Friday, June 23, 2006

Misadventures in Home buying . . . part 2

Well, made the offer on the house on Santa Clara. My poor real estate agent received a reply from the seller's agent that went something like this . . .

"BK, I appreciate your offer on the Santa Clara property. Lots in this neighborhood are selling for $130,00 to $150,000. Mr. and Mrs. Bova does (sic) not consider your client's offer is in good faith so have chosen not to answer it. If she seriously wants to purchase teh house, they will look at a fair offer. If it is a problem of not seeing the value, I will be happy to provide comps to you. If it is a problem of not being able to afford more for a house, there is one across and down teh street a few doors that is priced closer to what you have offered the Bova's or perhaps she should look in Casa View. If it is a problem with just wanting to steal a house, we can't help you. Mike."

Yikes! So, I tried to write a concilatory reply - it won't go through. However, so you in internet land don't think I am "stealing a house" these are the houses I compared this 864 square foot house with no a/c and in need of a roof . . .
1. list price $177,500 1548 sq ft $114.66/ sq ft
2. $171,900 1394 sq ft 123.31
3. $169,900 1330 sq ft 127. 74 no a/c
4. $162,500 1204 sq ft 134.97
5. $149,500 1500 sq ft 99.67 no a/c

Real estate agents are insane.

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