Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat . . . smell my feet

Speaking of which, getting Eva set up in the yard this morning, I managed to step into poop (for the second time I'd like to add.) Think it might be time to do some cleaning of the yard.

It is 6:30 and I've only had 3 trick or treaters and they all came at the same time. What's up with that?? I am hugely disappointed. I thought I was going to do some unpacking today, but I don't have the will.

I went ahead and hung the sheers in the front bedroom. I think I really want to put up heavy curtains (help keep things warm in winter too!) In the meantime, these keep people from being able to stare in. Ok, there probably isn't a long line of people standing around waiting to stare in, but you never know.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday evening at home

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

OK, so Friday's department meeting went pretty well. Before it started I told "teacherA" I didn't appreciate the email he sent to the department that ended with "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" . . . me being the fool. I also told teacherB that I wanted to reassure her my Masters was not in "patchwork quilting". It actually was funny.
The principal was in the meeting (I had already told him what I planned on doing, and he was ok with it.) After the meeting several people went by the principal's office. He told them all it thought it was great. That I spoke well, and it was about time that complaints came from within the dept rather than the principal or asst principal talking to the dept and then them kvetching about the administration.

Friday 7th period a student brought in a HUGE bouquet of flowers (I could include a photo, but the camera was stolen with my bag.) She said it was from the Bagpipe staff because they heard I had a hard week. (Now, this is how Scoobie Doo is smarter than the Penguin ever was.)

After school he comes by my office to say he has some questions. Since he doesn't drink, and he doesn't teach any English classes he feels uncomfortable in the meetings and what can he do. Really? I told him he should show up to meetings, even if he doesn't have anything to say. So very annoying.

So, Friday evening I ended up meeting Ann and Mike at the Tipperary Inn (Irish Pub) near my house.

Saturday I took the cable boxes up Plano to return them. Ran by 2137 to say hi to Mom and Dad, got home, took a little nap, then went to the Hi-lites dance.

The dance was good. There were no children caught for drinking. I've either lost my edge or they really were being good. (I'm hoping they were really being good.)

I got up this morning for 9am service at Incarnation. I was quite perplexed when I arrived early and the service was in progress . . . hmmmm. Turns out it was daylight savings time. So, I was done with church quite early. I went over to Ann's at about 10:30 to go to the Karygma service at her church.

This afternoon I was a beast. I got so much done. I rearranged the front bedroom, moved the love seat in, the daybed out, and I finally ironed my clothes.

I moved all of the blankets etc out of the master bedroom. I emptied the two plastic containers of clothes. I got rid of the fan blades. It made me nervous that it would get turned on and hurt the bed.

I emptied some of the boxes in the kitchen, and then broke down all the empty boxes and put them in the garage. I moved the litter box from the front bathroom to the breakfast room. Progress is slow but sure.

I'm supposed to be writing college recs right now, but inspiration hasn't struck me. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Go Figure

So, I was feeling pretty confident that Wed would be the worst day of the week. Seriously, how much worse could it get?

Yesterday, I had to deal with Scoobie Doo not showing up to a meeting. When I commented on it, he then sent this long reply (I wish this stupid program would let me copy and paste, so you could see it.) The end result is that he takes no responsibility for anything. In addition, I really can't say anything else to the administration because they think he is great, and I'm just being negative. Yes. It's true. I'm very negative about stupidity, and people who lie and don't take responsibility for themselves.

Then on my way home at 4pm I stopped to get gas. While I was fighting the pump to put in my zip code (It's like the copier, some numbers don't want to work at all and others work too well.) someone opened the door of my car, stole my purse and bag and walked off. Included in the theft is a very cute purse, credit card, $40.00 cash (I never have that much money) all the gift cards kids have given me for writing their stupid recs that I put in my purse not 10 minutes before, my palm pilot and other personal items that can't be replaced. Oh, and my keys.

Today is the English department meeting. I'm feeling pretty cranky and I'm still annoyed by what a couple of people said regarding Biblical Lit. May not be able to help myself.

