Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm really disappointed in Blogger because I have all these pictures on a previous entry that when I went to show Roseanne, half of them didn't show up. Grrr. In the meantime, my friend, Kristen, showed me a YouTube video of Penguins. We decided that we are the adult penguin, and the three bouncing ones are all of the people constantly tugging on us wanting something. I need an ID, Where are the pictures on SASI, Perkins my computer won't work, Perkins I can't get the camera to take pictures, etc, etc etc. Just makes me want to boot people off the ice float, not that it does any good.

Feeling snakebit

Lowlights of yesterday:

I got a phone call from Kevin, the assistant to Shawn Northcutt. Shawn is not only the photographer for the senior class at Highland Park, but also the photographer for the book. In addition he was helping me with the template designs for the pages of The Book (read that as he was doing them.) Kevin called to tell me that Shawn wasn't able to get to them before he went out of town. I literally started crying. I couldn't stop it. It was instantaneous. My plan had me working all weekend like the devil to meet this deadline. I don't know what I am going to do now. I am totally freaked out. Shawn sent a text later in the day to the effect of "when you aren't mad anymore." My response was that I'm not mad, I'm totally stressing.

Without even speaking with Scooby I was once again astounded by his stupidity. For those that don't know Adobe Creative Suites (photoshop and Indesign) is what 90% of the journalism programs in America use. It can be bought for the Mac platform or the PC platform.

The dept chair for technology told me that the school is going to buy a site license for Adobe Creative Suites (PC). Great, I asked if he would find out how much 30 computer licenses for macs would cost. He came back a few minutes later, said he had talked to Scooby and Scoobs thought that you didn't have to buy separately for Mac and PC. I just looked at him dumbfounded. Seriously, to think that Scooby has to be a total freaking idiot.

In addition, I was talking to a teacher who told me he had heard that we really went to town to try to hire Scooby and helped pay for him to live in Highland Park and a bunch of stuff. Huh?? Where did he hear that?? Scooby. Then he told me he had heard that Scooby won all of these awards and was one of the best in the country. Double huh? Yup, heard it from Scooby.

It is Saturday, I had a kid that wanted to come up and get some work done. I thought great, I could get a couple of hours of work done too. Nope, just like last weekend, the server and email are down. It is sooo frustrating!! I could scream.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Buddy inspects

This morning I'm trying to get dressed. I've given both dogs rawhides, so they are being good because they are very busy working on those. Cat follows me into the bathroom, Buddy follows soon after. He sees Cat. Cat goes low and still. Buddy approaches slowly, and then starts poking Cat with his snout as if to test whether Cat was real. Either that or whether Cat wanted to play which he did not. Wish I'd had video!

(Small moment to comment I had to pause in my writing for a moment to run grab Sabrina who had gone outside (don't know why) and barked at 6:45. I'll confess, she actually barked several times. oops) I'd feel worse if a. she did it all the time and b. I thought it would bother any of the non crazy neighbors.

Oh, and I woke up with a headache. That sucks.

Downside of 8 hours of video

Yesterday I tried to download (actually I'm converting to mpeg) (like over 24 hours) and somehow it got stopped aauuuggghh. Started trying again last night at about 9 and we're at 24%. This could take a while.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My neighbors the nut cases.

On the plus side, lots of stuff to write about with the crazies next door.

It began innocently enough, Sabrina went to the bathroom last night a little after 10. The dog behind us is still up, so she gave him a shout out. I went out and made her come in. I made the deadly mistake of going to the bathroom. Sabrina, that wicked creature, went back out for one more shout out. I got her in and we all went to bed.

I have the mother of all front motion detector lights. I roll over at about 10:45 and see the motion detector light go out, then I see it go on again. (Mind you the dogs are making no noises.) I get up to check it out and Cat is at the front door. I'm trying to figure out if there is anther cat he is eyeballing. Nope, it is my neighbor, Darline, you know, of Dave and Darlene fame.

She asks me if I knew that the dogs had marked earlier. Yes, I knew, and I brought them inside as soon as I heard them bark.

Hard to remember the order of the rest of it. But let's see . . .

She told me that is was incredibly rude to let my dogs out after 9pm. (I told her NO it wasn't)

She told me that they had an agreement with the former neighbors and they wouldn't let their dogs out after 9pm or before 9pm and not before 10 on weekends. (Seriously?????)

She told me that dogs can hold it for 8-9 hours, and I should read up on it. (I did tell her that it was fine if she practiced animal cruelty, but I was unwilling.)

