Thursday, March 25, 2010

The world is filled with Crafty People

Seriously. In my bleary eyed boredom, I began clicking through blogger blogs. There are a lot, many, many, many of which are filled with crafty things that people are doing. Quilts, scarves, mittons, hook rugs, clothes, etc, etc etc. I'm overwhelmed by the craftiness of these people. Where do they find the time. Do they have followings? Are there rabid knitters following other knitters? Do people go out and search for other crafty people and ideas? There are people out there doing shit with toothpicks that you can't imagine. There are people out there stamping stuff. No idea of why, but they are.

I'd like to wrap this up with some profound thought or some such, but really, I got that's all for now folks!

New information: it appears when I hit next blog on blogger it took me through all of the crafty blogs (hence the array that came before me), then it took me through all the beer blogs. Wow. Lots of beer brewers out there, brewing the crap out of their favorite drink!

Well, damn, how do I get to all the "funny as hell" blogs?

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