Thursday, March 25, 2010

The world is filled with Crafty People

Seriously. In my bleary eyed boredom, I began clicking through blogger blogs. There are a lot, many, many, many of which are filled with crafty things that people are doing. Quilts, scarves, mittons, hook rugs, clothes, etc, etc etc. I'm overwhelmed by the craftiness of these people. Where do they find the time. Do they have followings? Are there rabid knitters following other knitters? Do people go out and search for other crafty people and ideas? There are people out there doing shit with toothpicks that you can't imagine. There are people out there stamping stuff. No idea of why, but they are.

I'd like to wrap this up with some profound thought or some such, but really, I got that's all for now folks!

New information: it appears when I hit next blog on blogger it took me through all of the crafty blogs (hence the array that came before me), then it took me through all the beer blogs. Wow. Lots of beer brewers out there, brewing the crap out of their favorite drink!

Well, damn, how do I get to all the "funny as hell" blogs?

One of THOSE days

Ok, actually I've been having one of those weeks. Between the time change and the whole "I did absolutely nothing over spring break" thing, I am exhausted to be back at work. Getting up at the crack of dawn. Working all day long. Meeting after meeting. It's killing me. And I'm not alone. I'm telling you this building is full of zombie teachers.
We are all wandering around lifeless, cursing the 64 days until the end of the school year.

This week has been particularly onerous because I've had soooo many meetings. Literally, every time I turn around, another meeting. AND, I've had stuff after school almost every day. AND Mr. Potential had his boss in town, so I haven't seen him all week, and I'm CRANKY about it.

Really cranky. If I'm lucky, I'll see him tomorrow, but then not Saturday or Sunday. Aaannnddddd

he texted me that he has to be out of town most of next week. GRRRRRRRRR. I know that I don't actually get to be cranky about him having to do his job, but I don't care. I'm annoyed. And displeased.

Oh, and when I went googling for pictures, these are what I found AND they were all snagged from other places too, so I can't even give legit credit to the original takers of said photos. Sorry.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas

This was a hot topic for me when I was in Japan. That is a country ripe for the show What Not to Wear. However, yesterday as I waited for my friends to arrive at the restaurant of choice, there was a girl. Her outfit? Hideous. No, let me rephrase. It was cute. It was hideous on her. She was short and solid. Not fat per se. Just solid. She was wearing a short balloon skirt with a wide belt and a white top with a balloon sleeve. She looked like a freaking cupcake. Hideous.

This brings me to my question. Where were her friends? By the time someone leaves the house, I guess it could be said that it is too late. No reason to make her feel bad about the way she looked except for crying out loud, by saying something aren't they preventing her from wearing the outfit again?

I am making my statement now. You people out there, friends and foe alike, TELL ME IF I LOOK LIKE CRAP. Sure, there are nice ways to do that, and I hope you would be nice when you told me, but please, please, tell me. I don't want to go out in the world and have people shaking their heads and asking where are my friends.

Big spring break fun

I am actually impressed with my total ability to do nothing this week. I am sucking air out of the atmosphere and returning nothing but carbon dioxide. Worthless. I did, however, go to lunch with friends, a lot.

Monday, was lunch with Anonymous. I'm crazy about her, but I haven't gotten to see her much since she no longer works with me. Monday, we did what we could to make up for lost time. We went to lunch...for FIVE hours. Poor people at the restaurant thought we were never going to leave.

She has been a busy girl. She and her husband (who I am madly in love with) bought a house a couple of years ago. She says it was the real estate agent, but that house is like an HGTV series. Good bones, but absolutely nothing when they bought it. Now? Well, now it is a totally rockin' house. Gorgeous! I totally should have taken pictures to post, but she's all shy and shit and probably wouldn't have let me. Not to fear. I'll be back and take stealth pictures. It did make me yearn for a house again, but since I still have a fair about of debt to pay off, best not just yet.

I would like to add that it is only my lack of blogging on certain subjects that gave me anything to talk about since she is a follower of the blog and therefore actually feels that she is keeping up with my life just fine, and since she thinks she is living Groundhog day, she doesn't have so much going on. I am here to tell you, she could blog plenty! So, here is my shout out to Anonymous. I love you! Let's do lunch again soon!!!

Tuesday was lunch with the boys. Robert, aka the Silverback of the group, was all amused with himself because he has come up with a new term. EOD as in
"So what's the EOD?"
"What?" I say
"What's the EOD?"
"You know, what's the excuse of the day." Smart ass. I ordered steak. So there.

Wednesday was lunch with K. I need a decent moniker for her, but all I can ever come up with is "You know, my friend, K. She's cool as shit"... CAS? Na, gonna have to stick with K for now. As always, I enjoyed getting to see her. Since she attended the St. Pat's party, we were able to talk about the bitch coalition. A little about Mr. Potential, and random other topics.

Thursday was lunch with Mimi, Aimee and Lindsay. The fun thing about that? They are the family of the Lout. So, glad he is gone, but what a great family. Lindsay is getting married this summer, and I'd love Mr. P to go to the wedding with me, but I see great opportunity for awkwardness... these are all members of the ex's family, the ex that I want nothing to do with and who caused so much unhappiness in my life, and his family, that I'm really crazy about. Sigh.