She told me again that she could not believe I would let my dogs bark so late. At this point I pointed out that two nights ago I was awoken at about 10:30 by her dogs. She said that was not ok. I told her that no it was ok, that's what dogs do, they bark, they get let in, we go back to sleep.

I went through the process of why Sabrina was left outside the 24 hours I went to San Diego before she was being taken to be boarded. That if they had called at any point on Sunday I could have done something, but that at 3am Monday I couldn't do anything, or at 4am Monday.

She told me that my dogs barked all the time. I told her that was interesting since I had started videotaping the dogs recently and there really wasn't any barking. She practically interrupts me to tell me that they have video too. "Really?" I ask. "I would love to see it because I don't know when it is happening. " No answer to that.

She told me that my dogs barked all day Monday and Tuesday. ( I was so shocked, I just looked at her and said, "You are a liar." The terminex people came on Monday and they were locked in the house until 3pm when Emily came by and let them out. I didn't even mention the part about my being home all day on Tuesday and the dogs being inside with me.)

I told her that really all bets were off when they called the city of Dallas because my only obligation at this point was to keep the dogs from barking for 15 continuous minutes. I will give her credit for admitting that they did do it.

She told me that was because when I was talking to Dave I acted like I really wasn't going to do anything. I told her that was because what I heard from him was the same thing I was hearing from her and that was that their expectation was that my dogs would never bark, and I didn't really see that as a possibility. Nooo, that's not what they are saying. Really, what are y'all saying then? Because I'm trying and I'm not getting very far. That's because I'm not doing anything she says. No, I am doing things. I have tried multiple things. She says they really appreciate that I am trying to do things, but that I have to do something about my dogs.

Again I pointed out that they very obviously don't appreciate anything that I have tried to do (She told me that I hadn't done anything.) Later she made a comment about appreciating what I have done, then she later said that I wasn't doing anything again. SHE IS PSYCHOTIC.

I pointed out that I had been Johnny on the spot every time they called about the dogs. They called, I was getting someone to help me get the dogs in.

What else was said. . .

At one point as she was moving towards her home (thank you FINALLY) she said that she really didn't want to have bad relations with her neighbor etc. Whatever.

Of course, then I had trouble sleeping which is even more annoying. That is another point. Until recently, I have really been a 9pm to bed girl. So, the dogs really aren't out late. They go to bed when I do.

At any rate, ended the conversation, go back to bed, and remember that the re-take photographers were supposed to be at school bright and early and I was supposed to be meeting them. So, once again I fed the dogs Benadryl. That is the last time I am doing that. It was just awkward on the heels of the conversation where I tell her that I am trying to get the dogs in by 9 and not out before 7.

I hope I remember it all because this is gonna have to be like my little diary. I have a feeling there will be more. Although right now all I can say is that right now, I am not willing to have any more conversations about the dogs with either one of the wackadoodles next door. There is no point because they are crazy and they are liars.

My affair with pharmaceuticals

I had a headache today. Took one of my headache pills. About an hour later realized that my head still hurt, so I took another. Still hurt another 40 minutes later which is weird because two always does the trick. At any rate, I took a third. Woooweee was I whoozy. I could feel that third one hit, that's right as the school day is ending. At any rate, I had a meeting at the admin building at 4. Luckily one of my students was going to the same meeting, so I told her to sit by me and if I started drooling to whack me. Turned out ok. I was pretty much ok by 5:30 when I finally started home.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Doesn't the sofa look awesome! Notice the glass doors are now shut. The dogs are forbidden from the front living room. Cat is now very happy. He lolls about in the living room blissfully. Sure, every once in a while they pay attention and do their job, keeping their eyes on the goings on up and dow the street. . . but most of the time, they can be found asleep on the job, under the table, under the chest, Although I like this one. I'm getting the eye. You know, "helllooo we are ready for bed, hurry up." When I got mom and dad to come over and help install curtains in t he dining room (that look fabulous) , the dogs were tossed outside. As you can see they were anxious to be inside. Pitiful really.

Special K in the afternoon

I came home this afternoon to find that the dogs had stretched themselves out reached the counter and gotten my grocery bag with two boxes of special k bars and ATE THEM ALL. Box and everything. Remnants of rappers and box are all that remained. Sorry suckers. That whole thing about chocolate being bad for dogs, just made them spastic near as I can tell.

I watched the video. I have to say not much more barking that SAturday. A little bit, but not much. Just reassures me again that D and D are INSANE.

