Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, the irony

This week was spring break. I am on my last "official" day of spring break, and today, I have done, well, nothing. This is pretty much what I did yesterday, and every day this week. On the list of things to do in addition to cleaning the garage (which if you have a brain, you know I did NOTHING on), I was going to blog. Many interesting and fun things. That hasn't really been happening either.

I am managing to keep up with reading some of my favorite blogs, including Miss Britt. Ironically (this is where the irony comes in for those paying attention to the post title) she writes about people using the phrase "this is just like high school." Since I recently had an incident in which this came up, it galvanized me into action or typing as the case may be.

So, last weekend was the infamous Greenville Ave St. Pat's street party. Mr. Potential always has a party of his own to coincide with it. It's a good size party. He has a posse of friends that he has had for many years that come to this party. At any rate, the long and short of it: the girls, not so nice. It was literally shocking to have these women basically brush me off and ignore me all. day. long. There were lots of other people there, so it wasn't as if I was sitting in a corner by myself, but it was still a weird experience.

Someone else actually noted it was a bit high school - the whole clique thing, and perhaps they needed to be reminded that they aren't in high school anymore. I appreciate Miss Britts comments about it NOT being like high school, but as someone who will actually be spending most of her life in high school before it is all said and done, I can tell you that when as an adult I find myself having some type of high school drama; it is always startling. I totally get that high school is a microcosm of life with everyone trapped together learning to exist. I absolutely believe that as an adult I have a lot more choice and control over myself, and how I respond to situations and people. That doesn't change that there are people and situations that just smack of high school.

I think recognizing behavior as being "so high school" is the ability to see someones behavior as being a throw back to high school and recognizing that we don't actually have to put up with it. We. Aren't. In. High. School. Shouldn't we be behaving better than we did in high school? Shouldn't we use better manners as grown-ups than we did when we were hormonal teens trapped in a building against our will 8 hours a day 186 days a year?

One of the interesting pieces to the story for me is that Mr. Potential invites his niece, Missy, and her friends to the party too. In fact, his niece had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and we joined up with Missy and her friends. Then and again at the party, her friends were all extremely nice. They really had no reason to be nice, I'm just the girl dating their friend's uncle. But they were, they included me in their conversations, they smiled and spoke to me as they passed by. And that, in part, is why it was even more obvious that the "bitch coalition" were just badly behaved.

In the end, I did say something to Mr. Potential about the girls. He was very sweet about it, and he said that he has been the go-to guy for these girls when they aren't dating or need a date for something, so maybe there was weird possessiveness in play. I'm really glad that he acknowledged it, I think a lot of guys might have tried to put it off as my imagination or just girl stuff. I don't know why they behaved that way, there is no telling really, but I'm too old to mess with girls that don't have good manners. And that is all I have to say about that.

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