Friday, June 30, 2006


OK. At this point I can't remember everything that happened. So, we shall just sum up the week.

As of this evening, my house is entirely packed up. 5 PODS. They are scheduled to be picked up July 4th, including the 6th POD that I didn't end up using. (2 PODS are already picked up because when I had the last two delivered, they got two.)

I have vacuumed the whole house, cleaned both bathrooms and Jon-David cleaned up the garage. Tomorrow I will clean the kitchen and steam clean the carpets.

I haven't heard anything from the mortgage company or Ms Nelson, buyer's real estate agent. I didn't close Thursday (obviously), and I have no idea of when/if I'll close.

My belongings are spread all over the place. I'm not even going to start looking at houses to buy again until the house is officially sold.

I still have a long list of things to do next week, and I plan on making my list and organizing my schedule this weekend!

Oh, HP offered the job to Kurt, country boy from Arkansas, and I think he accepted.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I've officially lost all sense of time

And, the problem with that is that I get totally behind on the damn blog. Ok, so last time we checked in with our heroine, she was in Austin visiting her big sister. Jon-David and I took a bunch of Haley's stuff that she left at Mom and Dad's when she came through. The pool is lovely, the stream and pond are delightful. Everyone should go visit Fran.

When I got back I had to immediately start dealing with the arrival of the PODs (to store all of my belongings). I had three delivered, got another one on Tuesday when I realized I didn't have enough space, and two more are on their way today for a grand total of six. I have GOT to downsize.

Monday night I got Chuck (friend and computer genius that keeps all my computers at work functioning) and his roommate to come help load up the PODS with Jon-David and I. They were all beasts! Jon-David did damage to himself but kept plugging for quite a while which was probably a mistake.

I went to pick up Mimi from the airport at about 9pm. I got back at about 11:00, and the guys left at about 1am. 3 PODS were filled, although I still had a lot left in the house and garage. The washer wasn't packed because it still had water in it, so Chuck and Bruce ended up with my washer and dryer because Chuck's parents had a storage unit that he could leave them in.

I also had to deal with the appraisal issue. Turns out if the appraisal comes in at $188,000, and I think it is crap, no one actually cares. Hateful. After several frustrating calls to the appraiser, title company and mortgage company of the buyer, the buyer's real estate agent called the mortgage company, and they allowed me to send them the comps that I had found that were more in line with what I think the house should sell for. They then foward the comps to the appraiser to review (After several false starts etc - they didn't actually get sent until Thursday afternoon).

Monday I got an email from MaryBeth that I needed to make reservations for the last night in Japan because I had to be able to show the credit card that made the reservation when I checked in. Make it for August 7th since I leave August 8th. Makes sense right? Of course, so I immediately made it for the night of the 8th. MaryBeth points out perhaps I made a boo-boo. I call Holiday Inn (those toads) and they say, bummer, you'll just have to buy another night. I start crying and hang up. MaryBeth (that angel) says, why don't you let me try to take care of this. Which she does.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who will be my buddy?

Mr Cates called me on Thursday about a potential newspaper adviser. He's a guy from Arkansas. Sounds like a nice guy, has newspaper and teaching experience. I talked to him for a little bit answering his questions about the position etc. He interviewed with Mr. Cates this morning at 10am. We'll see what happens with that.

Friday, June 23, 2006

OK, so I've been leaving some things out . . .

Mildly awkward and I'm not sure of how to begin. I'm madly in love with Jon-David, and I always have been. If I got to choose a guy out of a line up, I would not choose the one with crap loads of baggage and commitment issues. However, as it turns out I did choose him a long long time ago, and the truth is I still would choose him over any other guy. Yes, he is a jack-ass. Hell, even his mother knows that. BUT he is my jack-ass. I haven't found a guy yet that isn't a jack-ass in some way.

At any rate, all of that to say, that Jon-David called me at the beginning of June, and, it is true, for the second time said that he wanted to marry me, etc etc. No, I didn't include any of it in the blog for two reasons. 1. I wasn't that certain myself that he would really be able to pull through this time and 2. I didn't want to have to deal with the pressure of all of these people that love me watching him/me with an eagle eye towards every move.

