Monday, April 9, 2012

Back into the shark tank

So, I decided a couple of weeks ago, the best way to attempt to get over a broken heart would be to date again. Since I am in the world's worst profession for meeting guys I have returned to the glory that is Shoot. Me. Now.

I was concerned at first because in the first 24 hours I had a strange old guy and not very cute young guy email me. This is it? This is what I've come to? I was worried.

Luckily things have picked up. I am now juggling conversations with 3 or 4 guys. Of course, the one that I like the most? He lives in Austin.

I have a guy that asked for my number and has proceeded to text me...tell me about yourself. Are you effin kidding me? Via text? So I said, golly gee that's a big topic... and he said, should we talk? Yeah, he's not gonna last long.

Two asked straight off why I was single. Oh how that one makes me tired. It just makes me want to ask why couldn't you manage to stay married? Just rude.

I keep having to take deep breaths. Dating is a beating. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Love, sharkbait

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