier than this past year.

The centennial yearbook: Well, this actually was a dud. We had a different designer come to work on this book, but it didn't go very well. There is very little of what she did that I can use. A little stressful, since we really need these designs to be done when school starts too.

The Hyer directory: So, this is the only elementary school who had not cTompletely converted to Indesign. I had converted one, then they decided to stay on Word. Then I converted another one, then they decided to stay on Word. So I have my concerns about doing the conversion, but I need to get it done asap.

The Global Ebook. So my friend Jay doesn't really have a book for his class, so through a series of events, I have somehow ended up being in charge of making the ebook. I don't actually know how to do it, and I've watched a gazillion Youtube videos on Indesign and ebooks in order to learn how to do it. 

The real estate book. I know, you are looking at this one thinking, oh, well at least you're getting paid. No, not really. I will get paid for the two bios that I HAVE to have written soon, but they added pages to the beginning of the book, which means all of the page numbers have to change and they all have to be saved as different documents. And I think they want me to change the colors of the pages...none of which is accounted for in the contract, so it is quite possible that I won't get paid. 

I've already started working on the Journalism I curriculum. There is a lot to do. We have arranged for 3 days of work. It will absolutely take more than 3 days.

In addition, I need to sign up to take the real estate courses that will allow me to get my license. Sure to  be a long term benefit, but right now just another stresser. 

Just looking at this list makes me twitchy. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I love books, but hated that bookshelf.

So, I'm asked often enough, what am I doing to the house. My list is extremely long! To be honest, right now, I'm working on the yard. I know that the yard is a mess, and it needs time to grow and look mature. In the meantime, it is hotter than blazes during the day, so during the day I occasionally find myself  randomly doing something to the house. 

Can you see the bookshelf in the far right corner? It has a fake plant on top. It looks stupid. The other day, I grabbed a hammer and beat the hell out of it...The corner looks so much better. One step closer to the end...

Sweeper on the roof...

So I knew when I bought the house that one of the problems potentially was the roof. I needed to get up on the roof and get all of the leaves etc off. I bought the ladder, and then did nothing. Saturday, I finally got my butt up there and started cleaning, pruning back tree limbs and, quite frankly, cursing Joshua, the previous owner. Luckily, the roof isn't very steep. I think I filled 5 lawn bags with stuff from the roof. The leaves etc were literally making mulch on the roof. Unbelievable. 

Buddy: Master of destruction

Isn't he cute? Look at that face? It's hard to imagine the little shit is a machine of destruction if there is food involved. I swear. I don't know how he does it. See exhibit A. Bread box. It HAD a loaf of bread in it. Yes, I admit. I made a mistake. I left it open after finishing the English muffins. However, I can't even find the plastic wrapper. I'm telling you he ate all of it, top to bottom.

The kitchen, after he attacked the garbage can. I need to find one that comes with a lock of some kind. Wretched monkey.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is this opposite day website?

Do you remember in elementary school when you would have "opposite day?" Everyone would put their clothes on backwards and dress funny. I think I joined the opposite day dating website.

Honestly, trying to date is a beating in soooo many ways. I worked to make sure I was clear about reading the bio, and why would someone wink or email long distance. What do I get? MULTIPLE guys winking from around the freaking country. I say no what do I get? A smoker. Come on for crying out loud. READ THE PROFILE. Why is this so difficult?

AND there's the guy that "favorited" me, but didn't send an email or wink? What the heck is that?