I haven't been able to work on the house AT ALL this week, so there has been no progress made.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some days are worse than others

Probably wouldn't have been too bad. I got some of my rec's done last night, feeling good about that. I cleaned out the apartment and left the key. Good.

Friend at school asked sweetly, perhaps thinking she was getting on a secret early if I was pregnant. . . . . No just fat.

Shoot me NOW.

Half way through . . .

I met the real estate boys at lunch. They said the contract looked ok, it was with the lawyers getting cleaned up. Is it possible they are really going to pay me an exorbitant sum of money to write this book? Yippee.

Yesterday afternoon right after school, I picked up Shari so she could borrow my car to go to her son's football game. First, we had to run by the house to let Eva out. Thank heavens she likes St Augustine grass because she got to spend the evening on it!

By 4:30 Shari had dropped me off at the Souper Salad near the cult. My plan was to get all of my college recs written. I didn't quite make that goal, but I did get several of them written. I finally got stumped on one with a kid I've taught for four years, but hasn't exactly made the kind of impression schools want to hear about. This could be tricky.

MaryBeth called at about 6pm or so . . YEA! We were able to talk for a while. We're beginning to hit the time of the year when people in the military play chess with their lives. . . will they go here, will they go there, will someone take them by surprise and make them a pawn. It could be stressful if we weren't such old hands at this game. More news as it arrives.

Cult was good. I think we only have a week or two left and then we "graduate". Don't worry though. There are other cult programs I can sign up for next. Of course since one of my goals is to not sign up to do everything in the world, it could be a problem. . . hmmmm.

I didn't get home until 9pm and then I ran around for an hour getting things done including setting up a heater and a humidifier in my bedroom so I don't freeze my hiney off. It worked pretty well. I was able to get out of the bed when the alarm went off rather than huddling under the blankets for as long as possible.

Monday I had issues with my socks and underwear riding up and down (you figure out which was doing what) unfortunetly I think I may have set myself up for the same kind of long day of unhappiness again. Crap.

I just looked at the calendar and realized I have to be out of the apartment by tomorrow. I am mostly out, but I haven't emptied the fridge (I think Jon-David thought he was doing a good thing when he brought stuff over from his mom's house . . . however, it might all end up in the trash at the rate I am going.) I also haven't swept etc. . . Maybe I can do that after I run home take care of the animals and come back before Anchee Min gives her talk at 7pm.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This week is going to be a killer

Yesterday evening I had book club. So I had to run home let Eva out. (Good news is she likes the yard, so I just left her out there.) Got back to school I thought with enough time to get some work done. Scooby Doo came by, and that was the end of that. I went to Cafe Express with Fred and Jack (English teachers and book club members). Book club was at the UP library because it was on the book Red Azelea by Anchee Min. (Note to Monica and Fran, book about communist China, not a book of recipes. ha ha ha ha ha hahaha.)

I didn't get home until after 10. Today, I have my English team meeting 4th, then I am meeting the NTCAR boys (real estate table top book committee) to discuss the contract maybe? Tonight I have cult activities. Tomorrow Anchee Min speaks to the community and then there is a supper at the Hunt's house. (Parents in the community)

Thursday I have plans to go over to my friend Burgundy's (she lives in funky town - where I was orginally looking for a place.) Friday I am deliciously free, but Saturday is the Hi-lites dance, so I'll be looking for drunks!

In the meantime, parents have been pushing for some type of course on the Bible to be taught at HP. They basically have agreed to do it. I went to Marta (assistant principal with a deep desire to screw with me any chance she can get, but unfortunetly in charge of curriculum and the English department chair at the moment.) At any rate, I said I wanted to teach it. She told me I had to propose a new course (even thought they already know they are going to offer it?) and get the English department support? (I don't remember ever having to do that before.) So, being a good girl I sent the email. Lordy, lordy did THAT start some kvetching. The department meeting on Friday should be fun.

My student that is now in ISS for sending emails from my computer is supposed to be getting work from me of some sort, but I have not had the time to sit down and come up with something and get it all together to take down. I'm actually feeling rather put upon by all of this.

