Monday, April 16, 2012

The House

One month in.

I think I've managed to at least get the house to a baseline. How it was before the idiot started four years of no maintenance home ownership.

The disgusting carpet has been removed. Although the front living room and hallways are plywood, which isn't great, I have area rugs down and it's not too horrible. The TV room had laminate beneath the carpet, so that was a blessing. The laminate doesn't bother me, so that will last until I can afford the flooring I want.

The curtains were all removed the first day in an effort to help get the cat smell out of the house. Once I get the new curtains up it will look much more put together.

The vines have all been pulled down from the house. The yard is cleaned up, and I'm making progress on the weeds.

The electrical box that could set the house on fire has been upgraded and moved to outside of the house.

I'm watching the water heater carefully, but when it goes, I'll be getting a tankless heater on the outside of the house.

Once that happens, I can lay wood floors in the front of the house and tile in the back.

At least now, I can start focusing on improvements.

Wall paper needs to come down. Ug. Not a fun job, but needs to happen soon. I need to paint, but I still can't get myself to commit to colors.

The kitchen and master bath need massive work, but that will be completely dependent on my figuring out how to rob a bank ... or win the lottery.

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