Friday, September 29, 2006

Time to update

I have a huge list of things to do, but I am updating the blog because I yearn to keep friends and family updated on my kookie life.

Monday ended uneventfully. I should have enjoyed the day more. I went back up to school for a little while to get work done and watch Designed to Sell on the big screen.

Tuesday - After school I drove over to 711 Dumont and got the contract from Mr Johnson. I took it with me and read it to my friend Lisa in Florida. (She was a real estate agent and got me the house in Plano before moving to Florida to do other things). This summer she has been forced to practice real estate from a distance since I call her all of the time for help. She's a lovely girl, and we are very grateful to her.

I had told Georgia (editor-in-chief and volleyball captain) that I would watch some of the vball game before going to my Barnabas get together. So, I raced from meeting Mr Johnson, who is a Southern in all manner most especially that of talking a whole hell of a lot. I didn't see much of the game, just practice, before having to leave. I did see my friend Deborah. She's hanging in there.

After cult activities I raced home to see if I could get ANY reception on my little TV so that I could watch Boston Legal. It wasn't pretty, but I got it. Love that show. Very strange. And funny.

Wednesday I drove over to Mr. Johnson's house on Swiss Ave (very nice) and gave him my offer on the house, signed, sealed and delivered. (Mom, breath deeply and just don't think about it)

Some company gave the district 60 tickets to the Stars game, and since I hang out at my computer a lot I was able to immediately send a reply to the email saying pick me, pick me. So, Jon-David and I got to go to the game. They were GREAT seats on the platinum level. oohhh la la. The new band director, Joel and the assistant, Chad and their wifes were there too so we had a good time.

Oh, and at 10pm the owner of the BMW FINALLY called and left a message. Geez.

Thursday This requires a prep story. About a year or so ago a former student's Dad came to me about a real estate hall of fame table top book he and several other realtors were heading the creation of and they needed back ground info etc from me. In the course of the conversations I told them it sounded cool, and I'd be interested in organizing it for them. Robert (head guy on this) called me earlier in the week and asked to meet with me if I was still interested etc etc. He also emailed copies of several docs to me including a write up of expected costs etc. For author/creative director the amount was listed at $50,000. Now I don't know that they really plan on paying that, but just the thought is delicious! So, I had that meeting at noon.

After school became a ballet of sorts. Jon-David picked me up down the street from the school so that we could race to my eye doctor appt. They want to see me AGAIN in 4 to 6 weeks. Actually I'm very impressed that they have seen me so many times to make sure there isn't any more plaque or whatever on my eye.

We left the eye dr to meet the inspector at 711 Dumont. He had already done most of the house, so we were there forever going over everything again. Jon-David asking 8 million questions etc. I'm supposed to have the report by Saturday morning. He basically said for a house that is almost 100 years old (don't think about it Mom) it is in great shape and it has been well maintained. During the inspection the owner of the BMW called (by the way I still don't know his name). He's going to take it today to find out how much it'll cost to fix it. He is in the Marine Corp (reserve maybe?) and just got back on Wed. night to get my note. That had to make him happy.

We raced from the inspection to Theater Three. Now usually I go to Theater Three with Pam. She always gets tickets, but Jim doesn't like to go (awwwww) Works out great for me because I love to go with her. Since she still is being careful of going out and about, she asked me if I wanted to go. So, although it was weird to be there without her, I dragged Jon-David. (Pam, please get healthy soon.) Boys do not eat up plays the way girls do if you know what I mean. We saw Tennessee Williams' Vieux Carre. It was really good.

Today is the English department meeting which should prove to be fruitful for blog stories. Sadly this year is not a wackadoodle free year for the English department. Thought it might be, but no.

My little eyes are burning from so many late nights this week! However, I have one more to go. Tonight we have Barbeque with the Band and then a home football game.

Now for all of the weekend I have to get my English grading done and Ann and I are going to check out the houses she bought to see if there is anything good to steal for my house since these are going to be torn down to built very chi-chi new houses.

Jon-David's Aunt Joannie is in town, so hopefully I'll get to see her.

Oh, and Dad has surgery today on his rotator cuff. I have already called Mom showing love and support. Bless her heart.

The problem with not being able to write at night (due to the crappy internet access since I continue to pirate) is that I don't remember all the fun stories of the day. I close on October 19th - things should improve soon after.

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