Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Almost out of time . . .

As you can guess, the last couple of days have been nuts. I chose to top it off with a migraine that started this morning.

I took my laptop, dual layer burner and video camera to HSM to meet with Darrell (one of the boys on The Book committee.) He got one of their tech guys to try to help me. Now, when I took the laptop it had been trying to convert a video file I downloaded for 2 hours (mind you it was a 50 minute recording). That took another hour, but it meant I had to enter the building carrying a bunch of crap AND an open laptop. Good thing this sucker is small.

We didn't solve the problem, but we semi-worked around it. As always, will be time consuming.

Then I had to haul bootie to Preston Center to meet with Lindsey the PR girl for the book. She's really nice and we talked for a little bit, but as I was getting there I started thinking that I had a headache and that was not good. By the time I left I was worried. Really worried.

Sadly, no time yet. I was supposed to meet Diane P. (the lady scheduling everything for the book) at the high school with my box of info on what needs to be done re: whom which I had forgotten. So, got to the high school. Met with her. Told her I would bring the box to her at home tonight.

Got home, grabbed the hellion, tossed her in the car (after she got out of her collar and was running around the street proud of herself for being free. grrrrr.). Got to Park Cities Obedience to drop her off. At this point, I'm barely hanging on. I'm in the place where I am constantly trying to spot the "barf" spot. OK, if I get sick right now, I can, turn to that small sink . . . not a fun game, but important. So, I dropped her off (she didn't care by the way, hardly even looked at me she was so excited to see the other dogs.)

Got home, took sleeping pills because I eyeballed my headache pills and thought, there are not enought to use now. Woke up several hours later, still had massive headache. Took 4 ibprofen. Did no good, got up an hour later, caved and took the migraine pills. Headache is almost totally gone, but still groggy.

I got a phone call at 11 that woke me up, but at least I got up long enough to move my last load of laudry over (yes, clothes I'll be wearing on the trip in there.) and to finish working on burning disks.

I need to wash my hair, finish packing, finish burning, pick up my dry cleaning in the am. Get these files to Diane and a couple of other odds and ends, then I'll be ready. ha ha ha. No stress. Really, not a problem.

I'm supposed to be at the airport at noon and the flight leaves at 3:30. I'll try to keep up the blogging so that everyone knows what's going on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Catch up

I worked as a docent for the Swiss Avenue Mother's Day home tour. Lots of fun. Then I went and looked at all of the other houses.

Yearbooks had to have 4 stickers. 4 photos that weren't the right photos. One was a senior ad then it was like we might as well change the others too. Even Mom got into the act and helped sticker!

We had the yearbook banquet. The kids were great, they gave me a spa day at Red Door Spa. The next night I went to the Hall of Fame induction for this year's recipients. It was cool. I went by Neiman Marcus, where my neighbor Linda works, and had my make-up done and they even fixed my hair. Very cool. I might have a picture at some point to show.

Did I mention when I was supposed to see my neighbor across the street play at Collin County Community College? I stopped to get gas, left the car running, locked the keys in the car . . spent two hours with two guys trying to break in when they finally did . . . sigh.

This past week I thought I left my purse sitting in the drive way when I went to home depot. Got home, no purse, freaked out. Starting cancelling credit cards, in the middle of canceling the second when I see my purse sitting on my bed. sigh.

I'm still doing tons of interviews. Trying to get them all done before going to Europe. Totally stressing out.

OK, that pretty much covers it. Now, I have to go be sad with my neighbors.


I guess I have some catching up to do.

First and foremost, I need to say goodbye to Eva. She had a hard weekend, and it was time. She was my beautiful baby even if she was 16, old, usually confused and not having fun anymore. Mom and Dad met me at the vets, and we put her down.

Friday, May 4, 2007


They arrive Monday morning 7:30am. Nuff said.

The Book

Interviews continue. I am getting loopy from doing so many interviews. I need to actually be writing, but I can't get to that because I'm so busy doing the interviews. sigh.

Mother of All Garage Sales

Well, it didn't earn the amount of money that I had hoped, and sitting around all day waiting for people to decide to buy my crap was a beating, but I did get the flat screen TV. It is a beauty. Of course, I still have the stuff that didn't sell and that the charity didn't deam worthy of taking. Sad really that I have so much stuff that is only curb worthy.

Saaavvveee meeeeee

MB requested new photos. Apparently the war wound from walking the hellion wasn't doing it for her. So, this is what creates me when I get home. She bounces and peers out the window until I cave and open the door. Rotten punk.

When I get sick . . .

I get sick. Wednesday night I was up until 1am trying to finish stuff up. I woke up at 2am hurling my guts out and stuff. So, I tried to go into to school since I'd already been out four days in the last week, made it for about 30 minutes and then begged for a sub. I had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Got back home, went to bed, and lolled about wishing for death. Every joint ached. I took 5 baths and couldn't get up until after 5pm. I didhave some chicken noodle soup before going back to bed at about 7pm.

I was still really tired today, but at least I made it through the day.