Last, but not least, my stupid eye tick is back.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Too much time has passed

How can I possibly catch everyone up? Well, the 5 pods of my belongings arrived Wednesday. Jon-David had to meet the truck because I was stuck giving the PSAT at school. I slept on the living room floor that night listening closely in case anyone attempted to steal my stuff. As it turns out, no one wanted it.

Thursday I took off from school and worked madly unpacking as much as I possibly could. The phrase of the day became "back bedroom" which is where I put everything that I didn't specifically have a space planned. It was quite a bit of stuff. Diane came over in the afternoon and helped a ton.

Friday was back to school. I got a little done Friday night, but no where near as much as I had wanted to get done. To the right are three dogs. The two in the foreground I think are visitors. Look in the back, on the steps, that little weiner dog . . . coco is her name . . . is a hellion. I mean a barker. Not occasionally, not sometimes, all of the freakin time. I'm choosing to be charmed by her, but things may get ugly. Coco is my next door neighbor, sure people live in the house, but they have not made their presence known in quite the same fashion as Coco. In fact, there is a chance that they are deaf, otherwise they surely would have ripped poor Coco's vocal cords out long before now.

Saturday morning I picked up the U-Haul truck at 7:30. Started at the apartment. Diane met Jon-David and I and we took the bed apart and emptied the apartment. Then Jon-David and I headed over to the storage unit. A fine packing job if I do say so myself. Got all of that out and then headed over to Mom and Dad's. Fran was there working on mom's computer, so I got to give her the ceramic fish from the garage sale. Good thing she has a sense of humor, because those fish are just funny looking.

Roseanne and Drew came over at 2. We were beasts; all of the heavy stuff was unloaded and in the house shortly after three. Then two of my friends from the cult came over, John and Shari. Shari brought her daughter Montana (a pistol I tell you, a pistol.)

As some of you may remember, I packed my stuff using lots of bubble wrap and plastic wrap. I have to tell you, the stuff worked great. So, loads of it was being thrown in the trash. At one point we sent Montana out to get it, so we could cover stuff that would go in the attic. Montana did a small bubblewrap fashion show before handing it up to her mother on the ladder behind her!

They helped get stuff arranged and finish up moving some of the awkward stuff in. The big green sofa ended up in the garage, and the love seat ended up in the dining room. Hmmm.

Later, as I continued to figure out where stuff should go, they started working on the living room. I thought they did a lovely job, and Eva seemed happy with it, so it stays. (See photo below.)

Diane continued to work in the kitchen. She is a blessing I tell you.

Sunday, I got up to go to church. Hunted around for a warm top, looking, looking, looking. Finally, found what I was after. Theeeeennnnn I started looking for the right pair of shoes, looking, looking, looking. Finally gave up and said screw it. God obviously wanted me to stay at the house and clean! The dining room has boxes around the area rug because it has been wrapped in my attic for the last three years, so the edges all curl up. Trying to fix that. The hoosier cabinet is in the kitchen. Looks like it belongs doesn't it? As you can tell, I haven't put the same interest in cleaning the kitchen as I have other parts of the house.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Getting ready for the move

Sadly, the first part of getting ready for the move includes cleaning. ugh. As it turns out there is a lot of dirt in that house. I took all of the sheers down and started washing them. I'm putting them through twice because the water is so dirty in the washer after the first run, they can't possibly be clean.

I've cleaned most of the baseboards and doorways etc. I cleaned the main bathroom. The two front bedrooms are vacuumed and steam cleaned. Diane, that fabulous girl, came over Sunday afternoon and started working on the kitchen. Every time I went into the kitchen I got overwhelmed, turned around and left.

Friday night was the homecoming football game. Once again we just killed the other team. The boys are going to be in no way prepared to play a hard team for finals at the rate they are going.

I got incredibly annoyed with 2 of the other game monitors. They were standing on either side of a lady trying to watch her baby boy get patched up after an injury on the field. The mother had a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old running amok on the stands. I had to go over and corral the boys so THEY wouldn't end up damaged. Both of the monitors just kept standing there. Grrrr.

