Friday, June 23, 2006

OK, so I've been leaving some things out . . .

Mildly awkward and I'm not sure of how to begin. I'm madly in love with Jon-David, and I always have been. If I got to choose a guy out of a line up, I would not choose the one with crap loads of baggage and commitment issues. However, as it turns out I did choose him a long long time ago, and the truth is I still would choose him over any other guy. Yes, he is a jack-ass. Hell, even his mother knows that. BUT he is my jack-ass. I haven't found a guy yet that isn't a jack-ass in some way.

At any rate, all of that to say, that Jon-David called me at the beginning of June, and, it is true, for the second time said that he wanted to marry me, etc etc. No, I didn't include any of it in the blog for two reasons. 1. I wasn't that certain myself that he would really be able to pull through this time and 2. I didn't want to have to deal with the pressure of all of these people that love me watching him/me with an eagle eye towards every move.

Maybe I am just being sucked in, but I don't think so. All I ask is that one and all trust me. I trust me. I think I've done pretty well in my life. Give him a chance too. He really does make me happy. He gets me in a lot of ways that no other guy ever has. And I get him. Maybe that's why I have a high tolerance level for his crap. I get it. If you love me, then love me enough to trust me. Trust God. He has his eye on me. He told me so.

At any rate, Jon-David has been wonderful through this whole stressful awful process. And it's just silly to edit him out at this point, especially since I'm staying at his mom's house till I go to Japan. . . . ok, read the next blog for more detail there.

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