Maybe I am just being sucked in, but I don't think so. All I ask is that one and all trust me. I trust me. I think I've done pretty well in my life. Give him a chance too. He really does make me happy. He gets me in a lot of ways that no other guy ever has. And I get him. Maybe that's why I have a high tolerance level for his crap. I get it. If you love me, then love me enough to trust me. Trust God. He has his eye on me. He told me so.

At any rate, Jon-David has been wonderful through this whole stressful awful process. And it's just silly to edit him out at this point, especially since I'm staying at his mom's house till I go to Japan. . . . ok, read the next blog for more detail there.

Adventures in home selling part II . . .

I checked my messages this afternoon at about 4pm on my way down to Austin. I had a message from about 11:00am from the buyer's real estate agent. She tells me the appraisal on my house came in at 188,000. She would email me a copy of the appraisal and gosh, what do I want to do?

Seriously, my Karma is totally screwed up at the moment. Right after the house sold, the CentralShowing Service showed an APPRAISAL being done on my property, so that was weeks ago. . . Under the advice of BK I am ignoring all issues this weekend. I'm not dealing with any of it. Worst thing that happens, I get to keep $2000.00 (from his earnest money), and I still have a place to live since I haven't found another house!

Misadventures in Selling homes . . . Part I

OK, so in case some of you didn't know here is some background on this part of my adventures.

Some of the double pane windows in the house have lost their omph. There is some fogging between the panes. I get a guy's number and call him out to give me an estimate . . ."After hours Ass" (ok, so I left out the gl - sue me, it's much more appropriate as you will soon see.)
The estimate is for $1300 to replace X number of windows. There isn't anything signed, I just say ok, call me when you are ready to install them.

I talk to Fran immediately afterwards and decide I really don't want to pay that much, I can't afford it, I'll cancel the bathroom window replacement for sure. I call the Ass within 30 minutes of his leaving my home. I ask him to please cancel the bathroom window order. He replies that he has already placed it. I ask him to please call and cancel. He calls me back and says gee I couldn't get them, I'll give you a good deal. I say no, I really can't afford to do those. He says no, no, I'll give you a good deal. Whatever. I ask you, what am I supposed to do at this point? I've already said no, I told him I needed to cancel. He can't force me to buy these things right?

I don't hear from him for another week. He calls to schedule a time to install. I say, I'm not prepared to do that right now, the inspection is the next day yada yada. He gets irate, tells me that he ordered these especially for my windows etc etc. I tell him that I certainly didn't know that, but when I tried to cancel the order within 30 MINUTES it was too late, so why would I call again days later?

I received certified mail today from After Hours ASS that he has put a mechanics lien on my house for $1300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now I have to contact Collin County whatever first thing Monday morning to try to get it removed. Apparently he is counting on it make it to closing, the $1300 gets pulled from my take and I have no choice - he makes $1300 for doing nothing. Grrrrrr. More later.

Misadventures in Home buying . . . part 2

Well, made the offer on the house on Santa Clara. My poor real estate agent received a reply from the seller's agent that went something like this . . .

"BK, I appreciate your offer on the Santa Clara property. Lots in this neighborhood are selling for $130,00 to $150,000. Mr. and Mrs. Bova does (sic) not consider your client's offer is in good faith so have chosen not to answer it. If she seriously wants to purchase teh house, they will look at a fair offer. If it is a problem of not seeing the value, I will be happy to provide comps to you. If it is a problem of not being able to afford more for a house, there is one across and down teh street a few doors that is priced closer to what you have offered the Bova's or perhaps she should look in Casa View. If it is a problem with just wanting to steal a house, we can't help you. Mike."

Yikes! So, I tried to write a concilatory reply - it won't go through. However, so you in internet land don't think I am "stealing a house" these are the houses I compared this 864 square foot house with no a/c and in need of a roof . . .
1. list price $177,500 1548 sq ft $114.66/ sq ft
2. $171,900 1394 sq ft 123.31
3. $169,900 1330 sq ft 127. 74 no a/c
4. $162,500 1204 sq ft 134.97
5. $149,500 1500 sq ft 99.67 no a/c

Real estate agents are insane.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alright, so a little time has gone by . . .

