Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From the plane

With at least two hours to go on this leg of the flight home, I thought I would do a little blogging. Sure I’m gonna have to catch you up on the fashion faux pas parade of Europe. (You know how I love to get photos of what I see. If I didn’t find Walmart abhorant then I would hang there and post to the Peopleof walmart website. All. Day. Long.)

Almost all of my students watch Glee, so I have decided that I must see the show that they love so. I have now seen 4 episodes, and, although they are a bit over the top at times, I have to tell you there are people I recognize in this show. (That Cheerios sponsor…used to work at my school.) It is totally funny, and it certainly helps me to remember why I love teaching. If you aren’t watching it, you should.

The trip was good. We had a few problems with kids choosing to drink, but nothing out of hand which is really good. It rained a ton. In fact, it rained more than it has on any other trip and by a pretty darn big margin. Europe in the rain, not as much fun as Europe in the sun, FYI.

When I get home, at about midnight, I will be more than ready to go to sleep in MY OWN BED. Oh, how I miss it so. I realize for those of you without a deep love of a pet think that I am insane, but I am here to tell you I missed Sabrina, Buddy and Cat TERRIBLY. I am quite excited to see them.

Then it will be down to work. I’m afraid my to do list is quite long, and it is really going to make me nuts if I can’t start making some headway.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going to Europe

Ok, it's been a crazy week, and instead of cleaning I'm blogging. What is wrong with me??? At any rate, I'm almost done with my checklist, and I'm pretty sure I remembered underwear and I definitely have the hydrocodone, so really, it's all good.

This is the "blog" for the'll probably be able to tell which posts I add and which ones skip adds.

42 kids, 4 adults, 12 days and 6 cities or so. Pray for me. That is all I ask.

Wow! You have a lot of stuff

This is the usual comment made when people peer in my garage. It's a total crap fest of stuff.
It's not like I have a parade of people passing by and peering in, but when they do, that is the usual comment.

One, I do have a lot of stuff, but two I moved from 1700 square feet with a big ole attic and a back house full of stuff to a 1300 square foot duplex with the world's smallest attic and no back house. To say the least, I've had to reduce inventory. In fact, a fair amount of what is in the
garage is going to leave this place once I have my much anticipated garage sale. At any rate, I had a goal to get the garage cleaned out enough to get my car into it while I am in Europe. I know, looking at that photo you would think it was a total impossibility. AND considering that I was sitting on my butt all weekend contemplating cleaning the garage but NOT actually doing it, it would seem a further impossibility. But I say to you. HA
That's right. I still have the dang think stuffed to the gills, but by netty jingo the car is in there! AND once I have the garage sale, I'll be able to dance a jig in there cause there will be so much spare room.

If you could just try to live a normal life...


Sure, sounds easy enough doesn’t it? But, no. That is not what the good Lord has in store for me! So, this is my last full day before leaving for Europe. I have to get busy. I haven’t packed, I haven’t cleaned. I haven’t gotten Euros. Nothing. I did manage to get Cat up to Mom and Dad’s. While on the way, I realized that Cat has no hair on his backside. The whole area near the tail,

hairless. And he is getting pretty skinny. I guess when you get to 15 or so things happen.

This morning I got up at the CRACK of dawn so that I could walk the dogs one final time before taking them up to Mom and Dad’s (Yes, I am totally grateful that my parents are willing to help me out. I know the dogs are going to get better care and be happier with them than anywhere

else, not to mention the amount of money that I’ll be saving.

So, as we are walking along I see a white lab approaching us. So, I tighten their leads and we keep going. But sure as shit, they get all excited, and Buddy puts on his bad ass mean dog face. He rears back, I jerk the lead, he falls into my ass and takes a big ole bite. Seriously. It hurts.

Exhibit A: The wound as it first appeared on my backside. OUCH

So, I had Mom check my derriere. She determined the fact that the wounds bubbled courtesy of the hydrogen peroxide to be good. She also said the wounds looked deep, so it needed to be checked while on the trip. I called Blondie to let her know of her extended Europe trip duties: checking the divas backside for infection. She was thrilled.

Exhibit B: Shot with bruising so that you can see the exact size of Buddy's jaw as it clamped onto my tender flesh. Also, teeth marks pre-infection. ha ha. I hope.