I have photos to add, but I can't get the stupid thing to work. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How pet adoption has turned me into a loon

Ok, some of you may remember that when I adopted Buddy I had to jump through hoops. Home visit, then I had to go to the pet store with the adoption chick. So one of the things she said is that I needed to buy rawhides made in America which you might not know is harder to do than you might imagine. So I’m searching for American rawhides when a pet store employee asks if I need any help. I explain my dilemma and he tried to reassure me that it really didn’t matter where they were made.

In the meantime, I can tell you that Buddy likes to chew. Everything. He is a bit of a menace. Stupid dog is lucky he snuggles so well.

I need to go to school EARLY tomorrow, but, of course, I can't because the dogs will start barking. I may just say screw it.


So, last week I had a student with a 74 tell a counselor that my class is too easy, so he wants to move to Pre-AP. (seems he forgot to mention the 74 part) The pre-ap teachers were already pissed because of kids moving from regular to pre-ap. Now rather than study what they are doing, and why kids think that is easier than regular. They just go to the Asst Principal and say we are doing stuff wrong.

I got another email today from a mom saying her kid has informed her pre-ap is easier and he'd have a higher grade. She is probably right. At 4 weeks, pre-ap had only given 6 grades. One of which was a Hobbit test on the first Friday. Now if kids weren't dropping like flies from that, then they gave a test that was much too easy.

At any rate, Lisa (the other reg teacher) had to meet with the dept chair and AP to discuss. Lucily she had all of her stuff together and the pre-ap is having a meeting tomorrow. I'll be stirring the pot early tomorrow.

Oh my gosh today has been a nightmare. I mean nothing has gone right. So I took the day off expecting to get a lot done. Not so. I woke up with a headache (that is the dogs fault they were very growlly this morning, and that is just not a pleasant way to start the day.)

Every time I turned around something else was going wrong with school. I had the second half of The Hobbit I was showing today, but, of course, they couldn’t get sound to work on the projection system. I had a guest speaker coming to talk to the photographers in the afternoon- he had the time wrong, so that didn’t happen. I had phone calls all day from the kids about this and that going wrong. I got an email from an asst principal that the make-up photos scheduled to be taken on the cafeteria stage on Thursday were going to be a problem . . . could we reschedule. Aaauhh, no. not so much.

I had maid company 3 scheduled to come by at 3, and a meeting scheduled with Shawn Northcutt at 11. Shawn called at 10 needing to reschedule for 3. Cripes, I guess that did work out because she was able to reschedule for earlier. I just picked up photos from one place and I’m on my way to the next, but I’m early, so I figured I could stop and do this. The lady did look at my house and very politely ask when was the last maid there (that would be less than 7 days ago, although it looks like a bomb went off in the house).

Oh, I guess one other good thing, the redone sofa arrived. It is beautiful!!I am so happy with it. The dogs are no longer allowed in the front room!

At any rate, I will pick up photos, run by school and pick up my thumb drive (that I left stuck in the school computer yesterday afternoon), then down to shawn’s then back to school for the 7pm summer Europe trip with parents (hopefully some will actually show). OK. my life totally sucks.

So, I get to school and they have a new security system so all the doors are locked and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get in. Grrrr.

So, Kristen stands at one door, and I stand at another. Now, while I am standing at a side door a woman comes up as if to move past me. I ask her if she is there for the Europe meeting. She says no. I tell her that I can't let her in. She gets bitchy and says she comes every week and the door is always blocked open. I tell her the door wasn't blocked open when I came down, and I wasn't letting her in because of all of the new rules and threats of bodily harm for letting people in the building She tries to push past. I block. I close the door and go to the wrestling coaches and they let her in.

In the meantime, no parents show up. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'm gonna eat some worms.

Then back home. What a butt whipping this day has been.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The end of a long day

I can't begin to describe the chaos that was my morning. Sabrina kept barking, so kept having to give her the evil eye, so I finally left hte back door open to make it easier. She left the kitchen long enough for Cat to make his escape. Once I realized he was AWOL, I started looking for him. The terminex guy was coming this morning so I had to make sure everyone was in the house. I thought I had the dogs in the kitchen, but realized that I hadn't shut the doggy door so they went into the yard. Once Sabrina realized I NEEDED her inside, there was no catching her, the game was on.

Finally got the dogs in. Gave up on the cat, gave Emily the cat treats to see if she could seduce him out. (She eventually did).

Got to school, had about 10 kids waiting on me. Had a dept meeting 4th, late (as always) because I was on the phone with a parent.

