Monday, September 25, 2006


Friday at noon BK met me at a house in Bluffview. It looked like it might be a foreclosure, so something I could possibly talk the price down and then afford. The house was just kookie. Some coke sniffing freak was in charge of adding on . . . several times it looks like. After we parted ways, I called her with a questions and in the course of conversation she let me know it would be a fine plan for me to use a different real estate agent for a while. That's how low I've gotten. I've been fired by my real estate agent. Put "high maintenance" on my forehead and call it done. She really is trying to get her own house remodeled and liveable, so I totally understand. It does make me want to make jokes about the patheticness (this may not be a word, but it should be) of my search. Champagne taste on a beer budget. I don't even like champagne or beer.

Saturday morning I worked the wrestling garage sale until noon. At about 10am we were all looking at each other trying to figure out how it wasn't already 4 in the afternoon. Shortly after that it started to rain, I mean hard rain slanting into the parking garage getting everything wet rain. I didn't think there was any chance of ballooning in the afternoon, but it did clear up.

After the garage sale I went out to look at houses. I found one I am really keen for - you can look it up if you choose. It is 711 Dumont. Very cute. Yes, I yearn for it. There aren't pictures of the inside, but it is a really solid house. We'll see if I manage to make it mine. I'm really still in a total funk cause I think this is a great house, really solid, yada yada, but It's about $15,000 more than I can afford. So little, and yet, so very, very much.

I ballooned Saturday afternoon in the Plano Balloon Festival. Great weather. Fast flight though cause the winds were to the south and there just aren't a lot of places to land.

So, Sunday I miss church. I couldn't quite make 9am, but I couldn't find a 9:30 service anywhere. What is up with that? Apparently the Episcopalians have boycotted 9:30 services.

I was planning on ballooning Sunday afternoon, so I left the apartments with the intention of going to my parents house. Backing up carefully so as not to hit the fence on my left, I instead nailed the BMW sedan behind me to the right. Good news, no damage to Teflon (I highly reccomend the Ford Escape to anyone with a propencity to hit things.) Bad news, nailed the BMW quite nicely. I left a note, but remain on pins and needles having not heard from the owner yet. If the note is still there when I get home, do I get to take it back? I didn't think so. Spoke to my favorite insurance agent ever, who kindly informed me that I'm on the "people we don't want to insure" list already, so I'm really screwed if I turn this in. Can't wait to find out what this will cost me.

I hung out at Mom and Dad's expecting to balloon, but it was cancelled because of high winds. So, I made an appointment to see another house. It is one street over from the Dumont house, but it totally needed to be leveled (this costs approx $10,000) and it cost the same as the Dumont house.

I had to be at school early today to give a make-up test, and I'm here this afternoon to give it. I'll be cleaning up dog pee this afternoon for sure. I think I may come back up here (with Eva) and watch some TV and get some work done tonight. I have got to get my ducks in a row!!

I can't even focus at this point. There are a ton of calls I need to make, but they all need to be made during the day. grr.


  1. The "posting a comment experience" has changed - and not for the better. I'm typing in a 200 character window, that is only 10 characters wide. I've totally forgotten what I was going to say....

  2. And, having said that, I find myself back in the old "Leave your comment" format. How very Alice-In-Wonderland. I was falling in a tiny little window, but everything seems back to normal now.

    Are we finished with the Hobbit now? Did you get through it? What's next?