Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reporter loses job for blogging

Stories like this are good reminders for me. One, what I write can get me in trouble no matter how well I think I've separated this blog from my real existence. Two, not everyone gets humor. Or thinks I'm funny (no matter how crazy that sounds.) Three, writing is a release. Having an audience allows for feedback, and we live in a world where no one ever wants anyone to step out of the "politically correct zone" Employers and vigilantes suck.

In other news, the real estate book (2nd edition) which I was supposed to have totally completed by the middle of July has at least finally gone to the printer. Still have proofs, but I'm a hellofa lot closer than I was a week ago.

Next: the real estate exam. Then school starts. ug.

Friday, July 26, 2013

All the shit I have stopped doing

I need to change some things. I am basically cranky as all get out these days. I am trying to take a little time to focus internally and figure out what I need to be changing to "get happy" as it were.

1. I finally ran yesterday for the first time in FOREVER. Now, if I can just keep it going. I know I will feel better.

2. I am getting my derrierre back in church... if you've been following this blog for any length of time you should be thinking, gee this sounds familiar. I am a better person when I am going to church. I just am. So why I let myself slack off and stop going is beyond me. I'm better during the school year about saying my morning prayers before I get in the day, but I am going to work on getting back in that groove too.

3. I need to be writing regularly (see now it looks SUPER familiar because it is all the same things that make me happy and a better person that I stop doing because...well, I have no idea.) Once we get the journalism website up and running again, I'd really like to write regularly about teaching there. Really stretch my writing skills.

4. Probably need to work on my diet. However many years it has been since the gall bladder came out, I am still plagued with issues. It still isn't totally clear to me what exactly sets my stomach off, but I do know healthy eating can only help... sigh. I'm not giving up drinking though. Forget that.

5. I have got to get back on schedule working on the house. I haven't done anything in months, and I can feel it slipping away. I learned how to tile last weekend when my BIL Jim came to town. He is awesome. I am ready to tile, but I have to pull up all the laminate, and then get the pantry put in... so it's the usual time and money. ug.

I'm sure there is more I can kvetch about, but I'm going to stop here. Maybe I can write something profound and soul searching soon. or not. It's really a crap shoot.

I used to be so good at this

I think of things to blog about all of the time. But do I blog? No. I do not. AND since I use this as my journal it means I now have huge gaps in my "memories." tragic really. Now, I have to write brief notes so I have a small chance of remembering things.

Did I write about the trip to Europe? No. And there was a lot to write about. The guy leading the trip was a bit of a wack, and I knew before the trip that I was worried. The kids were GREAT as always, but he just made me tired. I'm glad I went, but I'm glad it is over. At the end of the trip he said I had too many opinions, I talked too much and I cussed. hahaha. As if anyone who has spent 30 minutes with me in the last 20 years couldn't tell you that.

Side note- I took a ton of photos of people practically having sex in public. It was almost a theme of the trip. Total weirdness. We also went to the beach in Rome. Very lovely. I had a lot of fun having not done that before.

Another side note - I would check in with the dog sitter. Totally had to beg her for photos. Seriously, it got to the point I was requesting proof of life because I thought one of them might be dead... sigh.

Palm Springs. I can safely say that Texas is not hotter than hell. Turns out Palm Springs in July is. I went with my friends Scott and Lisa. I had a totally fantastic time. Probably one of the very best vacations I've ever had. Despite the fact after laying in the sun for ten minutes at ten am on the first day the little piece of metal on my swimming suit had literally burned my flesh requiring a wardrobe change!!

Teaching Jostens yearbook camp for three days was the usual BS. The big excitement was that for once when people got pissy with each other I was not at the center of it!! HA I enjoy it, but there are a lot of women that are a little too crazed about yearbooks etc. I just can't get that torqued up over it all.

The Gracie and Dixie continue fighting like mad things. I haven't figured out what I am going to do about that.

I am working desperately to fininsh the damn real estate book and then hand it off to the committee with a thank you and goodby. I am  totally and completely ready to be done with it.