Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Once again, to hell in a handbasket

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged, however, since things are falling apart and I'm alittle strung out and can't sleep, figured I'd catch everyone up.

My little tale of woe begins on Saturday afternoon. I was working on The Book. I was converting my finaled indesign spreads into pdfs. I had old pdfs that I decided I needed to delete. So, I grabbed them all and threw them into the trashcan. . . only I didn't throw the pdfs out, I threw the Indesign files out. Yup. I'm a dumbass.

As soon as I realized what I'd done, I opened up the trash. BUT because the files were so huge, the trash automatically deleted them.

I become mildly hysterical, call Chuck my very favorite techie and Shelly, who works in the building on technology. Chuck tells me to turn the computer off immediately and take it to school on Monday.

I then proceeded out to the back yard and worked on yard stuff. I thought I would sweat my misery out. While doing that I also broke/seriously damaged my right pinkie finger.

Monday morning Chuck starts working. He worked all day. We left the school at 9:30pm. He worked all day today - left at about 9:30pm. He finally gave up and we called a company in California. For a mere $3,000, they will resuscitate all of the files.

Of course, if they don't save anything then I pay nothing, but, of course, what I need is EVERYTHING.

In the meantime, in the morning I have to send an email to the book committee some how explaining that I'm a total dumbass and that all is not lost, I hope.

Deep sigh goes here.

Oh, and in the middle of this, I ain't sleepin'. Last night I had a hard time going to sleep, hard time staying asleep. Woke up at about 3am, had a horrible nightmare that a big fat cat KILLED Cat. I found him dead. I was so upset that I had to get up and find Cat to make sure he was ok. He was. But I didn't really go back to sleep. Misery.

It was also really hot in the house, and I didn't turn the air on last night. Probably won't turn it on tonight either because I'm even more poor than I was last night.

Will also comment on how much I love (most) of my neighbors. Both last night and tonight, Gene and Linda fed the dogs and Emily checked on Cat (who happened to be out of food.)

I am so stressed and miserable.

Oh, it is also THEME week. You know the week I force all of the sweet children to start working on themes for next year's yearbook. Means I have to actually be in front of the classes all day talking and harassing.

Oh, and the English class as always requires that.

OK, that sums up my life.