Friday, September 8, 2006

My jeans are soooo tight

To go back to an earlier tirade. I packed all of my fat jeans. I left myself one pseudo fat pair which means I had to lay down on the bed to zip the suckers up. I have NO bending capabilities today. Yikes.

I was supposed to get a bunch of grading done last night, but I decide perhaps I would do better to finish re-reading The Hobbit. I'm not totally done, but that means I still have a lot of grading to do this weekend.

My Barnabas group has made plans to have dinner tonight. It's not until 7pm! Obviously I'm going to have to have a smackeral of something beforehand, otherwise I might pass out before dinner ever arrives.

I am sad to note that Mom and Dad will close on 2500 Stone Creek this afternoon at 2pm. The house I grew up in will no longer be in the family. On the other hand, Mom swears she is now thiiiissss close to retiring. humph. We'll see if THAT really happens.

Ok, deep breath, and I begin the day in the tightest jeans ever.

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