Monday, April 23, 2012

My New Favorite Shark

So, Austin has impressed me. I like him. And let's be honest, I don't like lots of people. In fact I was thinking about all of the sharks I've met. Lots I couldn't even get myself to go outwith them. Of the ones I did go out with, 90% didn't make it past a second date. Of the 10% beyond that, 8% didn't make it 3 months... I can't decide if it makes my dating life tragic or decisive. Yet, I am ever hopefully. I really want Austin to make it. He's cute, funny, smart, hardworking...dreamy.

Sharks can be stupid and juvenile or the story of Fishface

So, by this week I thought I was down to one shark, Austin, which was fine and dandy cause I could tell, he was the shark I was most interested in. I thought Fishface had gone away...but no.

Fishface had been texting me while I was in Seattle, but he wrote a text Saturday night "I know you are probably tired of me rambling and tired in general. Goodnight beautiful" which I responded Good night. because I actually was tired, and I didn't really focus on the entire message. I realized afterwards that perhaps he was insecure looking for reassurance...oops.

Didn't hear from him until Wednesday when he texted asking if we were still on. Sure, I thought what the heck. I've had a hard week, dinner might be entertaining. Besides, I need stuff for my blog.  That turned out to be a huge pain in the ass because then he texts "I get off work at 6 and work in Plano next to the shops." Nice declarative statement, but what the  hell am I supposed to do with that? So, I can't get him to give me any info. I finally choose Cantina Laredo.

He's on time. That's a plus. We sit down. He can't hear anything I say. Then he tells me he has a 75% hearing loss in the ear closest to me. WTF? You can't mention when you are MAKING me choose a restaurant that you can't hear? Might not have chosen the tile floor restaurant...or  how about asking to sit on the other side of me ..SO YOU CAN HEAR.

I order a mojito because Friday had totally sucked and required alcohol. He ordered a mojito too. Huh?

He's lived in Texas since 2003...I ordered tortilla soup...he orders queso ...for dinner. Honest to God, it arrives and he sticks his spoon in it. I couldn't stop myself "You know that is a dip for chips, right." Oh, I thought it was chili....chilli con queso. ?????  I ask him what he usually eats. He says German ...really?  This long in Texas and you don't know what queso is? So, then he orders the tortilla soup. The date ended in 58 minutes. 56 minutes too long. Then, the worst part? Apparently I was seen because I had like 15 text messages from students. All started with ARE YOU ON A DATE.  auuuggghhhh No, not anymore I'm not.

Within an hour he sends a text "so what did you think?" You have got to be kidding me. By Sunday I am ready to respond, " Hi Fishface, I think you are a really nice guy, but we aren't a good fit. Thank you very much for dinner. It was nice. The right girl is out there, just keep looking." He responding within seconds. "LMAO, who is this?"  Really? Are you kidding me? This, you insecure little dumbass is the girl that knows what queso is. Didn't send that but really wanted to.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The House

One month in.

I think I've managed to at least get the house to a baseline. How it was before the idiot started four years of no maintenance home ownership.

The disgusting carpet has been removed. Although the front living room and hallways are plywood, which isn't great, I have area rugs down and it's not too horrible. The TV room had laminate beneath the carpet, so that was a blessing. The laminate doesn't bother me, so that will last until I can afford the flooring I want.

The curtains were all removed the first day in an effort to help get the cat smell out of the house. Once I get the new curtains up it will look much more put together.

The vines have all been pulled down from the house. The yard is cleaned up, and I'm making progress on the weeds.

The electrical box that could set the house on fire has been upgraded and moved to outside of the house.

I'm watching the water heater carefully, but when it goes, I'll be getting a tankless heater on the outside of the house.

Once that happens, I can lay wood floors in the front of the house and tile in the back.

At least now, I can start focusing on improvements.

Wall paper needs to come down. Ug. Not a fun job, but needs to happen soon. I need to paint, but I still can't get myself to commit to colors.

The kitchen and master bath need massive work, but that will be completely dependent on my figuring out how to rob a bank ... or win the lottery.

Week 2 in the shark tank

Front runner; Austin. That's right, another out of towner. At least he's in state though. Been texting non-stop. I like him, he has potential.

Following him is Fish face. (so named because in the photo I've seen he's making a kissy face which looks to me like a fish face. I would highly suggest he change it, but I think it actually plays into the character flaws I'm sure will become evident once we meet.) In addition, although he's a nice guy, interesting etc., he's a marathoner. I think he's looking for a running buddy, and let's be clear, I am NO ONE's running buddy. I may run, but I am not a runner.

In the distance, Mr. Baseball. He emails once a day, usually at midnight or so. If he were the only shark I would be so annoyed it's not even funny. As it is, I figure maybe by the time I work through this set, I'll be ready to call him up from the minors.

Pulling up the rear is the German. Bless his heart. The first to make contact, but we have never actually spoken. I can't figure out if he is shy or what. He's now called a couple of times and missed me. We can't quite get it together, so he may disappear before I ever get to meet him. Probably ok.


All in all I would say a good trip. It was the first trip with Red, the new journalism teacher (been at the school a while, just new to journalism). We got to feel each other out a bit. She's an introvert so I think she had a bit of sensory overload by the end of the trip, and she is hard to get to know so she may have thought it was terrible without me realizing such is the case, but I thought it was pretty good.

I really wanted some time to discuss JI next year which didn't happen, but at least I got some ideas of how I want to revamp the class etc.

It's been a couple of years since I took kids on a journalism trip so this was a good trip for returning to the trip world. Of course I can't find some of my receipts which could make it an expensive returning to the trip world trip. But with any luck, I will get reimbursed quickly and not find myself in the hole financially.

I managed to not see any of the advisers that annoy me so that was delightful.

The kids were good. The hotel staff was annoying, so we will not be staying at a Kempke again even if the hotel itself was fine.

All in all. a ok.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Back into the shark tank

So, I decided a couple of weeks ago, the best way to attempt to get over a broken heart would be to date again. Since I am in the world's worst profession for meeting guys I have returned to the glory that is Shoot. Me. Now.

I was concerned at first because in the first 24 hours I had a strange old guy and not very cute young guy email me. This is it? This is what I've come to? I was worried.

Luckily things have picked up. I am now juggling conversations with 3 or 4 guys. Of course, the one that I like the most? He lives in Austin.

I have a guy that asked for my number and has proceeded to text me...tell me about yourself. Are you effin kidding me? Via text? So I said, golly gee that's a big topic... and he said, should we talk? Yeah, he's not gonna last long.

Two asked straight off why I was single. Oh how that one makes me tired. It just makes me want to ask why couldn't you manage to stay married? Just rude.

I keep having to take deep breaths. Dating is a beating. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Love, sharkbait

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New House

I have moved into my 4th home I've bought. It was a short sale so the purchase was a total beating. During the walkthrough the day before I bought, there was no electricity on, the smell of cat pee was overwhelming, the grass was 4 feet tall, and I almost wanted to weep as I asked myself "What the hell was I thinking??"

Luckily, someone, no idea of whom, but someone mowed before the next time I was there. I started pulling up carpet immediately. That helped. Next came cleaning up the yard. I am working quite diligently on what I can which is easy because basically everything needs workin' on.

Oh, and I've decided to date again. Look out world.