Friday, September 4, 2015

Thriving on Chaos

That may not be correct. I'm not certain thriving is the right word, but man, do I have some chaos in my life right now.

As far as yearbook goes, the beginning of school is going pretty well. The leadership team is definitely in sync, they want to lead and I think they are doing a great job.

The directories are putting gray hairs on my head. Not sure why we had a procedure in place that worked well, and now we don't...

Once again the decision to sell my house and then charge forward pell mell as school starts could be used later in my sanity hearing. That I am sure will be happening soon.

I should write more, but I got no time!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

House Flipping & boot camp

So I have once again decided that it is time to sell a home and move on to my next project. Basically prices are so good I can't resist. I might regret this since I am financially committed, but there are no homes really available. At all. I'm screwed.

However, I am fully engrossed in the process. I have a POD coming on Thursday that I will immediately begin filling with my precious belongings and I'm hoping the new granite counters will be installed Monday.

Photos to follow!

In the meantime I have decided this is Boot Camp August. I have gone to the grocery store and purchased healthy food. I am committed to working in the yard each day and walking the dogs.

No wimping out!!