Friday, June 23, 2006

Adventures in home selling part II . . .

I checked my messages this afternoon at about 4pm on my way down to Austin. I had a message from about 11:00am from the buyer's real estate agent. She tells me the appraisal on my house came in at 188,000. She would email me a copy of the appraisal and gosh, what do I want to do?

Seriously, my Karma is totally screwed up at the moment. Right after the house sold, the CentralShowing Service showed an APPRAISAL being done on my property, so that was weeks ago. . . Under the advice of BK I am ignoring all issues this weekend. I'm not dealing with any of it. Worst thing that happens, I get to keep $2000.00 (from his earnest money), and I still have a place to live since I haven't found another house!

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