Thursday, June 29, 2006

I've officially lost all sense of time

And, the problem with that is that I get totally behind on the damn blog. Ok, so last time we checked in with our heroine, she was in Austin visiting her big sister. Jon-David and I took a bunch of Haley's stuff that she left at Mom and Dad's when she came through. The pool is lovely, the stream and pond are delightful. Everyone should go visit Fran.

When I got back I had to immediately start dealing with the arrival of the PODs (to store all of my belongings). I had three delivered, got another one on Tuesday when I realized I didn't have enough space, and two more are on their way today for a grand total of six. I have GOT to downsize.

Monday night I got Chuck (friend and computer genius that keeps all my computers at work functioning) and his roommate to come help load up the PODS with Jon-David and I. They were all beasts! Jon-David did damage to himself but kept plugging for quite a while which was probably a mistake.

I went to pick up Mimi from the airport at about 9pm. I got back at about 11:00, and the guys left at about 1am. 3 PODS were filled, although I still had a lot left in the house and garage. The washer wasn't packed because it still had water in it, so Chuck and Bruce ended up with my washer and dryer because Chuck's parents had a storage unit that he could leave them in.

I also had to deal with the appraisal issue. Turns out if the appraisal comes in at $188,000, and I think it is crap, no one actually cares. Hateful. After several frustrating calls to the appraiser, title company and mortgage company of the buyer, the buyer's real estate agent called the mortgage company, and they allowed me to send them the comps that I had found that were more in line with what I think the house should sell for. They then foward the comps to the appraiser to review (After several false starts etc - they didn't actually get sent until Thursday afternoon).

Monday I got an email from MaryBeth that I needed to make reservations for the last night in Japan because I had to be able to show the credit card that made the reservation when I checked in. Make it for August 7th since I leave August 8th. Makes sense right? Of course, so I immediately made it for the night of the 8th. MaryBeth points out perhaps I made a boo-boo. I call Holiday Inn (those toads) and they say, bummer, you'll just have to buy another night. I start crying and hang up. MaryBeth (that angel) says, why don't you let me try to take care of this. Which she does.

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