Saturday I cleaned. Jon-David came over and brought cleaning supplies, although we still had to make a run to Home Depot. We ate lunch at a place near the house called Kitchen 1924. It was misleading. The sign on the window that said Daily Specials lured us in for what we thought was good cheap food. This place was so pretentious the only tea they had was vanilla; and it tasted weird.

Got back to the house and then Mom and Dad came by to check the house out. As they were leaving my friend Burgundy and her mom came by. When they left, I had to run to the dry cleaners to get the clothes I planned on wearing to homecoming. So, all in all, I really didn't get much done.

The dance was fun. I was in the front collecting the ballots for queen, so I was unable to catch all of the silly drunks. The fire alarm went off at about 11pm. That was crazy. It was a real alarm, but they weren't sure of what caused it. So, after evacuating the dance and standing around for about 15-20 minutes everyone charged the place so that they could get their t-shirts from the dance of all things. (Every dance gives out a t-shirt as part of the price of going to the dance. The kids love their t-shirts. Weird.) On the upside, the dance was pretty much over at that point, so we got to leave a little early.

Sunday morning I went to the 9am service in the chapel of Incarnation. Another church service gone bad. Not as bad as the chapel at St. Michael's, but still just not right. The music is modernized? I think there is an electric guitar. I don't know, but not my favorite. I'll try the main church next week. After church, I went over to Ann's to go with her to Kerygma (the teaching service focusing on the book of John) at 11am.

I didn't get over to the house until almost 2, but Sunday was much more productive. It rained like cats and dogs most of Sunday. I took Eva out this morning and most of the front yard at the apartments was under water. It was a quick potty break.

So, I'm at school. I have a headache. I don't want to do anything, yet, as always, I have a ton to do. sigh.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

You may call me a homeowner!

I can't believe it worked out. I missed the actual closing time, but I got a call saying the seller agreed to x and y, but it has to close and fund today. This would be a problem since the administration gets so bent out of shape when I leave the building ENTIRELY. I did manage to hunt someone down for coverage for part of my 6th period class, at which point I hauled ass to the title company.

I ran like a chicken with my head cut off the rest of the day. 6th and 7th were hopping. 8th was the usual insanity. I left right after school to go over to the house and get the keys from Mr. Johnson. Ran home let Eva out, changed shoes so my toes wouldn't get cold at the football game, back to school, finished what I was doing when I left, went downstairs to grab a hamburger for the cheerleader fundraiser dinner, poked my head in the volleyball match because Georgia one of my e-i-c's is a captain, headed over to the stadium for the football game, got home at almost 11pm.

Jon-David called and thought he would give me attitude about how many people I had called to tell about the house at some point. I pointed out that I hadn't called anyone. He tried to trip me up with a "well what did Fran say" and I swung back with "I haven't had time to talk to her yet." I got a small little "oh" in reply. Grrrrr

OK, I am heading to the dry cleaners in an effort to get the only skirt that even comes close to being ok for the homecoming dance cleaned before heading over to begin cleaning the house! Homecoming Dance is at 8. More Monday.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Homecoming/Closing/Nervous Breakdown

It's a toss up folks. This has been a stressful week, and I can't decide what will be the thing to send me over the edge into the land of nervous breakdown. Will it be the 15 college recs I need to start writing? The reflexive essays I need to make myself grade? The numerous ripple effects of having a student take advantage of all the things I've done to make it easier to run the yearbook room while bending rules willy nilly? Perhaps the selling of my existence for a house I'm crazy for but we all know I probably shouldn't be buying? (Hush Mom) Maybe it will be the final days in the 500sq ft cave in which I've been living? So hard to tell.

The closing papers were sent to me yesterday afternoon after 4:30. I had just left school to go home, let Eva out and go walking with Ann. Mr Johnson calls me right after the title company lady and tells me I bring about 3,000 to closing. WHAT?

