Friday, June 9, 2006

Friday night

In an effort to not fall too far behind again, I'm forcing myself to sit here and catch you up. (Aren't I a giver?)

My friend Pam had surgery today, so everybody say a prayer that things went well. She really is a trooper about all of it. I think it perked her up that I am almost ready to make an offer on a house down the street from her. Well, technically up the street.

The second week of summer school has ended. I am running to stand still. Today we learned about the executive branch of the government. I had them all riveted. ha ha ha. I really love when I'm talking away, all excited about how our country runs and one of the boys is looking at me with that glazed look as his eyes slowly shut, thenblinkopen, slowly shut , theblinkopen. Hell, makes me want to fall asleep.

The yearbook editors have been busy upstairs making templates all week. Hopefully I can look at them Monday morning and be reassured that all is well.

Apparently my house didn't go to active option until late today, so I have two showings tomorrow. Ugh. I found out because the real estate agent for the person that didn't make a high enough offer to get my house (when I had the two at the same time), is still interested. I didn't have the heart to tell her at the price he's offering there's no shot. (When she called this person to see if they wanted to raise their offer the response was no.)

BK and I talked today and Mom and Dad will see the house in the morning . . . then maybe I'll work on . . . (drumroll) the offer! Look the house up on mls - there are only 2 pictures, but I'm taking a bunch tomorrow. 10212 Clary, Dallas 75218

Now, so you appreciate what I have done . . . the night I couldn't sleep I grabbed the layout of the house I had done from memory and created it on Adobe Indesign. See above. To be able to get it on this I had to turn it into Adobe Acrobat and then Adobe Photoshop. Well, I might not have HAD to do all that, but that is what happened. The front door is at the bottom of the picture and it actually faces north. I don't know if you can read all the small writing, but I tried to show what I want to do to the house after I buy it. I'm hoping, if all goes according to plan, I buy it, hire a contractor, go to Japan, come home, house all done, move in. I have complete faith a monkey wrench will be thrown into the plan at some point.

Haley made dinner tonight, that was lovely! We've been swimming with Wesley a couple of times. He is one cute kid. Haley's been helping me pack things up and been my little honey do assistant. Fran is on her way home and is already anxious to see her Grandson.

Note of amusement. Many of you know when I started at Highland Park it was because the former yearbook adviser had allowed inappropriate stuff to be in the yearbook one too many times and quite frankly the principal didn't like her.

When I posted the newspaper position on the JEA listserv today, she was the first to respond with Where's Sandy? Is she ok? 1. like she cares 2. what does it matter 3. She's ok just stupid enough not to learn a lesson from your dumb butt.

Good luck and Good night

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