Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Start

Quite frankly, all I'm trying to do is get my mojo back. Courtesy of the wackjobs on the peripheral of my life, I've rolled through a couple of blogs lately. And, sadly, totally lost the ability to write. I decided that the most recent blog just didn't convey what I wanted to convey. So, I'm keeping it just to see what I do, but this one, this will be where I get to be me.

The circle of life

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why the mothers hate me

So we have ad sales for the back of the yearbook for 4 weeks in the spring - 7am -5pm. Then in the fall we do it for 3 more weeks during the school day. Ad sales ended Friday.

Today is Tuesday.
"Hi, I need to know when I can bring in photos to do my ad."
I reply, "I'm sorry. Ad sales ended Friday."
"I know that, but I have cancer and I wasn't able to leave the house."
I reply, "I am so sorry, but we did ad sales last spring for over a month and then the last 3 weeks."
"I've had cancer for two years."
I reply, "I am so sorry but I can put you on the waiting list."
"I would have thought I'd get some special consideration because of my situation."
I reply, "I understand your situation, but everyone who misses the deadline has a reason. I can put you on the wait list."

And if you had dealt with the number of people that have cancer, brain tumors and dead husbands 3 days after the deadline, you'd be heartless too.

Will she write again?

In two months of the new blog, I've posted twice. Pathetic. I used to write almost daily. Sure my dating life provided quite a bit of fodder and there were the antics with selling and buying homes ridiculously often and during the school year the children gave me lots to write about and now, I find I can't write. And it really makes me sad. It makes me sad that uptight jackwads forced me to hide my blog and then crazy stalker wenches made me kill my blog (by the way 9 months later...those crazy lunes still send me emails weekly. That is serious dedication by girls, I swear to you. I DON"T KNOW.)

At any rate, I wish I could get my mojo back. I liked having a diary of sorts. Of being able to look back and see what I've done and where life has taken me. I guess we'll see if I return to it with any regularity.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Episode One

Carrie asks Mr. Big "Have you ever been in love?" "Absafuckinglutely" he responds.

Seems to say it all. There is total greatness in being in love. I'm trying hard to hang on to that feeling. When I'm talking to the old bear or with him, things are great. But he lives too freaking far away and getting together appears to be a lot harder than I wish it were.