I get over to Ann's and since she's done a lot of mortgages lately, she was able to fairly easily look at the HUD with me and help me figure out the taxes are the problem. All along I've been told they would collect taxes from Mr. Johnson and they would come to my side of the account, so I wouldn't owe money at closing, but I would be responsible for the tax bill. The instructions for closing document from the mortgage companys says that the title company collects taxes from both of us, so not only was I missing his taxes I was owing an additional 1,000 for mine. That took up most of the night. At any rate, it was left with some poor lady at the mortgage company being told, "let me know. That is not what I agreed to and I don't have the money for that." We'll see if I really close at 11am or not. I was supposed to actually go over to my friend Burgundy's last night, and I was supposed to call Diane. Hard to remember to do things when you are in the middle of spazzing out.

For those who remember from last year, Spirit Week was a bit of a mess at HP because our seniors like to have a dress up day specially for the seniors that they lovingly call "Thug Day" didn't play out well in the press. It was rumored that the Penguin was the one that told the press. Thankfully, this year has been pretty calm.

My business manager went before the honor council yesterday, but I haven't heard what their suggesting was for the final outcome. I'll try to find Mr. Williams this morning for scoop. I spoke to all of my classes yesterday in general terms and tried to emphasize how interdependent we are and how much trust I put in them everyday. I'm not sure if it took, but I hope so.

Fun story, so a friend is out and about when she meets up with lady A that she knows. Lady A begins telling her about her child's English teacher and how mean the teacher is. Child needed to go to the bathroom, teacher told her no, child tramatized. At the beginning of the convo my friend says, "Oh yes, I know her, we're friends". Lady A continues talking. Friend says," Well, she was at my house for dinner last night, I'll ask her about it." Lady A finally realizes she's an idiot. . . and we hear it's a small world playing in the background. Just so you know, it was before class, and I told her she had better hurry and not be late. I'm not actually trying to cause the world's teen population to have bladder infections.

I spoke to Fran very early this morning. I knew she would be up because Valerie is coming by with baby Cecilia to say goodbye. They are heading back to Virginia. If you read this today, say a little prayer for Fran and company. She needs air hugs and love.

I think I have managed to take care of all the stuff that goes with moving. I was able to go online and sign up for electricity, gas, dish and an alarm system. (That may actually be a problem, since I don't have a landline. I am researching that). I have the 5 containers of all of my worldly possessions arriving Wed morning. When I'm cleaning on Saturday (hopefully), I plan to contemplate the world, the house and how to arrange the furniture.

I was talking to Jon-David the other night about what I've organized etc. I had arranged to get a U-Haul Wednesday night. He felt this was a poor plan. That perhaps I should focus on emptying the containers first then get the UHaul for Saturday and do that second. I don't care if he is right, he shouldn't upset me right before bed. Sigh. So, I went back and changed that.

I met with Mr. G and Mr. T this week. Who are they you ask? They are the gentlemen from the committee for the tabletop book. I am supposed to get a contract to them to peruse regarding my authorship of the book. Doesn't that sound cool? Elizabeth, the published author : ) Not just notes on the bathroom walls anymore.

Well, I'm sure I have left out all sorts of fun stories. My apologies for that. When I have internet in my home, it will make it much easier to keep everyone updated. So, for those of you that enjoy the blog, pray for the closing to work out!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yearbook staff and Photos

Most of the yearbook staff, I tried to put the names of the editors on their shirts, but I doubt it is readable.
Voila. One prairie style house built in 1921. Some characteristics of the prairie style house (revolutionized by Frank Lloyd Wright) are low pitched roof, overhanging eaves, horizontal lines, central chimney, open floor plan, rows of small windows, one story projection. We've studied the house, and I think there was a second chimney in the middle of the house that is hidden behind walls.

So the one on the left is of the living room. The big area rug stays and the fireplace is on the far right. You can see the legs of Mr. Johnson the seller of the house. It is a nice size living room, but I haven't quite figured out how the furniture is going to fit. I'm pretty certain I will be having a great garage sale. The walls throughout the house are peach and they have thick texturing on them. Yuck.

The photo on the left is of the front bedroom. Lots of windows very bright, I'm probably going to put the sewing machine, my desk and stuff like that in it. There is carpet in the bedrooms but wood floors underneath. Probably won't be able to go to town on the floors immediately, but I'm looking forward to when I can.

