Monday, April 25, 2011

Accra, Ghana

Ok, I haven't really thought much about it but with 5 days till we go, I guess it is time. I am going to Accra, Ghana Friday with two other teachers from HP. Crazy right? I am without a doubt nervous. Mostly because let's be honest, I'm a bit of a diva and I have all sorts of food issues. What am I gonna eat and how am I going to be nice to all of these people for 10 days??? How??

I am already packed. Although I forgot I have to get everything out and spray it with the bug spray. I have the $1500 of shots, and I start the malaria pills on Thursday. I have ordered 24 baby rolls of charmin to take with me and keep in my purse (come on people, I have a delicate backside, I'm not going anywhere without the charmin) Maybe not all 24 rolls, but I do go to Europe in 3 weeks too...

You would think that my to do list would be getting shorter and shorter, but I am here to tell you that every time I turn around I have to add to it.

So, I'm a little freaked out and stressed out. Very long plane flight followed by a 5 hour car drive to wherever we are going (It's close to Accra, but I'm not exactly sure of where it is.)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It was an adventure

"Let's go on an adventure," said Christopher Robin.

"What shall we do," asked Pooh.

"We should go to Topeka, Kansas," replied Christopher Robin.

After a moment of thought Pooh said, "OK" because, after all, who doesn't like an adventure?

the last time I took editors to the Jostens Printing Plant in Topeka, Kansas, it was 2009. There was heavy snowfall (although it had been quite warm in Dallas when we boarded the plane.) We arrived at the Kansas City airport, got our luggage and then opened suitcases and started piling on clothes.

I have no idea of why I thought this trip would be less of an adventure.

Our flight was scheduled for 1:20pm on Southwest airlines on Sunday.

As it turns out, Southwest had hit the news cycle on Friday for problems. Sunday morning our yearbook rep (who was accompanying us on this jaunt) received an email from Southwest declaring our flight canceled.

I headed to the airport to try to determine options (canceling almost 50 flights seriously increases phone hold time when calling.)

I had my 6 2012 senior staffers with me as we tried to find another flight...another airport...anything. There was nothing on any airline.

But me? I'm no quitter. So, we kept trying to find new ways out there. In the end? Well, I got a hold of "Buses by Bill" And Bill? He's a miracle worker. By 5pm we were boarding a full size "executive coach" headed to Topeka...

Only 7 of us at this point because one of the moms was worried about the long bus trip, and it WAS a long, long bus trip. We arrived at the hotel by 1:30am The front desk clerk almost had a heart attack thinking a bus full of people was arriving, but no just us 7.

We got up, ate and were at the plant by 9am. It was a great day. They learned a lot, got some ideas, saw how the book is actually put together. They spent time learning more about the computer program and what it can do.

Back on the bus by 3pm and headed home, mission accomplished!