Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Now I'm unhappy

I finally got around to updating this damn thing, then I closed it out accidently. shit shit shit.

Let's see how quickly I can redo this. I achieved Zen by Thursday evening. That lasted all of 24 hours before I caught a virus and was puking my guts out and deathly ill. Saturday was the fun day of the workshop, I, however, remained upstairs in the room dying. Sunday I was able to be verticle, but I didn't make the party at the end of the workshop, I went to bed.

Monday I moved into the apartment. That took all of 2 hours. It helps tremendously to not actually have many possessions. I think the guy that lives above me is noctural. He makes a lot of shuffling noise late into the night. Very annoying. Guy across the hall is the maintenance guy. Smokes. Makes the front hall smell gross. My mid afternoon I started to feel gross again.

I got to school Tuesday morning only to discover the chillers had gone out over the weekend so the entire building was filled with very still, very hot air. ugh. Didn't feel that great Tuesday either.

After school I raced out of the building to attend Phyllis Long's memorial service (she's Deborah's mom). It was very beautiful. I wasn't going to attend the Barnabas workshop for many reasons, but at the last minute she and Deborah worked together to convince me to do it. I'm very glad I did. Before it started Deborah gave me a cross from her mom. I will always cherish it. One part of Barnabas involves the opportunity to "talk to God". As it turns out, one of the men that spoke at Phyllis' service . . . played the part of God. How great is that?

After that, I was back at school in time for Open House. I didn't humilate myself so I consider the evening a success. Even the English class part went well. I had a mom waiting on me after that to work on a senior ad before she went out of the country. Finished that by 8:30 or so. I had dropped my car at the apartment after the service, so at the end of the evening I walked home. Delightful.

I got up this morning and walked to school. Stopped long enough to watch the band on the practice field then continued my morning jaunt to school.

6th period is about to start. Not doing spell check sorry - that is what screwed me up last time.


  1. Hey, if doing spell check slows you down, by all means skip it. I hate checking your blog and there being no update! It is the highlight of my internet surfing each day!

    Sorry to hear you were so sick. Glad you are better.

  2. I, too, am sorry you were sick and am glad to have an update. I work with Engineers and am trained to ignore typos. I, too, have had blogspot crash during spell-check so you have my backing completely!

    I didn't realize you were in walking distance to work. Amazing. No more lengthy commute calls.