I don't know if he is leaving all of the sheers or not. There are two for every window, so even if they stay, I'm going to not have so many. They are also at a very odd length, so I'll probably shorten them so they fit the windows properly

In the dining room , you can tell it is shaped funny. That is because a bathroom was added at some point and it was put right in the dining room. You can see the door to the bath room on the left side of the photo. The kitchen is at the back of the house. The kitchen is big, but it needs to be updated. That will be low on my priority list.

I haven't included any photos of the bathrooms because they are both bad. High on the list of things to be fixed.

There was lots of stuff laying around, so I'm hoping he will have taken all his crapola before closing. He is leaving the fridge, washer and dryer. So more stuff for the garage sale. The yard is a nice size. I'm looking forward to getting to weed. Hopefully before it gets too dang cold. My plan is to clean this weekend (did I mention it is also homecoming?) and the storage pods will be delivered Wednesday. Thursday I've taken off to start unloading said PODS.

Hope you like the photos!

Once again, it's been a while

It's really hard to keep up this blog with so much in my life going on.

I close on the house October 13th (Friday). I'm excited, and I'd like to find a way to have the house blessed before I move in. I've never done that before but for some reason it feels improtant to do it for this house. I'm fast running out of time to arrange that. And, now that I think about it, I haven't arranged for electricity, gas, city services etc, so I might want to get working on that.

I had a Barnabas retreat this weekend. The cult is at it again. Poor Jon-David got stuck wtih Eva. (He was quite put out Cat didn't come too). I headed up to Camp Copass in Denton. Slept on terribly uncomfortable bunk beds and trie to face the things in my life keeping me from the Zen like peace for which I yearn.

I actually think I did well, but you'll have to talk to me for details. (I have to hold somethings out.)

I discovered Thursday that my business manager on the yearbook staff (position of utter trust, responsible for deposits, payments, lots and lots of stuff) has been leaving her study hall class, coming to the yearbook room and writing notes as if she were me on email excusing herself from from study hall. Oh, and she's been excusing a friend of hers that I have never met. The whole thing just kills me. In the end her greatest distress was that of being in trouble. It makes me feel many things but sad is probably the greatest emotion. I don't exactly how this will end, but the details of the story are demoralizing to me. I write about it because to not write would deny the importance of what happened.

The adoption of Cecilia looks like it will go through, and although it hurts my heart, and I know it is breaking Fran's heart, she is going to a good home and will grow up safe and happy.

Monday was Columbus day. I needed to write college recs, but the love wasn't in me, so I decided to wait to write that. I did pick up my laundry from Jon-David's (he dropped by my apartment and picked it up while I was gone - how sweet is THAT??) I walked in the morning with Ann and in the evening with Diane (getting my socializing and exercise in). Of course, in the evening we foolishly took Eva. I had to carry her for some of it. Poor thing just was plum worn out.

So, I have stopped long enough to update. I need to get back to making my list of things to do. It is quite long as you can imagine. I will do my very best to update in a more timely fashion.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Back to work

I didn't get the inspection report until this morning. I went through it, no surprises. I'm waiting to hear from Lisa to tell her what it says and get some advise.

I went over to the house on Saturday with Ann, Mike, Diane and Jon-David. I think it passed their inspection too : ) I went by Mom and Dad's later to check on Dad. He had taken some pain pills, so I don't think he was feeling that great. After that, Jon-David and I went to his mom's house for dinner and hung out with her and his Aunt Joannie.

Sunday morning I went to church with Ann and Mike. They have a new service called Kerygma. It's a teaching service. I really enjoyed it. I'll probably try to go to the 9am service at Incarnation and then this 11am service with them.

Went to lunch with them, then hung out by their pool. Nothing too exciting.

School was ok today. I came back after taking care of Eva and getting dinner to finish grading. (The end of the six weeks was Friday, so you might say I was a little behind.) Almost 1/3 of my English students are failing. Tragic. Primarly from not turning work in.

Tomorrow morning I am going to a yearbook workshop in Denton. I'll only miss 1st and 2nd, so I'll be here for the afternoon. Oh goody.