Tuesday, June 6, 2006

House Sold!

It probably would have been better to keep up with ye old blog because now I am 5 days behind and HOLY COW has a lot happened.

1. A man made an appt to see the house because he saw the sign in the front yard. He wanted to buy the house with his brothers (some out of town and country) for their mom. So, his mom saw the house and really liked it. They decided to make an offer. They wouldn't need financing etc. Then his family started worrying about not having a lawyer, and his real estate friend was saying there was so much running around the agent did that oh gosh yada yada. So Mr Lee starts hemming and hawing about what can we do etc. So as of Saturday the 3rd, he hadn't made an official offer or anything.

Saturday night I check messages, real estate agent says she has a client who is making an offer. Then a second message saying it is being faxed over. I listened to the messages again in the morning . . . wait, wait a minute. . . it's not 1 real estate agent, it's 2!!

I get both offers emailed to me by my broker on Sunday. I send both real estate agents an email saying thank you so much, I received multiple offers. I will study them and respond by tomorrow at noon. 1 real estate agent emails asking me not to do anything until she talks to her client. Another hour later I have an email saying they want to amend their offer to the LIST PRICE. Yah, you know the one that I didn't think I had a snowballs chance in Hell of getting!

So, I'm actually sitting here waiting for the contract (I asked for two little changes, and they ok'd it.) to come through email so I can print it, sign it and return it. Hot dog!

2. So, the house I mentioned earlier in walking distance from my friend Pam's house . . . now I can say I really like it.

Sunday, BK, new friend and real estate agent that lives across the street from Pam, takes me to look at houses. First, BK is, to put it bluntly, cooler than shit. (Please do not try to analyze the phrase, just know it means we like her a lot!) Second, she takes me to see a ton of houses. Seriously, a ton. End of the day, we go to look at the previously seen house on Clary. There are a couple of things we talk about that could be potential problems - raising the ceiling in the master for the bed . . . you know the one. There isn't a nice way to go from the front of the house to the backyard. It currently requires going through the utility room. Things like that. So we agree ok, I'll wait a week and try to look at some more houses.

I woke up this morning at 4:45 thinking about the house. So, I got up and started to draw the floor plan from memory. Then I started figuring out, ok what would I have to do to solve these problems. I called BK to see if the contractor she works with could give me an estimate. Soooo, I should be getting an answer tomorrow about feasability and costs. That will then influence what I can offer and whether I can afford to fix it.

In the meantime we looked at two more houses. I have never seen so many master beths with just SHOWERS and no room on the sink. Seriously, how is it possible that there was an entire building time period where women were ok with that. It hurts me everytime I see it. Most of them with the way the bathrooms are arranged you can't even remodel it without huge changes.
At any rate, now I am totally excited about this house. Next time I go I'll take photos for one and all to see! Maybe I will even scan the floor plan I so carefully drew.

3. So, Monday (the same day I found out I had a list price offer (I do like the sound of that) I find out that the penguin will be teaching all English classes next year . . . all readers must immediately jump out of your chairs and shake your butt while singing, "We're doing the happy dance." I wish her well doing anything except torturing me every day.

Monday was a good day. We have to henceforth remember it as the Elizabeth Memorial Day. Different from the rest of the country and yet worthy of respect. Flowers too if you think about it ; )

4. Haley, my neice, has been living in North Carolina. She, with help from her parents, especially her mother who got to be human GPS, has traveled from there, to Atlanta to visit Monica et al, to Dallas. Her parents are on vacation until Sunday. They wisely felt it would be better if she stayed in Dallas until then.

She arrived Sunday at about noon. So, Mom and Dad are currently entertaining Eva, Cat, Haley and her son, Wesley. Now we know how much Dad enjoys long term company. Always eager to have people mess with his schedule. HA. Mom, in the meantime, is working (like a dog since she is incapable of doing it any other way. . . hate that gene!) , then coming home in the evening to deal with the chaos. The only unstressed bodies in this family are Eva, Cat and Wesley. The rest of us are edging over to the deep end.

Now that I have a contract (OK, I haven't signed but by morning it will be back in the other realtor's hands.) I figure the showings should really slow down. So Haley and Wesley can come over here as I begin packing up my home to be out by June 30th.

Sorry about that, had to pause for a moment to hypervenilate.

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