Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gonna get fired...

So I've spent the day trying to clean up ad sale messes courtesy of the ads staff. I've also been dealing with lots of moms that didn't quite take care of their child's senior ad etc. It's tiresome. In addition, I am going to be gone tomorrow and Friday, so I am telling all of the students they are not to accept anything from anyone in relation to ad sales. I've also sent notes to the admin assistants in the building saying don't take anything. Someone will still squirm by, but I'm trying.

I went downstairs to get a teacher rec for  a Hi-lites app and look for a check that a parent dropped off. Pretty sure I had a cranky look upon my face. Another teacher stops and asks if I'm ok. I mutter under my breath, "Mothers." I see two moms at the copier ... "are the best" I conclude.

Thank God I heard them laugh. Doesn't always go that way though.

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  1. HA! At least the moms laughed - that gives me hope that they aren't all insane.