Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gonna get fired...

So I've spent the day trying to clean up ad sale messes courtesy of the ads staff. I've also been dealing with lots of moms that didn't quite take care of their child's senior ad etc. It's tiresome. In addition, I am going to be gone tomorrow and Friday, so I am telling all of the students they are not to accept anything from anyone in relation to ad sales. I've also sent notes to the admin assistants in the building saying don't take anything. Someone will still squirm by, but I'm trying.

I went downstairs to get a teacher rec for  a Hi-lites app and look for a check that a parent dropped off. Pretty sure I had a cranky look upon my face. Another teacher stops and asks if I'm ok. I mutter under my breath, "Mothers." I see two moms at the copier ... "are the best" I conclude.

Thank God I heard them laugh. Doesn't always go that way though.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Life is still whizzing past

Ok, so I got the new car. Whoot! Whoot!! And senior ad sales ended today... the list of people I was pissing off today was extensive. Apparently, my obnoxious need to be consistent is quite offensive. Go figure.

In addition, there were a series of emails courtesy of various parents regarding various issues all of which were combining to make me NOT want to be there.

I leave for San Francisco Thursday. We have testing this week, and although my desire to take kids to this national convention was shot down, I did get the administration to let me go so that I can hunt people down, attend sessions and continue working on how we are going to change our entire program...although I'm not changing it with someone who doesn't like me and someone who hasn't been hired yet.

Let's pause for a minute. Let's pause and think about the fact if I had a brain in my head, I would keep my head low, keep my mouth shut, and ride out my career without making it more difficult for myself by trying to improve things or doing a better job for the kids. I SHOULD be saying screw 'em, nooooo trying to improve things. Idiot.

Back on topic. The yearbook staff is supposed to be done with the spring mag. They are mostly done, but the final spreads, that couldn't seem to be finished...yeah, those were done by the upcoming senior staff. Doing a terrible job. In addition, two of the senior staff have let me know they are planning to not be at school for the full work week. I can't tell you how pissed I am. So, we'll be having a come to Jesus. IT'S FREAKING APRIL!!

I haven't packed. I haven't cleaned. I haven't gotten all my school work done. Aaaaaauuugggghhhhhh

Life Moves Pretty Fast...

Sometimes there is so much happening that I can't even keep up. I found out last week that Blondie (who I love dearly) has decided to take a job in video production. For her, well, it's awesome because it is what she really loves and there are no crazy parents. For me, well, it sucks. I will miss her terribly.

In the meantime, Red, the newspaper adviser, has decided that I'm a horrible person and she can't work with me. Really a good time. Personally, I think she is feeling inadequate and perhaps a little jealous. Nobody likes to know that they are sucking at their job. And my guess is that she doesn't like my teaching style, and it makes her mad crazy that the kids love me and they do a great job despite me. (I know that sounds weird, but believe.)

At any rate, by last Saturday I was working on my taxes when I realized that kind of depression required shopping. And shoes just weren't going to cut it. So I bought a car. Gotta tell you. Felt really great the rest of the weekend. That retail therapy totally works.

Actually, I confess the plan was to just test drive. Escape the taxes for a little bit. Next thing I knew, I was signing the papers on the new car. Side After I signed all the papers etc, I walked out and discovered it had a racing stripe on the front. AND mini names their cars. Mine is Bubbles. Tell me that isnt' a perfect name for her!

Apparently when convertibles go in for service, they check how much the top has been down. I have had my top down quite a bit!! I have missed having a convertible terribly. It has been big fun to drive it to school and have everyone love on her. She's awesome.

It looks darn good in my garage too! Oh, and by the end of the weekend, I had done my taxes, and I was getting a refund!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

In the category of things that can get me in trouble...

Wanna hear a fun story? Wanna? Wanna?

Soooo a few years ago the parents in charge of Prom decided they really didn't want any school personnel there. The school put the kabosh on that, but there are only 5 teacher chaperones, the two stuco sponsors, yours truly, and two male teachers that have done it for years. We enjoy getting dressed up, seeing the kids and taking tons of pictures with soon to be graduates. It's a good time all around.

Fun stuff: they usually had celebrity look alikes..a Elvis...whatever there to greet the kids and take photos with them etc.

They change the theme each year and probably try to outdo each other. One of my favorites was the year they had goldfish at all of the tables. I was horrified they had no plans for the end of the evening and said goldfish. Back then, the Biology teacher and I were friends, and she worked prom too, so we set about saving the goldfish. We took them all up to school and dumped them in the tanks there. It was a merry good time.

This year, the prom committee in its infinite wisdom decided to change things. This year's theme... cruising the night away. That's fine and all. But they told us that they wanted us to wear the prom shirt and white pants or Khakis. Let me be clear. I don't own Khakis. They don't look good on me, and I don't carry the butch look very well. I mean that as no slander to anyone except myself. In addition, I do own ONE pair one white pants. They are very nice, and loose enough with spanx, but I am quite careful about what I wear them with and what I will be doing. Let's be honest, white on an ass of this size, Just. Ain't. Pretty. AND they said comfortable shoes. Are you kidding me??? It's prom. I will not be in comfortable shoes. I will be in heels and I will look gggggoooooodddddd.

What ever bulemic insane mother came up with this idea is just mean spirited. I guarantee she didn't come up with something she didn't think SHE would look good wearing.

In addition, at one point we were told that since they decided not to hire the "characters" they thought it would be nice if WE helped carry out the theme." I'm sorry what? If they think they can stink me in a Minnie Mouse costume next year as part of their freaking theme they are NUTS.

So, the stuco sponsor sent us an email...
 I told some of you I would ask about the attire…here is the response below. (Admin is not dressing up because they do not want to be casual if we happen to be on TV for an unfortunate event). “Am sick about the teachers- We feel it is the kids' prom, not ours to dress up for & definitely felt we looked more 'official' if we were in white shirts all as a group. tell them to wear what they want. I give up. the 53 parents will be wearing white. We are all sick that the principal can't be the Captain of the Ship- think kids would have really liked , remembered that.Of course, i defer to what he feels is best. thanks for the heads up”

Last  night, I rested my head upon my pillow...and fretted. The shirt is white. There is a fair amount of extra at the bottom. Now that means I'm either tucking in the white shirt to the white pants for a spectacular middle age ugly look OR leaving it hanging out.  You want to see kids be upset. Talk to the kids that will be scarred from seeing me in all white looking like the Michelan Man's not so little sister. Horrific People. You can't erase that image once it's been seen!!

Then. It came to me. They want me to look like Julie the freaking cruise director. They got it. So, today, I made an ID for myself...
 I'll wear the white pants. But I've got the cutest little navy jacket that I'll match with my uber cute new red pumps and my ID. 

Side note, I made a badge for my buddy that says, Gopher, your yeoman purser. BAM I'll give you freaking cruise personnel.

Cause that's how I roll baby.