2:00 My friend Mark showed up to work with the girls on the designs of the book. I was with him until 5pm when I met up with Fred (another English teacher) to go to dinner and the HP book club meeting. I think there are some great books we are considering for this year. I can't wait to start reading!!

I got home after 9pm. My eyes are burning, but the dogs are acting like hooligans.

Tomorrow I'm off again. The sofa is being returned to me in the morning, I am meeting with Shawn about "The Book" at 11am, I'm meeting with a new company about cleaning the house at 2, and I'm trying to get a huge portion of the first deadline done tomorrow. Aiy aiy aiy.

Radio silence with D and D. Praise the Lord.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reason Prevails, kind of

Alright, so I was talking to Fran this morning, and she convinced me that I shouldn't send the finely crafted 2am letter. She doesn't think dipshit and the dingdong will grasp the point of the letter anyway. Bummer.

In the meantime, I set up a video camera on my dogs. Should be interesting to see what they are like when I am not home.

In the meantime, I'm at school with the ads managers as they work to finish up their ads. They all very sweetly volunteered to "ring and run" the neighbors house and make prank calls. Oh how I yearn to take them up on it. No, I won't. Give me some credit.

Ok, back to work as I daydream about ways to torture my neighbors.

mean cranky me might have made an appearance

Welllll, so if you read the last post you know I was up at about 12-2 last night, and since I was up I went ahead and let the dogs out of the bedroom. Since the dogs were out of the bedroom, you know Sabrina thought it was ok to go outside, and since the City of Dallas doesn't recognize any difference between 2am barking and 2pm barking as long as it isn't for 15 continuous minutes . . . I just made sure it wasn't 15 continuous minutes.

Sabrina woke up at 6am as usual. She is really annoying in the morning when she wants to go out. And, since I no longer have a reason to keep her in . . .

But by GOD that dog has not been allowed to bark for 15 continuous minutes (Truthfully, I don't think she ever has, but I think my neighbors are about to learn to appreciate that fact.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

My letter to D and D

I am still so pissed about the stupid noise complaint that I can't sleep. I woke up about an hour ago (that would be about midnight) and realized I was writing a letter over and over in my head to Dave and Darlene (henceforth to be referred to as the dipshit and the dingdong or d and d.) At any rate I decided maybe if I got up and actually wrote the letter I'd be able to go back to sleep. I'll let you know.

Dear Dave and Darlene,

I was disappointed to receive a letter from the City of Dallas regarding a noise complaint. I was disappointed for two reasons. Dave very clearly said to me that one, he wanted to work through this as good neighbors should, and two, he would not make a call to the City of Dallas. It turns out Dave was disingenuous at best.

However, I was not surprised. It was also clear to me during our meeting on the porch, Wednesday, September 12th that a reasonable solution would not be possible since what you really want is for my dogs to never make any noise. As I have already mentioned, I found this to be particularly ironic and hypocritical since, if your dogs are outside, they are barking.

In fact, another irony occurred as I contacted the City of Dallas to get more information. I heard loud incessant barking. No, not my dogs, yours.

In addition, as I reflect on what I have tried to do and the efforts I have made to be a good neighbor during this time of conflict, I realize that you are not going to appreciate any actions on my part since your expectation is that my dogs should not ever make any noise.

Dave came and spoke to me on the day I hired a service to clean my house. The dogs were kept outside so that the service would be able to clean, however the service was asked to let the dogs in as soon as they completed the cleaning. You contacted the City of Dallas at 7:55 am Wednesday, September 19th. That is the time the cleaning service arrived the following week and was looking for the key to my house.

I suspect that should my dogs bark because my home is being broken into, you are much more likely to contact the City of Dallas to file a noise complaint than to contact the City of Dallas Police Department to report a burglary.

As I study the section of the ordinance that mentions animal noise I see that the hour of the noise is not mentioned.

Animal Noise
Noise made by any animal is considered unreasonable if it continues for more than 15 minutes or exceeds the sound pressure level allowed in a residential district. A person who is disturbed by an animal who unreasonably barks, howls, crows, or makes other unreasonable noise may file a disturbance complaint with Dallas Animal Services, who will mail a notice to the owner.

This being the case, I see no reason for me to try to keep my dogs in the house until a certain hour or past a certain hour as I have been doing. It is all considered the same by the City of Dallas, and all efforts I thus made are to no avail as seen by the complaint.

I do not know what you hoped to gain by this action. It is not in good faith nor is it in a neighborly and cooperative manner. It is aggressive, antagonistic and spiteful.

