Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow! You have a lot of stuff

This is the usual comment made when people peer in my garage. It's a total crap fest of stuff.
It's not like I have a parade of people passing by and peering in, but when they do, that is the usual comment.

One, I do have a lot of stuff, but two I moved from 1700 square feet with a big ole attic and a back house full of stuff to a 1300 square foot duplex with the world's smallest attic and no back house. To say the least, I've had to reduce inventory. In fact, a fair amount of what is in the
garage is going to leave this place once I have my much anticipated garage sale. At any rate, I had a goal to get the garage cleaned out enough to get my car into it while I am in Europe. I know, looking at that photo you would think it was a total impossibility. AND considering that I was sitting on my butt all weekend contemplating cleaning the garage but NOT actually doing it, it would seem a further impossibility. But I say to you. HA
That's right. I still have the dang think stuffed to the gills, but by netty jingo the car is in there! AND once I have the garage sale, I'll be able to dance a jig in there cause there will be so much spare room.

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