Monday, October 2, 2006

Back to work

I didn't get the inspection report until this morning. I went through it, no surprises. I'm waiting to hear from Lisa to tell her what it says and get some advise.

I went over to the house on Saturday with Ann, Mike, Diane and Jon-David. I think it passed their inspection too : ) I went by Mom and Dad's later to check on Dad. He had taken some pain pills, so I don't think he was feeling that great. After that, Jon-David and I went to his mom's house for dinner and hung out with her and his Aunt Joannie.

Sunday morning I went to church with Ann and Mike. They have a new service called Kerygma. It's a teaching service. I really enjoyed it. I'll probably try to go to the 9am service at Incarnation and then this 11am service with them.

Went to lunch with them, then hung out by their pool. Nothing too exciting.

School was ok today. I came back after taking care of Eva and getting dinner to finish grading. (The end of the six weeks was Friday, so you might say I was a little behind.) Almost 1/3 of my English students are failing. Tragic. Primarly from not turning work in.

Tomorrow morning I am going to a yearbook workshop in Denton. I'll only miss 1st and 2nd, so I'll be here for the afternoon. Oh goody.

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