Friday, June 23, 2006

Misadventures in Selling homes . . . Part I

OK, so in case some of you didn't know here is some background on this part of my adventures.

Some of the double pane windows in the house have lost their omph. There is some fogging between the panes. I get a guy's number and call him out to give me an estimate . . ."After hours Ass" (ok, so I left out the gl - sue me, it's much more appropriate as you will soon see.)
The estimate is for $1300 to replace X number of windows. There isn't anything signed, I just say ok, call me when you are ready to install them.

I talk to Fran immediately afterwards and decide I really don't want to pay that much, I can't afford it, I'll cancel the bathroom window replacement for sure. I call the Ass within 30 minutes of his leaving my home. I ask him to please cancel the bathroom window order. He replies that he has already placed it. I ask him to please call and cancel. He calls me back and says gee I couldn't get them, I'll give you a good deal. I say no, I really can't afford to do those. He says no, no, I'll give you a good deal. Whatever. I ask you, what am I supposed to do at this point? I've already said no, I told him I needed to cancel. He can't force me to buy these things right?

I don't hear from him for another week. He calls to schedule a time to install. I say, I'm not prepared to do that right now, the inspection is the next day yada yada. He gets irate, tells me that he ordered these especially for my windows etc etc. I tell him that I certainly didn't know that, but when I tried to cancel the order within 30 MINUTES it was too late, so why would I call again days later?

I received certified mail today from After Hours ASS that he has put a mechanics lien on my house for $1300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now I have to contact Collin County whatever first thing Monday morning to try to get it removed. Apparently he is counting on it make it to closing, the $1300 gets pulled from my take and I have no choice - he makes $1300 for doing nothing. Grrrrrr. More later.

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  1. I don't think you can legally put a mechanics lien on a house if there has not been work performed and there is not a signed contract. Has either of those requirements taken place?

    Our home property fell thru due to the fact that it is on a flood plain and subject to FEMA and Dallas regs that make it iffy/impossible. Rats, rats, rats.
    ..."I love to go awandering along the mountain trail and as I go I love to sing ""My knapsack on my back""...."
    Nomads us, now.