Monday, June 12, 2006

The train rolls on

First and foremost, I must note the pecking order. Fran and I can be talking about any number of important and serious issues, and if Mom calls, by jingo we better click over! So, I'm talking to Mom when she sees that Dad is calling. She immediately hops to and abandons me for Dad. Geez.

So, as of 2:30 Tuesday I haven't heard back from the seller of the Clary House. I'm starting to get seriously annoyed. BK called this morning and was told they would respond by noon. Grrrr

The mortgage lender, Brandi, sends me an email saying I qualify for a maximum of a 150,000 loan. Pause, imagine the FREAKING OUT. I get her on the phone to figure out she is using my base salary without any of the extras (about $1,000 difference). All is well, I qualify for Crushing Debt.

Amy, my friend in the athletic office, made the mistake of saying she didn't have anything to do. She has saved my life by graciously helping me get all of these phone calls made that I can't make during summer school. (No, not because it is wrong to be on the phone; the reception is lousy in the classroom.) She set up the PODS for me and got the last spot open. left to me I'd be carrying it all piece by piece . . . where????? I have no home!!!!!!!! She has also called to arrange for estimates on new fences, sprinkler systems etc. Even if I don't get this house, at least I am getting armed with numbers for the next house.

The list of people I'm going to owe is growing exponentially. Party at Crushing Debt without Pool . . . where ever that ends up being!

My yearbook editors had templates of spreads to show me yesterday. They did a really good job. Yes, there is a list of things that need to be fixed, but it will all look good when they are done. Go Team!

On another subject, I received a phone call yesterday from someone who spoke with someone who got my number to call about the newspaper position. She currently works for Dallas Morning News, no teaching certificate. I'm still meeting with someone else tomorrow night.

Chuck, computer specialist who has saved my keister more than once, is working on the computers right now. I'm fiiinnnnaaallllyyyy going to have my big dog Dell set up at my desk. And with any luck, the rest of the lab will be working properly soon too.

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