Oh, the irony

This week was spring break. I am on my last "official" day of spring break, and today, I have done, well, nothing. This is pretty much what I did yesterday, and every day this week. On the list of things to do in addition to cleaning the garage (which if you have a brain, you know I did NOTHING on), I was going to blog. Many interesting and fun things. That hasn't really been happening either.

I am managing to keep up with reading some of my favorite blogs, including Miss Britt. Ironically (this is where the irony comes in for those paying attention to the post title) she writes about people using the phrase "this is just like high school." Since I recently had an incident in which this came up, it galvanized me into action or typing as the case may be.

So, last weekend was the infamous Greenville Ave St. Pat's street party. Mr. Potential always has a party of his own to coincide with it. It's a good size party. He has a posse of friends that he has had for many years that come to this party. At any rate, the long and short of it: the girls, not so nice. It was literally shocking to have these women basically brush me off and ignore me all. day. long. There were lots of other people there, so it wasn't as if I was sitting in a corner by myself, but it was still a weird experience.

Someone else actually noted it was a bit high school - the whole clique thing, and perhaps they needed to be reminded that they aren't in high school anymore. I appreciate Miss Britts comments about it NOT being like high school, but as someone who will actually be spending most of her life in high school before it is all said and done, I can tell you that when as an adult I find myself having some type of high school drama; it is always startling. I totally get that high school is a microcosm of life with everyone trapped together learning to exist. I absolutely believe that as an adult I have a lot more choice and control over myself, and how I respond to situations and people. That doesn't change that there are people and situations that just smack of high school.

I think recognizing behavior as being "so high school" is the ability to see someones behavior as being a throw back to high school and recognizing that we don't actually have to put up with it. We. Aren't. In. High. School. Shouldn't we be behaving better than we did in high school? Shouldn't we use better manners as grown-ups than we did when we were hormonal teens trapped in a building against our will 8 hours a day 186 days a year?

One of the interesting pieces to the story for me is that Mr. Potential invites his niece, Missy, and her friends to the party too. In fact, his niece had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and we joined up with Missy and her friends. Then and again at the party, her friends were all extremely nice. They really had no reason to be nice, I'm just the girl dating their friend's uncle. But they were, they included me in their conversations, they smiled and spoke to me as they passed by. And that, in part, is why it was even more obvious that the "bitch coalition" were just badly behaved.

In the end, I did say something to Mr. Potential about the girls. He was very sweet about it, and he said that he has been the go-to guy for these girls when they aren't dating or need a date for something, so maybe there was weird possessiveness in play. I'm really glad that he acknowledged it, I think a lot of guys might have tried to put it off as my imagination or just girl stuff. I don't know why they behaved that way, there is no telling really, but I'm too old to mess with girls that don't have good manners. And that is all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stalkers have game; and creepy can be helpful.

So, recently I have mocked and belittled my dear sister for her desire to search shit out on the internet. Now, as it turns out, I'm pretty sure she didn't know that I had mocked or belittled her regarding this issue until just now. I now reveal this information because, as always, God has chosen to smite me with my own words. I hate it when He does that.

Recently, I received a note in my mailbox from disgruntled neighbor DogHater regarding, of all things, my dogs and their love of a good bark.

I called DogHater and left a message that I was terribly sorry, but I am working long hours, it really won't be for much longer and there will be no more problems, so sorry, goodbye.

Then I received a second note from DogHater's Roommate. She didn't leave a lot of room for conversation. She said she worked odd hours (I'm going with stripper myself) and she required naps during the day which were being made difficult courtesy of my bad dogs. In fact, it wasn't so much my dogs as my dogs starting shit and going inside to let all the other dogs in the neighborhood bark. Yeah, that sounds like them.

I responded with a I am so sorry. As I said "Blah, blah, blah" I will keep them in until 3 in the afternoon at which point I'm letting 'em out cause we all gotta pee sometime lady.

Last night, DogHater left a message on the school phone (cause I sure as shit am not giving them my cell number). I called back - no answer, so I hung up.

But then, I thought, I'm gonna do a little Googling research on these girls. So, channeling my sister, I got busy. Actually spent a pretty good amount of time looking these girls up. Time, I might add, that really needed to be spent doing things like finishing yearbook pages, proofing the pages that arrived today and determining the freaking yearbook staff for next year. Anywho boy, oh, boy, is there a lot of info on the internet people. Try looking yourself up. I know when DogHater was born, where she went to school, her dad's name, what her jobs have been, where she lives exactly, etc. etc.

That, of course, got me thinking about my own info. Let me tell you, thank the dear Lord there is an actress with my name. Cause you can try to find the Diva, but you'll have to go through 40 or 50 pages of listing and still in the end find very little about me. HA.

So, sure, this is probably information that will do me almost no good. But can you imagine how badly I can freak her out if when we finally talk, I throw out where she went to school, or quote something she wrote in her blog 4 years ago???? Heeby. Jeebys.