Monday, January 28, 2008

The week starts poorly

I woke up totally late this morning because I couldn't bear to get my sorry carcass out of bed. It was warm and cozy and my house has, to say the least, a chill.

So, I finally am getting dressed etc, fixing my hair in a lovely pony tail when I see them . . . I swear they sprung up overnight. It is like half a dozen GREY FREAKING HAIRS on either side of my head by my ears. AND THEY ARE CURLY. They totally stand out. As if the real estate book isn't doing enough. I swear I'm getting migraines every other day, I have the makings of an ulcer and now grey hair. This is sooooooo wrong. Grrrrrrr.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funny thing

So, another teacher grabs me this afternoon and asks me about the secret Bagpipe organization. "I"m sorry what?" Aparently Scoobie Doo was really busy at the inservice day telling his group of people that there was a secret Bagpipe group of women that he wasn't allowed to meet or know who they are and he has to get the paper to them by 8am on the morning the paper comes out but he can't even know where they meet. What???? Just when I think he isn't a total freaking idiot he surprises me by being even dumber than I imagined.

Yes, there is a group of women that meet the day the paper comes out (I swear as an excuse to get together and gossip) and they get the papers ready to mail to all of the people that buy subscriptions to the paper.

Have I mentioned what a total idiot he is?

I'm so frustrated I could cry

I took my laptop to school so that Chuck could clean some of the stuff off of start up. I got home and now I can get on mionet which if you didn't know is how I access all of my work for the real estate book. I've been trying to text Chuck and he keeps responding to just start the program. I just want to beat him over the head if I could just "start it" I would just START IT Auuggghhh

I don't have enough time left to lose a night to getting nothing done. I really want to just cry.

Last night I got a migraine at about 8. I actually didn't imagine it could be a migraine, by nine when I went to bed I was worried. I took two pills, and then laid in the bed trying to decide if bawling like a baby or a gun to the head would do more good. Probably why I don't own a gun . . .

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sorry some of the pics are sideways

Well, this is kind of a mix of stuff because I have been a slacker and haven't uploaded pictures. So, I saw this at the post office. Made me laugh cause every body in there was very cranky. Didn't seem to be working cause nothing seemed easy. . . Remember the baby shower? Well, MaryBeth's dad made a cradle for MB when she got pregnant the first time. It was really cool. Well, Sandy, her big sis, just had her first grandchild. So, Daddy Cone made a cradle for Matt and Tina and then another for Sandy. He had his picture taken with all three at the shower. Gracie got to come down for the shower too. She was chilling in the wagon she and her mamma got for the baby. So, while we were in California, the video tech kids decided to mess with Jakes hair. It was really funny. Brynn was busy busy with his hair when Travis started taking over. The week was made even more fun when the kids won the big prize at the awards ceremony.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The babies

I picked up Sabrina and Buddy during lunch. I brought them home, and I could immediately tell they wore their little selves out playing. I sat down for a minute, and they were pretty quick to sit down and start snoring.

I came back home by about 4. Emily came by almost immediately to return Cat to me. I'm hoping that just means she missed me, not that Cat was difficult. (I don't think he was, she said I wasn't getting him back at first.)

AT any rate, I've been trying to get some stuff done, and the dogs continue to be snoring. It is really cold outside. burrr. I'll probably have to stop blogging soon if I'm going to actually get to the work part. sigh. What a bummer.

Inservice at the high school

As always a beating.

Well, to start, I was in trouble before 8:30am. It was ridiculous. We are in a room with maybe 25 chairs. We all start filling in, and as many do, we started filling in from the back. Asst principal comes in with some lady (who I don't notice I would like to point out). She starts telling us to move forward. Honestly, we are there aren't we? On time?? For the love of God, leave us alone. So, I might have snarled a little bit that it was two feet what was the big deal with the two feet. I'm then requested to go into the hall so that she could tell me that the instructor came into the room and immediately commented on the fact we were all in the back. I have to tell you that annoyed the heck out of me too. Seriously, why couldn't she just be happy we were there?


So, the lady teaching the class kept telling these horrible stories that lasted 20 minutes to make a 20 second point. She asked everyone at one point to talk about the last fight that they got into with their significant other . . . shoot me.

