Friday, March 19, 2010

Big spring break fun

I am actually impressed with my total ability to do nothing this week. I am sucking air out of the atmosphere and returning nothing but carbon dioxide. Worthless. I did, however, go to lunch with friends, a lot.

Monday, was lunch with Anonymous. I'm crazy about her, but I haven't gotten to see her much since she no longer works with me. Monday, we did what we could to make up for lost time. We went to lunch...for FIVE hours. Poor people at the restaurant thought we were never going to leave.

She has been a busy girl. She and her husband (who I am madly in love with) bought a house a couple of years ago. She says it was the real estate agent, but that house is like an HGTV series. Good bones, but absolutely nothing when they bought it. Now? Well, now it is a totally rockin' house. Gorgeous! I totally should have taken pictures to post, but she's all shy and shit and probably wouldn't have let me. Not to fear. I'll be back and take stealth pictures. It did make me yearn for a house again, but since I still have a fair about of debt to pay off, best not just yet.

I would like to add that it is only my lack of blogging on certain subjects that gave me anything to talk about since she is a follower of the blog and therefore actually feels that she is keeping up with my life just fine, and since she thinks she is living Groundhog day, she doesn't have so much going on. I am here to tell you, she could blog plenty! So, here is my shout out to Anonymous. I love you! Let's do lunch again soon!!!

Tuesday was lunch with the boys. Robert, aka the Silverback of the group, was all amused with himself because he has come up with a new term. EOD as in
"So what's the EOD?"
"What?" I say
"What's the EOD?"
"You know, what's the excuse of the day." Smart ass. I ordered steak. So there.

Wednesday was lunch with K. I need a decent moniker for her, but all I can ever come up with is "You know, my friend, K. She's cool as shit"... CAS? Na, gonna have to stick with K for now. As always, I enjoyed getting to see her. Since she attended the St. Pat's party, we were able to talk about the bitch coalition. A little about Mr. Potential, and random other topics.

Thursday was lunch with Mimi, Aimee and Lindsay. The fun thing about that? They are the family of the Lout. So, glad he is gone, but what a great family. Lindsay is getting married this summer, and I'd love Mr. P to go to the wedding with me, but I see great opportunity for awkwardness... these are all members of the ex's family, the ex that I want nothing to do with and who caused so much unhappiness in my life, and his family, that I'm really crazy about. Sigh.

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