Thursday, September 21, 2006

shoot me now

I got my paycheck yesterday. Since I am not teaching a 6th class this year, thank you very much Marta for screwing up my year, the COLA we got doesn't equal it, so my paycheck is less than it was last year. This will become important in about 2 paragraphs.

The network went down in the yearbook room, so basically, no one was able to get anything done today. I spent most of 8th period trying to get my English students to stop talking and listen as I worked with them on how to respond to a short answer essay question. Mind you these are all students who basically FAILED an exam of short answer essay questions.

Immediately after school I met BK at the real estate office to go look at houses. We looked at five and drove by 2. They are shit. This is because all I can afford to purchase is shit. In fact, thanks to people previously named, I can afford less than shit. Two of the houses we got totally creeped out and left within about 2 minutes of walking in the door. That kind of shit. BK is working her butt off to get her own house fixed (she bought one to flip), and I think she is getting a little tired of showing me houses. I think she is going to go work for some company which means she won't have as much time to show houses to me either. There's also a chance she is not having a lot of fun being part of the "we're going to offer you way less than you are asking for on the off chance you might say yes, but knowing it will more likely piss you" team.

So, I get home after seeing all of the houses that totally suck (may I add at least 2 were potentially out of my price range) and discover Eva has peed on the floor and Cat has hurled on the bed. Great. Just fabulous.

For dinner this evening I am eating double stuffed Oreo cookies and milk. I have hit a new low. If Jon-David knew, he would have a coronary. "That is not healthy, you eat food that is bad for you and then you get sick, you have to take care of yourself." Blah, Blah, Blah. Alright, I put the stupid oreos away.

Oh, and I don't think I have anything to wear to school tomorrow. What kind of absence does that count as? School safetly, professional courtesy or personal illness . . . I'm ill because my life sucks and I have nothing to wear.

Ah, but at least I am able to pirate internet access this evening to enable friends and family to be a part of the hell that is my world. Don't try to call, I'll be taking a bath.

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