So, we are in there all day to talk about the open-ended short answer response (sounds like fun doesn't it? I just love TAKS.) At one point, she makes us all do a short answer response and turn it in. After lunch, we starts going through them. Two points I would like to make.

1. Most of them were AWFUL. Seriously, it is embarrassing that this is what the teachers were dong. The lady was totally clear about what we were supposed to do. People weren't using words correctly etc.

2. Preface: So on the left side of the room sit many English teachers that I believe are pretentious and full of themselves. I believe it was quite a surprise to them to discover that they would make 1's on the test. I asked if the lady would grade mine. I was interested to see if I had done it right. Turns out . . . I would have gotten a 3 . . cause I freaking rock.

The weird part is that Lisa saw mine and then started laughing. She made me find hers . . . she had done the exact same thing. Same quotes and everything. Freaky, eh?

I'm sure it burned the butts of many of them that I got a 3, nanny, nanny boo boo I say.

California Adventure

The kids did great at their competitions. Saturday they all wanted to go to California adventure which isn't DisneyLand, but costs the same and is right next door. We had a lot of fun. We only spent about four hours in the park, but much more than that and I would have been too pooped to party. One of those rides hurt my hiney. We rode the big roller coaster twice. woowee.

They had an awards show Saturday night, but it was supposed to start at 8 and they had so many technical difficulties that it didn't start until well after nine. At that point it was so far after my bedtime, that I ended up leaving before it was all over.

They had a second awards thing in the morning (I did stay awake for that one.) Since the kids did so well, they won some big stuff we took a limo to the airport. That was big fun.

Once we got to the airport we had a total disaster. We arrived totally early and thought we'd try to take an earlier flight. Desk agents were not particularly nice or helpful. At any rate, we didn't make the first flight, but we did make the second, except it had mechanical difficulties and wouldn't be taking off until 30 minutes after our original flight. So, we returned to the original flight . . . in time to discover that the other flight would indeed take off before ours because it was now 20 minutes late. sigh.

Got to Dallas at about 9:30pm, luckily our luggage was in the same terminal (they had told us it would be in a different one). I got home at about 10:30 and to bed a little after 11pm. Good times.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Electrical Power Surge

Right before school started there was an electrical power surge. DVD player died, half my lights died and half my plugs. I had a nightlight plugged into an outlet in the center bathroom. Half of the plug in shot off into the room, the other half is still plugged in but black.

I called an electrician to check everything out. He said that he is listing it as a lightening strike, except I know that it was the electrical surge that did it. Emily lost her a/c and apparently the electric company is going to reimburse her. I'm going to call them when I get back and see if they'll do the same thing, although I have no idea of the total cost.

It will be nice to have the electricity working properly!

this and that

So I've been on the computer most of today dealing with the emails from parents. That sucks. I've also been trying to work on the real estate book, but nowhere near as successfully.

I've taken a couple of breaks during the day. My favorite break is the 4pm. Cause then we get to see the 4pm baby meltdown. The walk between the park and the hotel is filled with children crying and having total hissy's. The charm of children.

Did I mention that when I dropped Sabrina and Buddy off for doggy camp they were jumping up and begging for me. auugghhh, that is not supposed to happen. They are supposed to be anxious to go play. Poor babies, hope they are permanently scarred.

And all Hell breaks loose

Head aching. Nerve pinched in my left shoulder. Cursing Shawn, may he rot in Hell, Northcutt.

So, I write a letter to the senior parents. The whole point is supposed to be that I have gotten their child's senior picture for the yearbook and all is well. I also am trying to find out how much money they spent with Shawn (he is supposed to pay the school a percentage of what he makes, but I know he is going to try to screw us. Try, he will, I have no doubt.) I also was trying to find out how bad it is as far as charging people but not delivering product or a reimbursement.

I show it to a mom to get her feedback. She tells me to take out the first part about I have your photo (she said it would confuse the mothers. sigh. why did I listen to her). I planned on sending it as a letter, but she sent it on email. I have done nothing in the last two days but respond to emails from parents. OH MY GOSH.

Did I mention that yesterday morning I got on a plan with the video tech kids to head to the happiest place on Earth (Disney Land) for their convention? It is usually later in the semester, so it totally sneaked up on me. Hate that. So, technically, I am outside of the happiest place on Earth, since I'm sitting in the hotel room working on email non stop, but this may be as close as I get.

