Thursday, September 21, 2006

Going to look at houses . . . again

Makes me tired, that's all I can say. I haven't even looked at any all week. Monday night I went to dinner with Fred (one of the greatest English teachers ever) and Jack Perkins (new English teacher at the school, no relation, but getting lots of his emails) at Cafe Express. So, I did eat healthy. Then off to book club. Great house, nice size group; I think all parents except for the 3 teachers, so total of 18-20 people. I only knew 1 of the parents because her daughter was on the yearbook staff several years ago. Ended up with a long list of books I want to read, although the group only chooses 6 a year.

Tuesday I had Barnabas. However, the wrestling team is having a garage sale. It has turned into a huge motha' of a sale. They have borrowed a 700 ft warehouse that is full stem to stern with stuff. It is probably the coaches last year, and although he is quite the curmugin at times, he is a wonderful person, so I went over to the warehouse to help price after school. It was hot and humid. I had great difficulty pricing some of the stuff. I wanted it. So, did I price it low, so I could afford it or price it high so no one else would take it . . . hmmmmmm. Then I remembered I have no home and no place for anything. sigh.

Barnabas was good. It was nice to see everyone, and it was good to remind myself of my goal of zen. Get myself refocused.

Last night, Jon-David and I went over to my friend Diane's for dinner. It was excellent. After dinner we all drove by some of the houses on my list, which means several got X off by Jon-David. He is such a stickler for no crack houses next door, it can't be falling down, blah, blah, blah.

I called BK afterwards, and we are going to look at 2 houses this afternoon.

In the meantime, the yearbook appears to be rolling along. This week began the "buy their love program," one of my personal favorites I might add. The editors asked the English teachers to pass surveys out to all of their students, so Monday the Highlander delivered flowers to all of the English teachers. Tuesday, in an effort to continue spreading the love, the girls delivered flowers to all of the support staff, counselors and the administrators. I told the girls, now is the time to ask for whatever it is you want from people!

Also, it was nice this week when two different teachers were upset about the way journalism students entered the room, and NEITHER student was one of mine! That's right baby, I'm teaching 'em right.

My 8th period continues to be unbelievably goofy. However, one of my editors didn't want to be in some math class, so she is now a TA in my English class. Hot dog baby.

I talked to my friend Pam in Florida. . . She is PREGNANT. I am so excited for her. It is awesome. Keep her and the baby in your prayers, heck go ahead and keep Chad in them too. I know everyone wants to get past 12 weeks to feel a little more confident. Go Pam and Chad. Good work : )

Fran is much more relaxed these days, although Mom now has some drama going down over will she or will she not really retire. Odds start at 50 to 1. She's also stressing because Dad blew his rotator cup (the man will do anything to get out of mowing ha ha). So he has to have surgery. Go ahead and just pray for me on this one. ; )

Jon-David's Aunt Joannie comes into town today for a week. She's the oldest of the family. Hopefully we'll get to hang out with her a little bit. The balloon festival is this weekend too, so as usual it will probably be hopping this weekend. Off to the salt mines.

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