Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 15th

I'm too tired to come up with anything creative for a title. Sorry. Tuesday night the buyer's real estate agent called. I told her I hadn't received the option money. Her response was that the inspection was for 4pm Wednesday, and she would leave the check on the counter then. She was really calling to extend the option period another 24 hours. (Their busy schedules forced them to schedule the appraisal 8 hours before the option period ended.) I, quite evasively, said let me talk to my real estate agent, I'll get back to you.

So, I talk to Lisa and BK. (Yes, I do know that technically calling on two real estate agents every time anything happens doesn't quite qualify as For Sale By Owner.) The contract says if the option money is not received within 48 hours, there is no option period. He would lose his earnest money of $2000 if he walked away. I like the sound of that!

Last night at about 5pm, I get a call from the inspector asking for the combo to the key lock box. Hell, I'm not sure if I even know where the key for the lockbox is. I show up, let him in, he tells me the real estate agent couldn't get there until 5:30. Whatever. He was an hour late himself.

She calls me shortly after that. I told her again that according to the contract there is no option period to extend. However, being the agreeable girl that I am, she could leave me the list, I would peruse it and get back to her. I think that took her by surprise.

So, I got home from dinner (more details later), and the inspection is on the counter. I swear it is nothing but piddly stuff. Actually, my favorite is the first request to have a roof guy come inspect the roof to evaluate for any repairs that need to be done. Please note, there is no request to complete the repairs.

The rest of it I'm giving to Dad to do. Happy Father's Day.

Back to dinner. I met Rod, Jostens rep, and Rebecca, teacher who might be interested in newspaper job at HP, at a place off 75. She's about my age, nice, entertaining. I'm not sure how interested she is though. It will be a long drive for her, and I don't want someone who will leave at the end of a year. Also, I'm trying to determine if she has any Princess tendancies. I'm concerned there might be some. That's a no go Charlie.

Mr Cates told me this morning there might be someone else interested in interview. So, I'm going to call her and schedule an appointment to interview for tomorrow. He is so nice to let me do that. He also told me that in discussing openings etc., the superintendent said to offer me the position of newspaper adviser too. Oh, they do have a good sense of humor, don't they. I can't decide if that means they have that much faith in me, or they are trying to break me like a twig.

Currently, I sit typing as my fabulous group of summer school government students work diligently on their "Guided Reviews" (translate that as read and don't talk to me.)

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  1. Elizabette, you surprise even me sometimes....
    YOU were checking someone else out for PRINCESS tendencies...
    and in a negative way????
    Since when does the Queen of Princess-dom mind other Princesses?
    tsk tsk
    I would think you ought to be checking out if there is a tiara in the purse...
    :) NOLA was sad & fab at the same time. I was adopted by the "Girls in White", even got to be in their post Galatoires portrait at Pat O's.
    Big fun, thankfully not one arrest.
    Met Anna Roberts mom who is originally from Natchez and is part of the Girls in White. That makes this a small world indeed.
    Off to feed Mike Father's Day lunch at Patrizio's with the Sharpes, the newlyweds, Dave and Shannon's oldest (Alex)
    Talk to me later.