Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas

This was a hot topic for me when I was in Japan. That is a country ripe for the show What Not to Wear. However, yesterday as I waited for my friends to arrive at the restaurant of choice, there was a girl. Her outfit? Hideous. No, let me rephrase. It was cute. It was hideous on her. She was short and solid. Not fat per se. Just solid. She was wearing a short balloon skirt with a wide belt and a white top with a balloon sleeve. She looked like a freaking cupcake. Hideous.

This brings me to my question. Where were her friends? By the time someone leaves the house, I guess it could be said that it is too late. No reason to make her feel bad about the way she looked except for crying out loud, by saying something aren't they preventing her from wearing the outfit again?

I am making my statement now. You people out there, friends and foe alike, TELL ME IF I LOOK LIKE CRAP. Sure, there are nice ways to do that, and I hope you would be nice when you told me, but please, please, tell me. I don't want to go out in the world and have people shaking their heads and asking where are my friends.

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