Monday, October 21, 2013

I have been tramatized

Truly. Tramatized. The idea that someone I considered a friend has turned out to be a lying, deceitful, manipulative bitch is depressing. I clearly didn't know her at all.

And if I forget that for even a second, I'm pretty sure there is a hilt sticking out of my back from where she drove the knife in. Brutal. Just brutal.

It's bad enough that she has lied to an incredible number of people about everything from her knowledge base to whether or not she gives a holy shit about me, but that is just the beginning.

She didn't come to me and say "hey we have a problem" or "I have to tell you something before I go to God and everybody."

No, she just walked in bitched me out and then walked out. The rest of the fall out is just fall out. Beginning to end: she is a deceptive bitch.

God willing, she will not show up at my book party Wednesday. I swear I'll punch her.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's been 2 months and a couple of days...

since my last blog post. How sad is that? Cause Shit has been a happening. I mean it. Let's see.

School started. Responsible for the production of the largest yearbook in the country AND a 250 page centennial book is kicking my ass. I am literally doing TWICE the work for the exact same pay. I am working 10-12 hour days Every. Single. Day. I'm tired. Flat tired.

I left the top down and allowed Bubbles to be rained on. Killed the eletrical system. I can not believe I did that. It was a very expensive lesson.

Now I am learning a harsh lesson about .. I don't even know what. Truth? Misjudging people?

I can't even go into details except to say that being confronted with what someone says to you, and what that person says to others and realizing that what they want others to believe doesn't relate to reality. What a bummer.