Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 2 in the shark tank

Front runner; Austin. That's right, another out of towner. At least he's in state though. Been texting non-stop. I like him, he has potential.

Following him is Fish face. (so named because in the photo I've seen he's making a kissy face which looks to me like a fish face. I would highly suggest he change it, but I think it actually plays into the character flaws I'm sure will become evident once we meet.) In addition, although he's a nice guy, interesting etc., he's a marathoner. I think he's looking for a running buddy, and let's be clear, I am NO ONE's running buddy. I may run, but I am not a runner.

In the distance, Mr. Baseball. He emails once a day, usually at midnight or so. If he were the only shark I would be so annoyed it's not even funny. As it is, I figure maybe by the time I work through this set, I'll be ready to call him up from the minors.

Pulling up the rear is the German. Bless his heart. The first to make contact, but we have never actually spoken. I can't figure out if he is shy or what. He's now called a couple of times and missed me. We can't quite get it together, so he may disappear before I ever get to meet him. Probably ok.

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