Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Once again, it's been a while

It's really hard to keep up this blog with so much in my life going on.

I close on the house October 13th (Friday). I'm excited, and I'd like to find a way to have the house blessed before I move in. I've never done that before but for some reason it feels improtant to do it for this house. I'm fast running out of time to arrange that. And, now that I think about it, I haven't arranged for electricity, gas, city services etc, so I might want to get working on that.

I had a Barnabas retreat this weekend. The cult is at it again. Poor Jon-David got stuck wtih Eva. (He was quite put out Cat didn't come too). I headed up to Camp Copass in Denton. Slept on terribly uncomfortable bunk beds and trie to face the things in my life keeping me from the Zen like peace for which I yearn.

I actually think I did well, but you'll have to talk to me for details. (I have to hold somethings out.)

I discovered Thursday that my business manager on the yearbook staff (position of utter trust, responsible for deposits, payments, lots and lots of stuff) has been leaving her study hall class, coming to the yearbook room and writing notes as if she were me on email excusing herself from from study hall. Oh, and she's been excusing a friend of hers that I have never met. The whole thing just kills me. In the end her greatest distress was that of being in trouble. It makes me feel many things but sad is probably the greatest emotion. I don't exactly how this will end, but the details of the story are demoralizing to me. I write about it because to not write would deny the importance of what happened.

The adoption of Cecilia looks like it will go through, and although it hurts my heart, and I know it is breaking Fran's heart, she is going to a good home and will grow up safe and happy.

Monday was Columbus day. I needed to write college recs, but the love wasn't in me, so I decided to wait to write that. I did pick up my laundry from Jon-David's (he dropped by my apartment and picked it up while I was gone - how sweet is THAT??) I walked in the morning with Ann and in the evening with Diane (getting my socializing and exercise in). Of course, in the evening we foolishly took Eva. I had to carry her for some of it. Poor thing just was plum worn out.

So, I have stopped long enough to update. I need to get back to making my list of things to do. It is quite long as you can imagine. I will do my very best to update in a more timely fashion.

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