I need to be working on the real estate book, of course, but I am so wound up I think I am going to have to take a walk and blow off some steam. Grrr.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The first week . . .

What a beating. That is all I can say. Such a beating, in fact, that it is Sunday evening before I can even stop to write.

Monday was busy as hell. We had TONS of proofs waiting for us, I hadn't had a chance to do anything for second semester of English so that didn't go well either. sigh.

Tuesday I woke up with a headache. Not good. By the time I got to school I was thinking I needed to take one of my migraine pills, but did I have one of my migraine pills. Nope, nothing. I survived first, but by second I thought I was going to die. Hurling by the middle of the class, called downstairs and begged for a sub. Kathy called me back and said I could leave, a sub was on the way. I don't know how I drove home. I got sick again (at least I made it in the house, but it was close.) I slept most of the day. Great, one day lost.

Wednesday, I made it back to life although I did take a couple of my migraine pills during the day, so I made it through the day, although I was still totally behind.

Thursday. More proofs arrived. Shoot me dead.

Friday. Still working like a dog on the yearbook. I didn't get diddly done on the real estate book all week. After school I went to Marguarita Ranch with a couple of other teachers, but I only lasted about thirty minutes before I was dragging and ready to be home.

Saturday was the baby shower for Tina, MaryBeth's sister-in-law. I showed up totally early so that I could hang with MaryBeth and Sandy and her kids. We had a lot of fun.

I spoke to my neighbor, Emily, this morning. Her mom died at 3am Sunday morning. The funeral is at 2pm Tuesday in Waco. So, I need to get a sub a 1/2 day to leave by noon to head to Waco. Now I canceled my meeting with the boys last week because of hurling. This week, I'm canceling again. Actually I'm going to try to schedule them Monday evening.

I did manage to get a lot done today. Finished critiquing two yearbooks that were supposed to be done Friday (last). Finished a college rec that isn't due until the 15th, but my precious child is a little worried that I'm not going to get it done. HA. I did laundry and packed my bags for the Video tech trip that I leave for Wednesday morning. Be right back. Had to take a minute to hypervenilate on that one. I also got a little bit done on the book. Not a lot. But a bit.

Oh, the one piece of good news is that I was supposed to teach a class at inservice next Monday. It was a class on two programs that I am supposed to be using with the 4th grade teacher at Armstrong I've been working with this year, but we have never gotten either program to work. I called the head of the inservice classes and begged him to let us cancel, and he did. Go team.

I'm sure there is more, but I seriously can't remember it. It all became a blur at some point.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Photos and the book

I managed to get the photos taken thus far from both of the photographers. I worked all this afternoon placing photos so that I can go through everything tomorrow and know exactly what photos I am missing.

I got a horrible cramp in my side this afternoon. Hurt like a mother. It finally went away, but yikes!

Fun side stories I keep forgetting to tell. So, I've been leaving the dogs leads on (they are full body leads) because I was trying to walk them a couple of times a day, but it was a big pain to put the leads on and off. I'm working in the office (diligently, I might add), dogs are behaving (ha, so I think) when I see Sabrina coming into the office with her lead hanging off of her. Now, I went and bought a new one because I'm not walking the silly dog without the lead. So, please notice the difference between the top complete lead, and the lead that I think my two precious babies ate!! I found pieces of the damn thing all over the place.

Later, I went to the grocery store and bought in addition to other things, some garlic bread pieces? Yum. right? Not that I would know because I came home later and they were gone. I might suspect someone broke into the house and stole said garlic bread if not for pieces of the plastic bag all over the floor. Damn dogs.

I had to beat them off the bed long enough to make it for tonight. They go back to their kennels tomorrow night. (Fresh sheets, seems like a good time)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I meant to think pensively last night about the year etc etc, but I just ran out of time. I finally got to interview Irv Deal. It was great. He was totally nice.

I went up to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Fran and company were in town. We had a nice time, got home in time to get the dogs inside before their 9pm curfew. Emily and Linda and I walked down to our neighbor's house, Bo. He was having a party. We stayed a very short time and then all strolled home to go to bed. (Really the perfect New Year's Eve party if you think about it).

So, now I sit at the computer writing on the blog rather than the book. Hmmm. Doesn't seem right now does it?

2008 Goal: FINISH THE BOOK. More to come when I take care of this one.