Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday morning

Survived the football game. (A lopsided game, to say the least. I think the score was 59 to 7 or something like that.) Howdy Dance was fine. Word on the street was that all the drunk children were staying in the middle of the huge pack in the center of the gym dancing. I figured they were probably sweating it alllll out, and if they would stay in the middle, I was willing to leave them there.)

I can't say I accomplished much on Saturday. I went up to school, printed out info on a couple of houses (I'm sure they'll turn out to be a) in scary town b) falling apart c) absolutely fabulous and therefore one of the houses that has a price tag enough out of my range but with no chance of dropping. But, at times like these, I just call my sister Fran, get updated on the chaos in her world right now and feel better about my lot in life.

However still in a bit of a funk, I did go shop a wee bit with Ann. We went to TJ Maxx. I have to tell you that place is scary. The clientele is scary too now that I think about it.

I did manage to get 1/3 of the tests graded, and I had a little dinner with Ann and Mike. Then I went home and crashed. Another exciting evening in the land of the Diva.

This morning I am going to St. Michael's chapel service. I haven't been since the chapel was redone a couple of years ago.

After that, I'll be checking out the neighborhoods of the houses I found, going to the high school musical and then finishing grading. OK, well, don't forget to let me know what is going on in your world people.

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