Signed, moi

Work progresses on the book

Got a lot done today. Lots of calls, emails and getting stuff I need. Let's hope it continues.

Dog Wars

First allow me to say that yesterday and today I locked the dogs outside in the afternoon to see how bad they are. Turns out they really don't bark at all. I mean it.

However, in the mail today came a notice of noise complaint. That's right, my looser neighbor Dave has filed a complaint. I called to get some more detail. Shall we discuss the irony of barking barking barking while I called . . . not my dogs . . . HIS.

At any rate the call was made Wed morning at 8am. (That would be when the lady arrived to clean my house.)

Ah, but I have my trusty video camera. Luckily his dogs are very predictable, that is, if they are outside, they bark, and I have a video camera. Wonder how long it will take to get my 15 minutes of video of his stupid dogs barking?

Can not begin to describe how pissed I am. I'd like to add in part because he very clearly said to me when he "spoke to me" last week that he would not call and complain. I sooo dislike liars.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Productive Illness

I got a lot done today. In part, because the internet is my friend. It is amazing how much information is out there. I have called and emailed a gazillion people. Trying to reach relatives of the dead to get all of the photos I need. Tomorrow should be more of the same plus working on the copy for at least a couple of these suckers.

Walked the dogs in the am and then tried to walk them again this pm. Annoyingly enough we saw Dante (dog two doors down that they play with) which wouldn't have been a problem if the dogs knew how to behave. They start dragging and pulling a couple of minutes before I realized it was because they saw their little friend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

drs, walks and lawns

Didn't get much done at school today. sigh. Some days are like that. I had a drs appt this afternoon before going back up to school for a little while. I finally convinced her to up my headache prescription. Getting 15 pills at a time was giving me headaches!

Got home to a freshly mown lawn. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Dogs were wretched when we first emerged from the house, but after we got going, it was probably our best walk yet. They are still playing pretty hard, but hopefully they will calm down before bedtime.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Oh the things that can go wrong in my life. We've been finishing senior ads and I've been dealing with crazy ass mothers for weeks now. They are making me nutty.

Monday I began working on getting a lawn care guy and someone to clean the house. Just until Christmas. That way I can focus on working on the stupid book. For the first week I paid for 4 hours of cleaning, and then after is 3 hours.

Wednesday was wild. The cleaning lady was supposed to be there at 8am, but I got a call that they were running late. Fine, no problem. I raced home at 3pm so that I could meet the a/c man at the house.

I drive up and see two people sitting on the front porch. Turns out it is the cleaning lady and her pre-teen son (maybe daughter, hard to tell). Did I pay for that? I walk in the house, and every room is a mess. I leave and go sit on Emily's porch . . . until after 5.

While sitting on the porch, my neighbor Dave came by. That was a beating. Wanted to talk about the dogs. Basically he wants the dogs to never bark. Turns out, that is not an option. It was a bunch of crap.

I had a meeting at 6pm, but, of course, the a/c man hadn't shown up when I had to leave, so Emily met the guy.

I got home from my meeting and called Emily. Turns out Sabrina escaped from the yard while the guy was figuring out that, yes, indeed, my installation of the thermostat is what caused the problem. Luckily, Emily charmed him, cause he only charged the service fee with explicit instructions to never install anything again. Fiiiinnnneeee.

Friday was another football game. Got home fairly late, but I had my neighbors (the ones that like me) let the dogs in so they wouldn't bark.

Saturday I went to the musical. In an effort to maintain the peace, I gave the dogs benedril to make them sleep. How horrible is that?!

Today I interviewed another guy about someone in the book. He was really interesting. And he gave me lots of info.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My brain is cooking

I didn't make it to church this morning because I was sooooo hot last night that I didn't sleep well, but couldn't get my butt out of bed. I thought it was just hot. Not just hot. Blindingly hot. I mowed the lawn, then took a shower. It made me think of stories my dad tells of living in Aruba. Taking showers and sweating while taking the shower. That was me today.

However, I ran some errands and when I got back to the house it was sweltering. It had moved past blindingly hot, if you can imagine such a thing. As I walked around the house, sweat poured off my brow. Sitting still directly under the fan gives some relieve but not a lot quite frankly.

I must mention, there is a chance (very petite chance) it is because I changed out the thermostat, and I possibly didn't do it correctly, although it looked good to me. Unfortunately the unrelenting heat tells me otherwise. It rained this afternoon (forcing me to keep the dogs in the kitchen only so I don't have footprints EVERYWHERE), and it is now cooler outside than it is in. Which brings up the question, why am I sitting inside.

