Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alright, so a little time has gone by . . .

Sorry about that. What can I say? I have looked at a ton of houses. I packed like a mad dog all weekend. My friend Diane and her daughter, Kendall (yrbk staffer), came and helped me pack on Saturday. Without them, there would still be nothing packed! Seriously, it is really hard to get in the mood to pack all of this crap.

Monday Ann and I went to the mall for her birthday celebration. : ) In Sephora a huge poster sign fell on my arm . . . I have a bruise, but sadly no free stuff to compensate for the guilt they feel for almost killing me. Bummer.

Looked at more houses today. On the horizon, I found one house that I would love to get at a basement price because it seriously needs work. It is also 864 square feet. Tiiiinnnnnyyy. However, if I get it and add on at the same time, I will pay about what all of these others are costing and get it exactly the way I want it. I'm supposed to meet with a contractor tomorrow to look at it.

Dad came by today and studied the Father's Day list I gave him (things that need to be done to the house per the inspection). Some of the stuff really is stupid. Tighten the toilet to the ground. You have to put weight into it to move it, but heaven forbid it not be tightened. Maybe the guy buying the house has a very very very large hiney. Perhaps he has 300 pounds of weight that will be shaking that toilet every time he sits down.

I have no other news to give at this time. Packing, looking for house, packing, packing, looking for house. This is my world.

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