Thursday, June 3, 2010

If you could just try to live a normal life...


Sure, sounds easy enough doesn’t it? But, no. That is not what the good Lord has in store for me! So, this is my last full day before leaving for Europe. I have to get busy. I haven’t packed, I haven’t cleaned. I haven’t gotten Euros. Nothing. I did manage to get Cat up to Mom and Dad’s. While on the way, I realized that Cat has no hair on his backside. The whole area near the tail,

hairless. And he is getting pretty skinny. I guess when you get to 15 or so things happen.

This morning I got up at the CRACK of dawn so that I could walk the dogs one final time before taking them up to Mom and Dad’s (Yes, I am totally grateful that my parents are willing to help me out. I know the dogs are going to get better care and be happier with them than anywhere

else, not to mention the amount of money that I’ll be saving.

So, as we are walking along I see a white lab approaching us. So, I tighten their leads and we keep going. But sure as shit, they get all excited, and Buddy puts on his bad ass mean dog face. He rears back, I jerk the lead, he falls into my ass and takes a big ole bite. Seriously. It hurts.

Exhibit A: The wound as it first appeared on my backside. OUCH

So, I had Mom check my derriere. She determined the fact that the wounds bubbled courtesy of the hydrogen peroxide to be good. She also said the wounds looked deep, so it needed to be checked while on the trip. I called Blondie to let her know of her extended Europe trip duties: checking the divas backside for infection. She was thrilled.

Exhibit B: Shot with bruising so that you can see the exact size of Buddy's jaw as it clamped onto my tender flesh. Also, teeth marks pre-infection. ha ha. I hope.

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