Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zen has left the building

I had it. It was good. It has gone. I started getting an eye tick on Monday. By Wednesday the 8 million mothers who wanted to do senior ads (and we do mean RIGHT NOW) were making me nuts. I had one of the creative account managers from Jostens, Mark, come and work with the editors to see if anything needed to be tweaked etc. He was great, but I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I started getting a headache about the middle of the day, took one of my migraine pills at one point, and by 8th period was thinking of hurting the little children.

After 8th I took another pill, got myself organized and headed out the door. As I walked home I studied the path thinking, there's a trashcan, good, good, Ok, I could barf over there, oh no, children on the corner, can't barf, can't barf, can't barf. OK, now I can be sick up there . . .

Made it home. Like an idiot I'm getting ready to lay down and I think, I'll take 2 more migraine pills . . . moments later as I discovered what sushi and taboli tastes like coming up (not good), I contemplated the pills I saw swirling about thinking, can I pull them out? No, I didn't.

Took more pills and laid on the bed thinking about the joys of heaven and how much better it must be than clutching my head/stomach simultaneously cursing the fates. Around 8 or so, Ann showed up to be sure I was still alive (she refused to stop knocking till I answered - that's determination cause it took me a while) and checked on me, got me a 7-up and walked Eva. Is that friendship or what???

I talked to Jon-David a little after that, and finally slept for about 2 or 3 hours. Woke up between 11 and 12 and never went back to sleep again. Not a lot of people around to entertain me in the middle of the night, but wait, what is that area code . . . that's right, I called MaryBeth in Japan who was quite surprised, but delighted to hear from me. Did I mention surprised?

I could have gotten up and done stuff, but I had taken so many pills of various sorts to try to sleep I was a little unsteady on my feet.

Fran sent me a text at the crack of dawn asking if I was up. She too had the problem of being awake at an ungodly hour with a limited number of people who would welcome communication at that hour. I was Johnny on the spot.

Ann is subbing for me which is good cause I still don't feel that great. I have papers to grade and such, so I'll be trying to at least get some things done today . . .especially since I don't have a tv to entertain me as I while away the day. Just Eva and Cat. They aren't as entertaining as you might think.

Good news, I was up for so long thinking about the loss of Zen that I may have been able to get some of it back. We'll see. I was after all alone in the dark when I found it again. I'm out of bed now, and at some point I'll have to deal with people again.

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