Sorry about that. What can I say? I have looked at a ton of houses. I packed like a mad dog all weekend. My friend Diane and her daughter, Kendall (yrbk staffer), came and helped me pack on Saturday. Without them, there would still be nothing packed! Seriously, it is really hard to get in the mood to pack all of this crap.

Monday Ann and I went to the mall for her birthday celebration. : ) In Sephora a huge poster sign fell on my arm . . . I have a bruise, but sadly no free stuff to compensate for the guilt they feel for almost killing me. Bummer.

Looked at more houses today. On the horizon, I found one house that I would love to get at a basement price because it seriously needs work. It is also 864 square feet. Tiiiinnnnnyyy. However, if I get it and add on at the same time, I will pay about what all of these others are costing and get it exactly the way I want it. I'm supposed to meet with a contractor tomorrow to look at it.

Dad came by today and studied the Father's Day list I gave him (things that need to be done to the house per the inspection). Some of the stuff really is stupid. Tighten the toilet to the ground. You have to put weight into it to move it, but heaven forbid it not be tightened. Maybe the guy buying the house has a very very very large hiney. Perhaps he has 300 pounds of weight that will be shaking that toilet every time he sits down.

I have no other news to give at this time. Packing, looking for house, packing, packing, looking for house. This is my world.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 15th

I'm too tired to come up with anything creative for a title. Sorry. Tuesday night the buyer's real estate agent called. I told her I hadn't received the option money. Her response was that the inspection was for 4pm Wednesday, and she would leave the check on the counter then. She was really calling to extend the option period another 24 hours. (Their busy schedules forced them to schedule the appraisal 8 hours before the option period ended.) I, quite evasively, said let me talk to my real estate agent, I'll get back to you.

So, I talk to Lisa and BK. (Yes, I do know that technically calling on two real estate agents every time anything happens doesn't quite qualify as For Sale By Owner.) The contract says if the option money is not received within 48 hours, there is no option period. He would lose his earnest money of $2000 if he walked away. I like the sound of that!

Last night at about 5pm, I get a call from the inspector asking for the combo to the key lock box. Hell, I'm not sure if I even know where the key for the lockbox is. I show up, let him in, he tells me the real estate agent couldn't get there until 5:30. Whatever. He was an hour late himself.

She calls me shortly after that. I told her again that according to the contract there is no option period to extend. However, being the agreeable girl that I am, she could leave me the list, I would peruse it and get back to her. I think that took her by surprise.

So, I got home from dinner (more details later), and the inspection is on the counter. I swear it is nothing but piddly stuff. Actually, my favorite is the first request to have a roof guy come inspect the roof to evaluate for any repairs that need to be done. Please note, there is no request to complete the repairs.

The rest of it I'm giving to Dad to do. Happy Father's Day.

Back to dinner. I met Rod, Jostens rep, and Rebecca, teacher who might be interested in newspaper job at HP, at a place off 75. She's about my age, nice, entertaining. I'm not sure how interested she is though. It will be a long drive for her, and I don't want someone who will leave at the end of a year. Also, I'm trying to determine if she has any Princess tendancies. I'm concerned there might be some. That's a no go Charlie.

Mr Cates told me this morning there might be someone else interested in interview. So, I'm going to call her and schedule an appointment to interview for tomorrow. He is so nice to let me do that. He also told me that in discussing openings etc., the superintendent said to offer me the position of newspaper adviser too. Oh, they do have a good sense of humor, don't they. I can't decide if that means they have that much faith in me, or they are trying to break me like a twig.

Currently, I sit typing as my fabulous group of summer school government students work diligently on their "Guided Reviews" (translate that as read and don't talk to me.)

Monday, June 12, 2006

The train rolls on

First and foremost, I must note the pecking order. Fran and I can be talking about any number of important and serious issues, and if Mom calls, by jingo we better click over! So, I'm talking to Mom when she sees that Dad is calling. She immediately hops to and abandons me for Dad. Geez.

So, as of 2:30 Tuesday I haven't heard back from the seller of the Clary House. I'm starting to get seriously annoyed. BK called this morning and was told they would respond by noon. Grrrr

The mortgage lender, Brandi, sends me an email saying I qualify for a maximum of a 150,000 loan. Pause, imagine the FREAKING OUT. I get her on the phone to figure out she is using my base salary without any of the extras (about $1,000 difference). All is well, I qualify for Crushing Debt.

