Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nevermind about liking travel

What a freaking beating. Up at the ass crack of dawn, barely coherent. Arrived at the airport at about 6am. The building was chock full of people.

WHAT???  Unbelievably long line at security. Sat in a stupor until right before it was time to board...when I realized my stomach had been sending me unhappy signals. So, I got on the plane and got in the restroom (Hey, I did NOT want to miss the stupid flight courtesy of the tummy.) There was only 1 functioning potty on the plane. I didn't help it's condition any.

Sat beside an unbelievably happy and chatty 10 year old boy. Seriously kid, the headphones and book...those are indicators of don't talk to me. On the other hand, after my second trip to the restroom, I caught a glance at what the flight attendant was reading...Yeah, that's Fifty Shades of Gray underneath that banana. (No jokes to make here). It's a miracle we got any service at all. hahahaha.

I went straight from the airport to my parents house to pick up Buddy. Yeah, he won't be going to his grandparents anymore. What a total beating. I had planned on being there about an hour...turns out that would have been about 55 minutes too long. 

Honestly, I tried to do everything I could. He was boarded for two days before they picked him up. He was supposed to be bathed first thing the last day. I left his rawhide there for him. And I told them to be sure that they walked Buddy to the car, so he didn't drag either parent to their death. Turns out, he didn't get a bath and  didn't have a rawhide. He did get walked to the car, but my dad lost his lead???? Totally gone. So, I'll be buying a new lead. 

At any rate, they had already let me know of my failure to set up his kennel at their house (my bad, I did totally forget about that.) Got to their house and they immediately started bitching about how badly he smelled, and that he didn't have a rawhide, and he barked and woke them up two mornings. Literally, I just sat there and listened to them bitch. I get it. I will not ask you to help me again. Done. 

And as I sit here and type I'm realizing that I didn't freaking clean up the yard before I left. FUCK. I'll be taking shit for that soon enough. (No pun intended.) 

So, I'm gone for most of July which should cost me a ton of money because I now need to find a place for him to be boarded for all of that. I sure as shit will not be leaving him at my parents. 

On the other hand, they've pretty much broken me of asking them for rides to the airport or really anything else that could be construed as helpful, so this is the final thing.Well played, parentals, well played.  

So, now I have a headache and a slight eye-twitch. Yeah, I'm just gonna start drinking now. 

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