Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday: High chance Zen comes under mortar attack

My stomach felt wobbly most of the day. Not like I was going to be violently ill (I'd already done that) just not so great. Today it is iffy because I am wearing the jeans of pain, although I do want to acknowledge they aren't quite as uncomfortable as they were last week. Hmmm, if I eat sushi every third day I could lose 6 lbs a week . . . I like it.

Well, I managed to at least see a couple of houses yesterday. I fell of the front step of one and my pinky toe started bleeding like a stuck pig. That was fun. I don't think I'm ever going to find a house. I'm going to live in the 500 square foot apt with no bedroom until they tear the damn thing down around me.

I managed to get to the grocery store so I have a little food in the fridge.

Monica called me on her commute to pick up The Empress (my niece, Nicole). I realized this morning that she picks her up at 3pm, so on the average day I'll be ripping my hair out staring at my freshmen English students and unable to talk. Crap.

Today is the pep rally (that I have to monitor students at), the football game (again, monitoring students and sadly some adults) and the Howdy Dance (monitoring for drunk students). I can party on a Friday like no other.

Off to the salt mine. . .

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