Amy, my friend in the athletic office, made the mistake of saying she didn't have anything to do. She has saved my life by graciously helping me get all of these phone calls made that I can't make during summer school. (No, not because it is wrong to be on the phone; the reception is lousy in the classroom.) She set up the PODS for me and got the last spot open. left to me I'd be carrying it all piece by piece . . . where????? I have no home!!!!!!!! She has also called to arrange for estimates on new fences, sprinkler systems etc. Even if I don't get this house, at least I am getting armed with numbers for the next house.

The list of people I'm going to owe is growing exponentially. Party at Crushing Debt without Pool . . . where ever that ends up being!

My yearbook editors had templates of spreads to show me yesterday. They did a really good job. Yes, there is a list of things that need to be fixed, but it will all look good when they are done. Go Team!

On another subject, I received a phone call yesterday from someone who spoke with someone who got my number to call about the newspaper position. She currently works for Dallas Morning News, no teaching certificate. I'm still meeting with someone else tomorrow night.

Chuck, computer specialist who has saved my keister more than once, is working on the computers right now. I'm fiiinnnnaaallllyyyy going to have my big dog Dell set up at my desk. And with any luck, the rest of the lab will be working properly soon too.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Friday night

In an effort to not fall too far behind again, I'm forcing myself to sit here and catch you up. (Aren't I a giver?)

My friend Pam had surgery today, so everybody say a prayer that things went well. She really is a trooper about all of it. I think it perked her up that I am almost ready to make an offer on a house down the street from her. Well, technically up the street.

The second week of summer school has ended. I am running to stand still. Today we learned about the executive branch of the government. I had them all riveted. ha ha ha. I really love when I'm talking away, all excited about how our country runs and one of the boys is looking at me with that glazed look as his eyes slowly shut, thenblinkopen, slowly shut , theblinkopen. Hell, makes me want to fall asleep.

The yearbook editors have been busy upstairs making templates all week. Hopefully I can look at them Monday morning and be reassured that all is well.

Apparently my house didn't go to active option until late today, so I have two showings tomorrow. Ugh. I found out because the real estate agent for the person that didn't make a high enough offer to get my house (when I had the two at the same time), is still interested. I didn't have the heart to tell her at the price he's offering there's no shot. (When she called this person to see if they wanted to raise their offer the response was no.)

BK and I talked today and Mom and Dad will see the house in the morning . . . then maybe I'll work on . . . (drumroll) the offer! Look the house up on mls - there are only 2 pictures, but I'm taking a bunch tomorrow. 10212 Clary, Dallas 75218

Now, so you appreciate what I have done . . . the night I couldn't sleep I grabbed the layout of the house I had done from memory and created it on Adobe Indesign. See above. To be able to get it on this I had to turn it into Adobe Acrobat and then Adobe Photoshop. Well, I might not have HAD to do all that, but that is what happened. The front door is at the bottom of the picture and it actually faces north. I don't know if you can read all the small writing, but I tried to show what I want to do to the house after I buy it. I'm hoping, if all goes according to plan, I buy it, hire a contractor, go to Japan, come home, house all done, move in. I have complete faith a monkey wrench will be thrown into the plan at some point.

Haley made dinner tonight, that was lovely! We've been swimming with Wesley a couple of times. He is one cute kid. Haley's been helping me pack things up and been my little honey do assistant. Fran is on her way home and is already anxious to see her Grandson.

Note of amusement. Many of you know when I started at Highland Park it was because the former yearbook adviser had allowed inappropriate stuff to be in the yearbook one too many times and quite frankly the principal didn't like her.

When I posted the newspaper position on the JEA listserv today, she was the first to respond with Where's Sandy? Is she ok? 1. like she cares 2. what does it matter 3. She's ok just stupid enough not to learn a lesson from your dumb butt.

Good luck and Good night

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

House Sold!

It probably would have been better to keep up with ye old blog because now I am 5 days behind and HOLY COW has a lot happened.

1. A man made an appt to see the house because he saw the sign in the front yard. He wanted to buy the house with his brothers (some out of town and country) for their mom. So, his mom saw the house and really liked it. They decided to make an offer. They wouldn't need financing etc. Then his family started worrying about not having a lawyer, and his real estate friend was saying there was so much running around the agent did that oh gosh yada yada. So Mr Lee starts hemming and hawing about what can we do etc. So as of Saturday the 3rd, he hadn't made an official offer or anything.