I've called in a service request. We'll see if I can play coy and not have to confess to having changed out the thermostat. Maybe it really is just a coincidence. It's possible.

On another note, one of the errands I ran was the purchase of a bra. I have to say, it is easy to forget how important a good bra is, that is, right up until you put on a really good bra. What a difference. The girls were filled with happiness, perky, yet comfortable.

Back to the house, I walked into the office at one point to discover one of the shelves over the desk had broken. I'm eyeballing the other two trying to determine if I need to get some of the books off of them or are they ok. on the upside the desk area looks more open now. . .

I may have already mentioned the state of affairs of the house in general (aka total disaster). I decided this weekend that I'm going to hire someone to do the lawn and clean the house for the next 3 months. That has to cut down on at least 3 or 4 hours of procrastination a week. My goal is to have both services arranged this week.

I've been studying my calendar, and I believe I have several days of illness ahead in the month of September. cough, cough. Maybe I can focus and get A LOT done. 'Cause apparently I don't have enough pressure on me yet. Go figure.

I can't function in this heat. What a misery. auuuuggghhhhhh. OK, enough whining. Back to whatever it was I was doing before I was doing this. See, I can't even think clearly. Maybe I'll have a refreshing beverage on the porch. It's after 6 . . .

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Little late, No zzzzz's in sight

I got up at 5am yesterday morning so that I could walk the dogs before getting to school. School was fine, worked the football game (we won), then chaperoned the Howdy Dance. Got home at about 1:00. It is the first dance I've done, that I was falling asleep during the dance. I was some kind of tired. I had Emily let the dogs in earlier so they would not bark. (I did NOT want any phone calls from Dave.) When I got home there was paper torn all over the living room and the tv room. The kitchen was covered in muddy footprints. I just went to bed.

Got up and went back to school this morning so the ads managers could work madly. I got some stuff done, but probably should have done more.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Open House

Could not forget to post this. Five minutes before open house started one of the other teachers in my wing looks at me and tells me I have a spot on my boob. Exxxxcccceeeelllleeeennnnttttt. So I spent the rest of the evening trying to keep my hair pulled forward and over the stain. Sooo embarrassing. Other than that, it was fine. Nothing to exciting.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Survived week One

Sorry it has taken so long to get around to this.

English I - the kids are really good. I have about 26. They are talkative, but really good. I've already had 2 kids let me know that they would be absent the next day. A cheerleader came in early to start her quiz because she had to leave early for the pep rally. I'm impressed. I am not going to be able to keep up with Lisa's (the other teacher) schedule. She covers so much each day it is crazy and she gives too much homework (read that as stuff I need to grade).

Yearbook - I actually taught all week. I have powerpoints that I got from Jostens when I taught this summer. They are really good. We have a lot of work that needs to be done, but I really want to make sure to cover the basics and be sure the kids really know what they are doing. Mark, a creative accounts manager with Jostens and an all around cool guy came Wednesday and Thursday to work with the editors. I love the fact that he used my promethean board just like a white board, but the cool thing is that I have notes from his visit because I just saved his work when he filled the board. I'd like to add as a side note this is the first time that I have tried to upload video directly to the blog. It is taking freaking forever. It may not even post. grrrr

I thought I was going to get a lot more done this weekend on the book than I did. Friday night my neighbors and I grabbed a bite to eat at the local Mexican restaurant down the way. Gene , on the left , is married to Linda, on the right. They live across the street from me. Emily, in the middle, lives next door. I got a lot done, just not as uch on the book as I thout I would. I took my comforter to the local washateria to be cleaned. I got my laundry done (not at the local washateria.) Mowed the lawn, I'm sure I did other very important stuff too.

But I knew you would want to get caught up with my babies. They all went to the vet last week, and they all got a clean bill of health. I saw Sabrina and Cat sawing logs. Couldn't resist getting a photo. I keep trying to get photos that show how much bigger Sabrina is than Buddy. If I could get a photo of Buddy sliding under her legs when they are chasing each other around, I would do it. But this does kind of show how he is under her. Then, what I call oh aren't they so cute. Buddy looks to Sabrina to see what they should destroy next. Isn't this a great photo????? I took the dogs for a walk Saturday morning. Sabrina got stung by something. Her back foot got all swollen so I took her to the vet. Doesn't she look sad and woebegone? Trust me it didn't last long, although a couple of Benedryl made me think she was about to fall into a coma. I haven't seen her be that still for that long . . . well . . . ever. Open house is tomorrow night. Yuck.