Saturday night I check messages, real estate agent says she has a client who is making an offer. Then a second message saying it is being faxed over. I listened to the messages again in the morning . . . wait, wait a minute. . . it's not 1 real estate agent, it's 2!!

I get both offers emailed to me by my broker on Sunday. I send both real estate agents an email saying thank you so much, I received multiple offers. I will study them and respond by tomorrow at noon. 1 real estate agent emails asking me not to do anything until she talks to her client. Another hour later I have an email saying they want to amend their offer to the LIST PRICE. Yah, you know the one that I didn't think I had a snowballs chance in Hell of getting!

So, I'm actually sitting here waiting for the contract (I asked for two little changes, and they ok'd it.) to come through email so I can print it, sign it and return it. Hot dog!

2. So, the house I mentioned earlier in walking distance from my friend Pam's house . . . now I can say I really like it.

Sunday, BK, new friend and real estate agent that lives across the street from Pam, takes me to look at houses. First, BK is, to put it bluntly, cooler than shit. (Please do not try to analyze the phrase, just know it means we like her a lot!) Second, she takes me to see a ton of houses. Seriously, a ton. End of the day, we go to look at the previously seen house on Clary. There are a couple of things we talk about that could be potential problems - raising the ceiling in the master for the bed . . . you know the one. There isn't a nice way to go from the front of the house to the backyard. It currently requires going through the utility room. Things like that. So we agree ok, I'll wait a week and try to look at some more houses.

I woke up this morning at 4:45 thinking about the house. So, I got up and started to draw the floor plan from memory. Then I started figuring out, ok what would I have to do to solve these problems. I called BK to see if the contractor she works with could give me an estimate. Soooo, I should be getting an answer tomorrow about feasability and costs. That will then influence what I can offer and whether I can afford to fix it.

In the meantime we looked at two more houses. I have never seen so many master beths with just SHOWERS and no room on the sink. Seriously, how is it possible that there was an entire building time period where women were ok with that. It hurts me everytime I see it. Most of them with the way the bathrooms are arranged you can't even remodel it without huge changes.
At any rate, now I am totally excited about this house. Next time I go I'll take photos for one and all to see! Maybe I will even scan the floor plan I so carefully drew.

3. So, Monday (the same day I found out I had a list price offer (I do like the sound of that) I find out that the penguin will be teaching all English classes next year . . . all readers must immediately jump out of your chairs and shake your butt while singing, "We're doing the happy dance." I wish her well doing anything except torturing me every day.

Monday was a good day. We have to henceforth remember it as the Elizabeth Memorial Day. Different from the rest of the country and yet worthy of respect. Flowers too if you think about it ; )

4. Haley, my neice, has been living in North Carolina. She, with help from her parents, especially her mother who got to be human GPS, has traveled from there, to Atlanta to visit Monica et al, to Dallas. Her parents are on vacation until Sunday. They wisely felt it would be better if she stayed in Dallas until then.

She arrived Sunday at about noon. So, Mom and Dad are currently entertaining Eva, Cat, Haley and her son, Wesley. Now we know how much Dad enjoys long term company. Always eager to have people mess with his schedule. HA. Mom, in the meantime, is working (like a dog since she is incapable of doing it any other way. . . hate that gene!) , then coming home in the evening to deal with the chaos. The only unstressed bodies in this family are Eva, Cat and Wesley. The rest of us are edging over to the deep end.

Now that I have a contract (OK, I haven't signed but by morning it will be back in the other realtor's hands.) I figure the showings should really slow down. So Haley and Wesley can come over here as I begin packing up my home to be out by June 30th.

Sorry about that, had to pause for a moment to hypervenilate.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

I cawn't taulk

That's right. I had two cavities filled leaving my mouth numb for about 4 1/2 hours. I hate that. There were 3 appts to see the house this afternoon. . . so forced to stay out of the house I went to have my nails done. They look maaauuuvvvveeeelllooouuuusssseeee.

I did stop to see a house this afternoon, but sadly the real estate agent missed the message to show the house. So, I'm going back tomorrow.